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The Italian Boy Wonder has a comprehensive website that is sure to satisfy your hero craving. With content spanning from heroes and villains to spandex to therapy, the site is is a must visit. There are exclusive stories, photos, and videos that will get you all hot. 

The unique site has the full spectrum of superheroes, villains, and spandex lovers. It even has a resident psychologist in case you have questions or need to talk to someone about your fetish. The site is a playground for heroes and villains alike!

Tight Web

Possibly my most favorite artist, Tight Web draws mainly hot young guys like Spiderman, Nightwing, and Flash. His works show a lot of emotion (mainly lust) and are always brightly colored. He also has a knack for rounded looks (perfect for bulges and bubble butts). He likes drawing them in perilous situations or just taking advantage of each other. While he mainly focuses on these characters, he has done some others as well. So go check him out on his various sites! He also does commissions! He did the Drained Heroes logo!

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