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Nightwings Stripper Daze



This story is dedicated to a new writer on the cyber scene name Jmack whose mind-blowing story on Robin is called “Research Grant” is well worth a read. The story is found in the yahoo group

The premise of this story come from something I’d read: If someone has been rapidly& repeatedly pushed past their personal ‘Point of Self-Repulsion’, this will quickly put them mentally past the ‘Point of No Return’ regarding submission to it. Their mind may be in a whirl of resistance but it doesn't know how to resist. As a result, it simply stops thinking. It permanently short-circuits. If it involves ways of sexual acting out, you will then successfully be able to reshape its sexual norms.

He becomes...a sexual slut. 
He becomes YOUR sexual slut.



“You want me to do WHAT!” Nightwing exclaimed in shock after the commissioner had explained why he had summoned the crime fighter.


The burly older man calmly looked at the buff hero that stood in front of the former’s desk. “I need you to go undercover at a club. You are perfect for the job,” he paused taking in the muscular tall body and darkly handsome masked face of the crime fighter then continued while waving off Nightwing’s attempt to interrupt him. “Look in a mirror. Clearly you have the right physical qualifications in fact for it,” he said with a grin.


“Commissioner,” Nightwing sputtered in protest a bit embarrassed by the law officer’s compliment.


The commissioner again cut the crime fighter off. “I’ve told you, I have it on good authority that certain villains will meet there in three days to plot a major crime spree. If you find out those facts beforehand we can nip this fast and prevent possible injuries to the public. That’s why you need to go undercover.” He smiled slightly. “You do want to stop civilian deaths right?” Nightwing reluctantly nodded. I see no problem then wit this request,” the burly man stated.


“The fact that you want me to go undercover as a male stripper in a sleazy gay bar is my problem,” Nightwing growled at last.


“I need your help,” the commissioner grunted. “Of course, as I just said, if saving lives isn’t…”


“No, it’s not that. Yes, if it will save lives of course I’ll go undercover but…okay,”” he suddenly said. “It won’t work since I’ll be recognized, “ Nightwing eagerly suggested. “And I cannot go there unmasked.” He smiled confident he had logic on his side. He folded his arms in front of him with assurance that he had raised an insurmountable obstacle to the assignment.


“Not an issue,” the law officer smiled. He knew he had the hero. Nightwing had not refused outright and was now merely raising issues that the commissioner could quickly dispel. It simply required employing a bit more subtle words to reel him into the plan. “The club owner is our CI who tipped us off. Seems that bunch picked his place precisely because they thought no one would think they’d meet there. If you go there now, he will have your outfit ready and train you. Your secret identity will be safe I promise you!”


“My outfit,” the now perplexed Nightwing asked before adding,” train me how?”


The commissioner sighed, “Go see him first. If you don’t like his solution then don’t do it okay.” He somberly stared at the youthful hunk. “Then, if you back out, we will just hope for the best in limiting any civilian tragedies during their spree.”


The crime fighter grimaced. “Okay I’ll go,” he grumbled as he turned to leave.


The commissioner watched the rippling muscles in the Lycra clad hero’s tight-bubbled butt as Nightwing walked out and closed the office door. “ Shit that fucking arse of his is so fucking amazing,” the former quietly sighed as he let one of his hands rub his throbbing boner. “Bet he is a total virgin too with his ‘honor code’.” For years the commissioner had fantasized about what was concealed under Nightwing’s dark outfit. More than a few times he had jerked off in his office after one of their visits fantasizing about screwing the buff youthful hero’s oh-hot-arse. He paused his masturbation actions and reached for his phone. After a few rings someone answered. “He is coming. Yeah he fell for my story. Look,’ he grunted as he reached down to once more fondle his growing boner. I get some too, got it.” He hung up and unzipped his pants.


Pulling out his throbbing cock he vigorously beat off. “That smug bastard,” he grunted as he visualized the sexy body of the crime fighter bound naked and arse up over his office squirming as he was plowed. “Always making me look like some if idiot who needs his help. Goody fucking two shoes arsehooooo,” he groaned.


He closed his eyes to visualize his craven desires. Soon he mentally heard Nightwing squealing protests as he was being roughly penetrated. "Please don't commissioner...don't fuck my arse...please...someone help me...oh Batman he's fucking meeee!"

By now the older man’s consciousness was fully into this fantasy scenario. He closed his eyes tighter as he screwed the now loudly wailing muscled hunk. “Gonna bitch you….yeah sob away as you’re getting bitched,” he huffed as he quickened his hand job. He could feel the tight hole of the helpless crime-fighter clamping on his cock. His fevered brain summoned up images of the writhing muscles on the buffer hero’s back as he was violated. In his imagination he was holding the narrowed tapered waist of the stud hero as he ravaged the latter’s anal chute. “Don’t…commissioner….don’t fuck me….please,” Nightwing sobbed as his body was defiled. "I'm fucking you, Nightwing," the commissioner rasped in defiance to his victim. “Turning you into my cum-hole…my cummmmmmm,” he yelled as he exploded into a climax. Later, as he cleaned up, he contemplated Nightwing’s arrival at the club to work as a male stripper. A huge satisfied grin came to his face.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Nightwing arrived at the club. He tried to do this as surreptitiously as possible. He did not relish being seen entering such a sordid establishment. As he went into the club various scents assaulted him. The place reeked of pot and the distinctive smells of cum. Nightwing was about to exit when a portly small man walked out of an office door. “Ah Nightwing, I just got the commissioner’s call.”


“Look,” Nightwing muttered as he gazed at the rundown area. “This is a mistake…I should go,” He moved slightly towards the door.


“Hey, no skin off my arse if people die because you wimped out. Didn’t peg you for a coward,” The balding corpulent figure laughed.


The young crime-fighter’s body stiffened. A grim look came to him. “I’m no coward but I have no desire to “perform” in this depraved place for degenerates.”


“Listen,’ the man huffed. “You go or you stay it is up to you buddy.” He smirked at the chiseled figure standing before him in the dark skintight Lycra. “ You don’t gotta do more than a fucking tease em with a short bump and grind. Trust me, from my visuals here that will blow their heads off if ya catch my drift,” he lewdly chuckled enjoying how his sex remark discomforted the youthful hero. “Buddy, that is one primo body on you. Hey, you wear Lycra so what’s with the‘I’m so shy’ attitude to showing off some for…” He paused, remembered what the commissioner told him, then added. “ People may get hurt . Ya gonna let that happen?”

Nightwing stood silent. He hated the looks the man was giving him. He hated the place in general. But he knew his code required him to save people even at a personal cost. “Okay,” he sighed in disgust. “Tell me what I need to do to make this assignment work.


“Come with me. I’ll set you up.” The manager hid his smile when he said ‘set you up’. “Smug moral bastard,” he thought as he waddled to a dressing room with a quietly sullen Nightwing following him. “Still that is one hot fucking body and those steel blue eyes,” he contemplated as he entered a dressing room. “He may be a dick but he’s one mutha fucking hot one. Ah well soon this dick will be dicked,” he lightly chuckled silently enjoying to himself another of his word plays. He went to a drawer and pulled out a bundle. “Here ,you will wear this,” he snorted.


Nightwing unwrapped the item. His eyes grew wide as he looked at what he was given, “ you …expect me to wear…THIS? He sputtered as he held them up to the man.


“Wha,” the fat manager snarled. “Ya wanted your secret identity safe so ya got it. I gave ya a black spandex hood that covers your fucking head okay. Ya got your standard stripper black freaking spandex bikini and,” he laughed. “I threw in long black spandex gloves so ya don’t have to touch the ‘degenerates’ okay...gees,” he grumbled.


“I can’t wear this!” Nightwing said in horror.


“Look man up or get the fuck out. This is the costume you get nothing else okay. I got Bruno waiting on stage to teach you a routine,” He angrily strode past the stunned hero. Once outside he grinned. “This will be so great,” he mumbled. “Especially with that extra liquid somthin-somethin I dipped his briefs and hood in last night.


Reluctantly Nightwing stripped off his costume to don the new one he had been given. He gazed at his figure in the mirror. He felt totally exposed. In fact, except for the hood and briefs, he was basically naked. The dim overhead lights cast shadows highlighting the crevices of his chiseled defined torso. In a weird way they only emphasized how defined and muscular he was “Fuck I’m barely keeping myself decent,” he grumbled as he gazed at his tightly spandex wrapped basket. His impressive manhood bulged outward and, to his humiliation, when he moved his legs apart some of his curly pubic hair along with a patch of skin surrounding his nuts was clearly visible. If he pulled the brief down it only showed off the lightly dark bushy area of his upper crotch area. As he flushed with embarrassment he felt a strange tingling in his crotch. A similar tingling on his face soon followed it. “Must be the spandex,” he said as he pulled on his gloves.


“Ya coming kid,” the voice of the manager yelled out.


Sighing with disgust at how he was dressed and slightly irritated at being referred to as a “kid”, a barefoot Nightwing strode out of the room towards the stage. As he walked onto the performing platform he saw a tall muscular blonde man alongside the pudgy manager. The other man, who stood at six foot two, was slightly taller than Nightwing. He was dressed in a wife beater grey sweatshirt and loose grey sweat pants. He smiled and confidently strode over towards the hero.


“Hi, I’m Bruno and I’m told you are Billy,” the man said as he flashed a wider grin at Nightwing. His green eyes gazed appreciatively at the body standing in front of him. From the slight winkles on his handsome face, Nightwing guessed the man was in his forties. “Yeah the new guy will do fine boss,” he chuckled. “Turn around kid let’s see if the back is as hot as the front,” he said while pushing one of the youthful hero’s shoulders to turn him around. In his skimpy outfit the crime fighter felt totally vulnerable and strangely disorientated. He resented both being called a ‘kid’ once more and being treated as if he was just a piece of meat. Yet, even as he opened his mouth to tell Bruno off, he found that he simply turned around as commanded. “ Good flaring back muscles,” Bruno curtly said as his hands explore the rippling musculature of Nightwing’s back. “Tapered waist. Very good,” Bruno calmly continued saying as his hands pressed on each of the youthful hunk sides. “Flows nicely to his arse too,” Bruno chuckled.


Nightwing stood silently taking in gulps of air. He felt humiliated by this ”inspection” but seemed unable to get his head into taking any action to stop it. The room seemed to be still. The only sounds he heard was his barely audible panting and Bruno’s steady verbal commentaries on the youthful hero’s torso.


“Gotta say boss his butt is sweet. The guys will love it,” Bruno laughed as his hands moved downward with their explorations. The tingling in Nightwing’s body increased as he felt the palms of Bruno’s hands unexpectedly cup each of his arse cheeks. “Fucking hard as a rock and yet they can be nicely pliable too,” Bruno said as he fondled the crime-fighter twin rounded orbs. By now Nightwing felt as if his body was on fire. He couldn’t move as Bruno continued to feel up his rear end while he commented to the manager about attributes of Nightwing’s rump. Bruno suddenly leaned in closer. His cheek nestled next to Nightwing’s ear. With a sort of intimacy he whispered,” you’ll work out fine kid,” into Nightwing’s ear. His hot breath hit the bare shoulder of the younger man sending a shiver down Nightwing’s spine. Hearing Bruno’s final praise brought up memories of Nightwing’s youth working with Batman and pleasure he felt whenever the older man had complimented his sidekick.


“Thank you,” Nightwing heard himself croak. He was shocked by what he said even as he said it!


Bruno gave Nightwing’s arse a playful slap then turned him around to face him. Glancing at the manager, the former said, “ okay boss get out while I teach the new kid our routine okay.”


The manager grunted with his displeasure at being dismissed but complied. His leaving made Nightwing less nervous but, for some reason, his body was tingling even more now being alone with Bruno on the darkened stage.


“We will go slow buddy so relax okay,” Bruno calmly said in a deep voice. “you ready?’

Nightwing barely nodded. His body felt alive yet his brain seemed to be incapable of formulating actions.


“Good boy,” Bruno stated in a no nonsense tone of voice. “We will do a fast run through. You just do as I say and we will be fine tonight in the club. You can obey me right?” He said in a tone that seemed to be more than just teasing in nature.


Normally Nightwing would have “called the guy out” for taking such a highhanded manner with him but this whole experience was so weird for him. The costume, the smells and the disorienting but stimulating tingling throughout his body left him feeling mentally off center. Surprisingly, he discovered he felt calmer with Bruno’s authoritative demeanor. He mentally shook off his nerves. “Ready!” He said a bit too loudly.

Bruno laughed. “Good boy,” he replied as he lightly punched Nightwing’s shoulder. “Now I was told you are raw so I will perform with you. I think the best routine will be one where you simply do what I say to do onstage. I’ll play the music now.” Bruno said as he moved past the crime fighter to hit a boom box off to one side. Bruno quickly stripped off his sweatshirt and pants to reveal his outfit of leather shorts and two crossed chest straps. He grabbed a dark hood from behind the box and slipped it on. He also grabbed a dog collar and leash. “Now let’s train you slow.” He gruffly said as he moved towards the stunned hero. “We call this set: The master and his itchy bitch.”

Chapter 3

Chapter 3


Hearing those words was like an electric shot to Nightwing’s brain. “Hey look. I’m not any guy’s bitch,” he sputtered. As Bruno got closer to him the youthful fighter did something he’d never done in any confrontation: he backed up a few steps. His eyes took in the collar and lease that the other man held at his side. Nightwing was about to say more but his throat dried up. He gulped twice. “I’m...not…any...guy’s…bitch.,” he finally managed to hesitantly croak. The weak sounds in his voice surprised him. His swaggering confident vocal tone seemed to have vanished.


Bruno grinned. “Relax boy,” he gruffly said. “It is just the name we give the fucking routine. I was told by our boss that you’re new at this so I doubt you know what to do on stage right.”


Nightwing stayed silent. He could not take his eyes off the collar and lease in Bruno’s hand. The items lightly swayed against Bruno’s side.


“I asked you a question kid?” Bruno sharply said. “You new at this or what…ANSWER ME NOW!”


Nightwing blinked then refocused on Bruno’s grim features. “Yes…new...I don’t think…maybe I’d …better…go,” he babbled as his eyes were drawn once more to the collar and leash. He couldn’t grasp why he was now fixated upon them. All he wanted to do now was to get out of this place and breath some clean air. Yet, he was unable to move.


“Good,” Bruno laughed seeming oblivious to Nightwing’s statement about going anywhere. Using a warmer tone of voice he softly said, “trust me okay Billy." I will look out for you and watch over you here.”

As Nightwing heard those words he looked up at Bruno. The smiling face of the powerfully built older man calmed the youthful hero’s nervousness. As Bruno moved towards him, Nightwing felt a sudden filling in his crotch area. When he looked down it was clear he was mildly aroused. His cock had stretched the tight bikini’s material outward ever so slightly revealing more of his nut-sack’s skin. He felt himself blush inside of his mask. Surely, he thought, Bruno must be seeing this yet; the older man said nothing as he moved behind Nightwing. By now the crime-fighter was mentally lost at sea. He couldn’t process anything he was doing or, more critically, not doing.


“Now the key to the routine,” Bruno softly said as he came up behind Nightwing and pressed up close, “is to just relax. Can you relax for me Billy?” He huskily said into Nightwing’s ear. “I here simply to train you so flow with me as I guide you kid.”


By now every fiber of the hero’s body was itching. He felt bulging his ‘trainer” bulging muscles pressing firmly upon his back. Worse, Bruno’s impressive basket was nestling upon Nightwing’s arse. Nightwing gulped trying to tell himself to move forward but then Bruno squeezed in so close that Nightwing’s bum actually felt the thick outline of latter’s cock between the cavity of his butt- cheeks. The sexually inexperienced crime-fighter received his first erotic thrill from another man. The idea that Bruno’s cock felt so good between the cheeks of his rear end’s mentally threw the youthful stud even further off.


“Now move from the waist down,” Bruno hummed into Nightwing’s ear. He let his hands rest on the sides of the younger man’s waist. “Use those awesome legs you got to sway you but stay in position.” Bruno continued as he let his hands slip to grasp Nightwing’s muscular upper legs. “You move these babies kid,” he whispered to his increasingly mind fucked student. “Sway from here,” he murmured as he pressed closer and squeezed the soft inner skin area thighs. “Let your balls move like a pendulum in that hot assed bikini,” he stated as his thumbs brushed against the exposed skin patches of younger man’s nut-sack. “Show those amazing goods kid.” As Bruno spoke Nightwing began to sway his lower body. “That’s it kid. Just sway. Bit more for me; oh you got it hot stuff,” Bruno chuckled as Nightwing’s waist swayed to the music with ever increasing eroticism. Bruno’s hand rubbed in the crime-fighter’s inner thighs while his thumbs gently tapped on the sides of his student’s nut pouch.


Nightwing felt as if his known world was shattering. Bruno was obviously ‘feeling him up’ on some level. Part of the crime hero’s brain was shocked and outraged at this activity but another part found the physical contact pleasurable. Nightwing was basically inexperienced with close physical contact. Growing up and continually battling villains had taken up his teenaged ‘dating’ years. As Nightwing, while he had sexually coupled with some fellow crime fighting women, those occasions were few. In fact any intimacy had been fast and more one of ‘getting off’ for each of them between upcoming crime activities. Now he was experiencing his first slow sensual exploitation. Even more mind fucking was the fact that Bruno’s actions were somehow turning him on! Nightwing had never thought of men in any sexual manner. His initial reluctance to go undercover as a stripper was based upon his disgust at the thought of engaging in lewd actions for some slobbering perverts. Yet here he was letting himself act out in a way that had, previously, had only filled him with loathing. In his mental confusion, he focused on Bruno’s voice like a life raft. He swayed his hips taking pleasure to the firm grip Bruno had on his thighs.


“Now hump a bit,” Bruno cooed as he thrust his crotch forward into Nightwing’s rump causing the latter’s crotch are to move slightly outward as well. “Yeah kid you are so hot. Show them how hot you are.” Bruno encouraged as he once more anally pounded Nightwing with his rounded basket to make the young hero thrust his groin lewdly forward too. “Sway as you bump and grind it kid. Go on fuck the air in front of you. Yeah baby,” Bruno said as he continued his crotch humping into Nightwing’s rear end. The young stud’s mind was overwhelmed with waves of stimulations. By now his brain couldn’t fixate on anything beyond whatever Bruno instructed it to do. “Come on kid show them heat. Fucking be a slut for them,” Bruno lowly growled into his student’s ear. Nightwing obscenely wiggled his hips and fucked the air in front of him as he let his hitherto tightly controlled sexuality run wild.


“Slut…slut,” he moaned as his eyes glazed over. As the crime fighter swayed and humped as instructed his own cock was erotically rubbing inside its tight spandex encasement. Soon this activity caused his dick to fill up. Nightwing was so lost in his “show” he didn’t notice that he was beginning to become fully erect.

Bruno, however, did notice. He glanced over to a side wing where the manager stood watching the action. “That’s right boy,” Bruno whispered to a now overtly sexually gyrating Nightwing. “Sway that body; thrust that cock at them. Good boy,” he said as he gave a nod to the manager.


Nightwing was now so aroused he was barely conscious of anything other than Bruno’s praises. The word ‘kid’ now felt nice to hear from this older more experienced man. He was wildly disoriented but his cock and balls felt amazing as they were massaged by the spandex. He humped backward against Bruno’s basket. “Aw fuck,” he uttered as the combined crotch massaging and anal poundings brought him to the edge of an orgasm. “I’m going to shoot soon,” he mumbled. He was almost on the verge of losing it when Bruno suddenly moved away from him. “What…did…huh,” Nightwing moaned as the cool air of the room replaced Bruno’s warm body behind him. The shock of that chill made him stop his gyrations. Gradually his urge to squirt lessened as well. He blinked as the lust that clouded his vision receded. He turned to see Bruno standing a bit away. The older instructor’s strong arms were folded in front of him and he simply nodded.


“Good job boy,” Bruno laughed as he then walked over to turn off the music. “Take a break and we will continue in an hour.” He strode off the stage leaving a stunned and sweaty hero standing alone contemplating what had just happened only minutes before.


As Bruno passed the manger he winked again. “Yeah the stuff in his outfit works fine,” he sneered. “That bitch will be screaming to cream after a few more lessons. He bragged he was no guy’s bitch, huh?” Bruno snorted. “Fuck he will be one though and soon.”


“Well thanks to that drug his pores soaked in through his ‘doctored’ costume.” The manager replied. “That shit gives a Mickey Finn to the dude’s control and inhibitions centers while sexually over stimulating him into the stratosphere as well.”


“Yeah whatever,” Bruno sneered as the two men left the area to consult on their next moves. “Before I’m done I’m gettin a piece of Nightwing’s arsehole. Payback for sending me to prison when he was that fucking Boy Wonder,” Bruno quietly hissed. “Yeah punking that muscle boy’s arse like he was my own prison bitch will be all I want from him.”


Alone on the stage Nightwing felt as if he had gone ten rounds and come up short. He gazed at his now deflating cock. A wet spot was in the dead center of his spandex briefs. Clearly he had gotten erect and oozed pre-cum during his training session with Bruno. Thoughts of Bruno touching him, instructing him, and, worse, totally controlling him flickered in his still woozy mind. Nightwing’s cock tingled over such thoughts especially the later one. “What the heck is happening to me?” He mumbled as he hurried left the stage to change back into more familiar clothes!

Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Bruno and the manager sat in the latter’s office and shared a drink. “Shit this stuff tastes like crap,” Bruno groused as he drank down the liquid in the glass. “You sure this neutralizes the shit we’ve been blowing up that kid’s arse so to speak,” he grumbled as he finished off the brew.


“Yeah,” the manager coughed as he polished off his glass as well. “I mean the mind-fucking part anyway.” He gazed at Bruno and snickered. “I mean the sexual arousal too but only to some extent.”


Bruno looked at the manager and raised one eyebrow. “What extent!” He growled


“Look you will have a slight, and I mean only slight,” the manager hurried said to assure Bruno,” rise in your testosterone levels. I mean you won’t be bouncing off the walls like Nightwing but shit you’ll feel a bit of higher …ya know.”


Bruno smirked. He reached down to cup his manhood. “Well if I make more jizz that’s more for him right,” he laughed. His features suddenly grew more serious. “Ya are pumping it into his dressing room right now right cause I want him primed for round two,” Bruno grunted as he fondled his cock.


The manger nodded. He let his eyes glance down at the growing bulge in Bruno’s crotch.


Bruno laughed as he saw how fixated the old fat guy was on his meat. He rubbed himself under his briefs some more enjoying how that affected the portly man. By now the manger was sweating. His eyes were riveted on the outline of Bruno’s cock. “Okay you can tap me you sick cunt,” Bruno hissed as he unzipped to free his throbbing erection.


Wordlessly the manager slipped off his chair and crawled over towards the muscled man. Sighing, he eagerly thrust his head between Bruno’s splayed thighs. Seconds later Bruno felt the man’s mouth slobbering on his cock. “That’s right you sick pervert, take my edge off. I got a bitch-in-training waiting for me just breathing in that drug even now huh,” he groaned as he shut his eyes and let the expert rally of the manger satiate his current needs.


It was a very different Nightwing that returned to the dressing room. His sense of being in control, of being unconquerable, even his views on his heterosexuality had been shaken to their core. As he walked into the dingy room he saw himself in the mirror on the dressing table. There standing before him was someone he did not recognize. It was simply black spandex hooded muscled figure wearing only the skimpiest briefs. The sight put his nerves on edge. He closed his eyes and remained motionless. He began slowly breathing in an attempt to get himself under back under control. “Remember what Bruce taught me,” he mumbled. “Stay perfectly still, breath deeply and try to relax and focus only on your intensifying breaths.” Little did he realize that, in this situation, the Eastern mind-calming trick he learned from Batman was exactly the opposite of what he should have been doing. With each intake of air his lungs filled with more of the drug. His brain grew more erratic and his body’s sexual stimulations grew in intensity. When he finally opened his eyes the view of himself in the mirror was anything but relaxing. His impressive manhood now seemed to be obscenely straining to break out of its covering. He stood in the center of the room staring at his image. He couldn’t believe the tingling he felt as he saw his powerful torso on display. “I can’t be checking myself out,” he told himself even as one of his hands moved up and touched his chest. He shivered as the palm of his hand ran along the rounded outlines of his well-defined pectorals. As his thumb grazed one of his nipples an electric bolt of sheer erotic pleasure hit him. “I…I,” he groaned as, without consciously wanting too, he suddenly squeezed the nipple. “Sweet God,” Nightwing sighed as the sensual pain he experienced sent his brain into a guilty frenzy. No one had ever played with his chest before in this manner. Every prior sexual intimacy had been confined to kissing and a fast penetration. For the first time Nightwing was discovering his body had areas that, if ill-treated, could give him sexual heat. He squeezed the nipple harder reveling in this self-abuse. “What am I doing,” he grunted as his normal puritanical streak gave way to the stimulations his body seemed to crave. He let his other hand move to tweak his other nipple. “Oh shit,” he hissed though gritted teeth as these erogenous zones were finally exploited.


Nightwing couldn’t believe how he was acting. He felt ashamed as he watched himself working on his nipples until they were hard and sore yet, his cock was now pounding to escape its confinement. “Why can’t I stop,” he moaned. “I will,” he finally decided. Through sheer force of will he let his hands release their prey. Nightwing gazed at his reddened hard nipples in the mirror. Far from being disgusted the sight made his cock throb. Suddenly he had a desire to ‘check out his butt’. Turning slightly he took in his high bubbled rump that had so recently felt Bruno’s cock pounding upon it. As he recalled that experience he felt himself getting aroused even further. To his embarrassment the mirror showed the mound his brief’s crotch area had expanding forward. “This is what Bruno saw only minutes ago,” he told himself as he once more unconsciously reached up to massage both of his nipples. “This is what those men will see when I’m onstage,” he softly said to the image.

“And they will cream in their pants watching you do that kid,” Bruno’s voice replied from the doorway. “Especially when you wear a thong under it and rip off the briefs.”


Nightwing stopped. He turned in horror to see Bruno smiling face. “I..I..,” he babbled trying to somehow explain his lewd actions. “Never…did...this...I never…before...not… think,” he sputtered trying to formulate some excuse to cover his humiliation.


“Shh,” Bruno quietly assured him as he moved from the doorway towards the befuddled Nightwing. “We all like a bit of slap and tickle boy.” He came up closer to Nightwing. “You’ve a fucking hot body kid,” he cooed sensually. “I’m here to show you how to use it okay.”


Nightwing could feel the man’s presence in every fiber of his skin. His mind was racing trying to process everything without success. He merely nodded desperately hoping to get back his old confident persona.

“Now you just sit down,” Bruno said as he let his fingertips press against Nightwing’s chest to move the hunk to a nearby chair.


The touches, even so slight a one, of Bruno’s skin on his own sent a shot of heat throughout Nightwing’s body. He moved backward then sat as his mind willingly obeyed the older muscled man.


“Now I show you how we do a lap dance,” Bruno laughed as he straddled the shocked seated crime fighter. He brought his crotch to within inches of Nightwing’s face. His musky scent filled the younger man’s lungs “You want me to train you right boy!” Bruno gruffly insisted.


By now Nightwing was so sexually aroused by Bruno’s presence and crotch scents all he could do was mumble a choking. “Yes!”


“Is that what you were taught about how to respectfully address your mentor kid,” Bruno sharply sated as he let his crotch rub the tip of the masked Nightwing’s nose.


Bruno’s heady sexual aroma slapped the youthful hero’s senses into submission. “No…sir,” Nightwing sighed as his control, centers shattered. “Sorry sir,” he rasped as he fixated on the cock hidden underneath Bruno’s briefs. A soft moan of ‘ooooo’, escaped from Nightwing’s lips.


Bruno grinned. The bitch was coming along nicely, he thought as he began swaying into his lap dance. “Let’s free up part of your face a bit,” he lewdly grunted as he partially pulled up Nightwing’s facial mask to reveal the hero’s mouth. “Now you can taste if ya want,” he stated taking pleasure in how he had been able, without objection, been allowed to do it. Bruno had expected some resistance and was highly pleased when the crime fighter gave him none. He was tempted to fully remove the mask to reveal the secret identity of it wearer but then decided that ultimate surrender could wait. Clearly Nightwing was currently completely pliable around him. “Why rush things,” Bruno silently told himself as he rubbed his increasing erect crotch on the exposed lips of the now moaning young stud. Reaching down into his pants Bruno wet his fingertips on his some of his pre-cum. He pulled them out and gently rubbed the moisture along Nighwing’s full sensual lips.

“Awww fuccc,” Nightwing’s head groaned. He lost it right then as his training intensified.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5


Long experience turning on patrons at the club had taught Bruno all the signs when the object of his provocatively displays were hooked. Nightwing’s had obviously riveted all of his mental concentration upon Bruno’s cock. His barely audible whimpering, as he tasted his first pre-sum, clearly demonstrated victory was closing in on the ex-con’s revenge plot. “Now they only get a small taste of ya understand boy,” he softly cooed as he pulled his wet fingertips away from Nightwing’s lips. “You understand me boy,” he whispered. Receiving no reply he spoke louder, “I SAID DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME BOY!”


“Uhuh..uhuh,” Knighting moaned as he let his tongue slip outward to lick on the smears on his lips. The taste was salty yet not unpleasant. His head was spinning. His heroic morality screamed that he needed to stop this depraved activity. Desperate, he once more tried the mentally calming deep breathing techniques Batman had taught him when the latter was his Boy Wonder. The only result was he ingested more of the powerful toxic fumes into his lungs. “Please…we should. stop,” he managed to rasp as his mental inhibitors collapsed.

Bruno grinned. From the way Nightwing was sweating and panting this young pup was truly in heat. The crafty ex-con pushed onward. “Now they got a taste; you rub their face in it,” he lightly said as he thrust his crotch into the face of the increasingly succumbing Nightwing.


“Fucccc,” Nightwing sighed as the full force of the sex scents emanating from Bruno’s crotch invaded his lungs. He reached out to pull Bruno’s waist closer only to have the older hunk slap them away.




Nightwing instantly dropped his arms to his sides yet, he also thrust his face forward to mash it deeper into that crotch in front of him.


“Yeah good kid,” Bruno encouraged. “Caress my cock and balls with your face kid. Take some more deep breaths now. Sniff my musk in okay. Yeah that’s right you want it bad now huh?”


Nightwing groaned a pitiful “yesss,” as he took in more laced air. He wanted it really bad by now and Bruno was getting ready to give it to him.


“Kiss it first then I’ll let you lick it through my briefs,” Bruno sharply ordered. He laughed as the once smugly arrogant young hero quickly kissed the mound in front of him then began to lap at the material like a dog in heat.


“Mpph,” a now grateful Nightwing murmured as he slobbered and sucked on the damp material.


Bruno wanted to open up another crack in his stud. Not much of a crack. He had learned the pleasures of patience. Something that was just serious enough to drive a wedge into the head of his student in the coming days. Some critical fact whose revelation would demonstrate to Nightwing how much he had succumbed to Bruno’s control. “Boy look up at me,” he said to the eagerly slurping crime fighter. Nightwing stopped and looked up at Bruno. His eyes were glazed over with lust. Bruno had seen this “look” in patrons. Once they were in that head zone they would pay anything to him. Bruno had, however, a different cheque to cash with the young hunk. “I want you to tell me your real first name Nightwing,” he roughly commanded. “Not last name, for now , just the first one kid.”


The crime-fighter hesitated. Hearing Bruno refer to him as Nightwing set off alarm bells somewhere in his head. Yet, his cock driven brain was throbbing so bad he couldn’t focus upon his usual conditioning in keeping his identity secret. To the remnants of his mental protests a small voice whispered back that it was only a small thing being asked. “Just your first name,” he thought. Still he was about to refuse when Bruno, ever alert to what fucked the patrons into compliance, unexpectedly unzipped his briefs to free his thick hard eleven inches.


He waved it before Nightwing’s stunned face. “Give me your first name and this is yours baby boy,” he lewdly purred as he stroked himself.


Nightwing’s cock went totally erect and his defenses fell. “I’m called Dick,” he sobbed a he inhaled the now more heady aroma from Bruno’s freed cock. “My real first name is Dick,” he inanely babbled as he focused on the erection mere inches from his mouth. He gazed up at Bruno with tears streaming from his eyes. He had given up his real first name to Bruno. This admission was the first defeat he had ever had ever experienced in his twenty-six years. His self-confidence in his superiority to other men disintegrated. Now he was engulfed in a new sensation: what one felt when humiliated and shamed. Yet, even in this conquering of his spirit, he wanted Bruno’s manhood so badly he would do anything to have it. He lowered his face and focused upon Bruno’s dick. “My real first name is Dick…Dick…Dick,” he moaned over and over. Bruno grinned. He had done it. He knew he could rip off the mask on the mind-fucked younger man right now with ease. He also knew he could even get ‘Dick’s’ full name & destroy his secret identity right now if he wanted it. But the real excitement was enjoying these partial screw-jobs. Savoring each small chipping away until the younger stud was so pussy-whipped his macho old persona was totally destroyed. Those fucks could wait in the future but, for now, there was a certain fuck he would give his ‘kid’. “Well Dick,” he snarled with glee “Meet my dick,” he said as he thrust his erection towards Nightwing’s gaping mouth.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6


Nightwing’s mouth was unprepared for Bruno’s initial cock thrust. The thick invader slammed into his open throat so fast the younger man had no time to say anything. “Mmpph,” he helplessly gurgled as his airway was cut off. Instinctively he tried to pull back his head.


Bruno however was prepared for that contingency. “No you don’t boy,” he yelled. He reached out to violently grab Nightwing’s head by the laces on the back of the mask. He easily made use of them to ensure the now panicking hero’s mouth stayed plugged with Bruno’s cock. “Just relax and breath through your nose kid,” he grunted as he pressed Nightwing’s face into his crotch.


Nightwing’s arms flapped about as he tried to suck in air. He was too woozy from the drugs inside his system to simply remember he could use his strength to push Bruno away. “Mmmpphh,” he mumbled as Bruno cock held its place deep into his throat. Just went he thought he’d pass out from a lack of oxygen, Bruno suddenly pulled his dick from the younger man’s throat.


The desperate air sucking sounds of “huh...huh…huh,” from the mind-fucked crime fighter filled the room. With every gulp more drug fumes entered his system. He gazed at Bruno and, for the first time his steel blue eyes showed to his opponent something they had never shown to anyone: fear!


Bruno saw this too and his cock stiffened further. “Now that isn’t how you suck dick okay DICK ,’ he chuckled making sure to emphasis Nightwing’s first name to remind the mind fucked crime fighter who was the one calling the shots. As he spoke his length erection swayed in front of him.


Dick aka Nightwing gazed at Bruno’s fully engorged manhood then, at the nearby mirror. The sight terrified him. There he sat with his mouth open and gasping for air. Spittle dripped from its sides. Bruno’s cock was inches from his face obscenely moving like some erotic pendulum. The taste of the man’s pre-cum and cock sweat was in his mouth. To his mental shock his cock was leaking copious amounts of its own pre-cum. The inside of its spandex prison was now wet and sticky. As he steadied his breathing to let his nose take over, the odors of rutting men filled his nostrils. His mind was lost and growing ever more scattered with every breath he took. Mentally though he could formulate one thought: he felt abused, degraded, and utterly humiliated by how low he had sunk. To his further shame this concept aroused him. His thick manhood began insistently rubbing inside its spandex prison seeking to be set free.


“So your first foray into becoming the best cocksucker begins now you got it punk,” Bruno snarled taking delight in seeing the once feared Nightwing merely nod his agreement.


“Go shower off and dress in your Nightwing costume,” Bruno snarled. “Then come on stage and we begin teaching you how to really strip and lap dance or whatever got it DICK!” He laughed. “Shit your name suits you better now huh. Yeah, you really are a DICK!”


Nightwing cringed at hearing his name being used especially in such an obscene reference. He held back a sob. He knew if he spoke right now he end up further humiliating himself by bawling like some snot nosed kid. He gazed down in defeat at the floor and merely nodded. After Bruno left he fell to his knees and began to cry for the first time since his parents had died. “Dick. I’m a Dick,” he repeated over and over as his real name now assumed the qualities of a ‘label’!


After he quieted down he stripped off his “club” attire. He showered unaware that the water nozzle of the shower had drug filters installed with in. He let the drugged liquids flow over him and, at one point; he took a few gulps to wash out the cock tastes in his mouth. By the time he as finished he was totally loopy and sexually at a fever pitch. He could barely redress since getting his crime fighting costume over his erection proved difficult. Finally he accomplished it. He staggered out of his dressing room towards the stage with his tent poled crotch area pointing the way for him.


When he arrived he saw Bruno and the manager conferring. They took in the sight that thrilled the city. There before them was the buff, handsome and sexy crime fighter many envied and even more desired. But their view of him was different, for standing there was Nightwing but a Nightwing sporting a large boner!

“Let’s fuck him over good,” Bruno whispered to the other man. He glared at the weaving crime fighter. “Crawl over here kid.” He barked.


As the two men watched with glee, the once superior, undefeated hero and force for good dropped to all fours and slowly crawled towards them. As he moved in a dog-like way to them his cock rubbed itself inside his costume. A growing wet spot soiled the once undefiled material. All Nightwing could think of, however, was not how to get out of this situtation but rather how to somehow ‘get off’ during it!

Chapter 7

Chapter 7


“Shit Bruno,” the manger grumbled as he watched Nightwing crawling towards them. “We can’t have him fucking erect when he performs. Milk the bastard of something to get him flaccid.”


“Relax Al,” Bruno laughed. “We need him hard and untouched. I found when a bitch is in heat it will do anything if it can finally get off.” The older muscular man walked over to a desk in the wings and grabbed a metal athletic cup. When he turned to go back he saw Nightwing had, as he had been originally ordered, meekly crawled dog-like to follow him. The smiling Bruno squatted down in front of the hero and gazed at the latter’s face. “Fuck your pupils are fucking really dilated. Shit, they are the size of freaking quarters. Anyone home there, kid,” he chuckled as he tousled Nightwing’s hair.


The buff stud was so high all he could do was grin back. By now, his once razor sharp brain could barely focus on more than one task at a time. His cock felt as if it was about to explode and all that his mind could think was, if he obeyed Bruno the latter might let him cum.


“Lay on your back and don’t move,” Bruno told the zonked hunk. Once Nightwing complied, Bruno quickly reached under the hero’s outfit and maneuvered the cup into place.


“Ooooo,” Nightwing groaned in heat as Bruno’s fingers lightly touched his cock but all to soon both Nightwing’s cock and balls were safely held down inside their new metallic prison.


Bruno stood and gazed at the prone costume clad well-defined body of the youthful hero. “Well that will do the trick. Yeah that cup gives his crotch an even better noticeable bulge but the tent pole problem is fixed. Okay kid up on your feet. Time to do a strip tease for us.”


Nightwing easily jumped to his feet. Though his brain was fried and his sexual organs in full heat, his athletic body was still fully functioning.


Bruno hit the nearby CD player and a sensual melodic music filled the area. “Now we teach ya. First sway kid. Slow and easy like you was moving in space.”


Nightwing did as instructed his natural muscular grace coupled with his tight costume made his slow gyrations a highly erotic site. He had, to the other men’s s delighted surprise, a natural fluid grace of movement and rhythm. No one could deny that the sight of his youthful chiseled body was eye riveting. In addition, his tight dark costume showed off every one of his physical assets to perfection under the shadowy overhead stage lights. His tapered waist moved in a sensual rotating clockwise motion. As his body gently turned around his impressive rump came into view. Their muscles clenched and unclenched as he continued his circular orbit bringing his bulging basket back into view. Nightwing had positioned his hands so they cupped the back of his head. This position let his outwardly flaring, powerfully defined forearms and biceps receive the best effect under the stage lights. As he moved his head gently swayed as well. His prior carefully combed locks gently whipped around his damp flushed masked face. With every inhibition removed by the drugs and, also lacking the ability to control his mind, Nightwing lewdly performed for them. All the while his only focus was on the pounding of his cock against the increasingly warming metallic prison that trapped it. “Uhhh,” he softly groaned over and over as his erection rubbed on the warm metal cup.


“Mutha fuc,” Al grunted as he reached into his pocket for a handkerchief to wipe the sweat forming on his face. “Fuck if we had him for real we’d clean up. I mean shit he is…”


“Amazing yeah,” Bruno replied as he felt his cock stiffening. He shook his head so he could clear it and focus on his plans. “Now play with yer chest, kid” he rasped embarrassed by that very raspiness in his voice.

Nightwing silently complied. With languid yet highly erotic movements he let his splayed hands roam across his chest feeling himself up and producing a loan series of mewing groans that soon had the other two men flushed with sexual stimulations.


“Make him slip…off,” Al moaned as he reached under his pants to massage his growing boner.

“Do...what…he…says,” Bruno sputtered. He was feeling the heat of this performance. His thick cock was totally erect in his sweatpants.


With easy grace Nightwing raised his hands to his costume’s collar and eased it off his broad shoulders. Soon the dark material was slipped down his chest and allowed to drop to his waist. His round defined pectorals and hard eight-pac were now fully exposed to the lustful glances of the two men. The upper half of his heroic costume was now sexily draped along his narrow waist. He let his hands run along his chest and abdominals. “Huhhhhh,” he panted as a sheen of moisture appeared upon his upper torso. His well- defined chest provocatively glistened under the lights.


“Now play with his tits,” Al gasped as he unzipped and pulled out his erection so he could masturbate.

“Yeah…yeah…do…it,” Bruno g hoarsely uttered.


Nightwing did as instructed reveling in his actions as they stimulated the raging sexual fires in his own manhood. He tweaked his nipples. “Awwwww,” he sighed as he worked upon them until their tips rose to hard bullets. He thrust out his crotch obscenely outward as he worked on his nipples literally bucking into the empty air in front of him.


By now Nightwing’s moans were almost drowned out by Al’s moaning. The latter yelled for Bruno to tell the youthful hunk to fully undress.


“ fuck…just leave on your fucking mask,” Bruno roared as he pulled down his pants to jerk off. He was so turned on by now he didn’t care if Al saw him bare-arsed and beating off.


Al glanced over at Bruno and took note of Bruno’s equally compelling physique. An idea was borne in his head. He stroked harder at the thought in his evil brain.


With one fast movement Nightwing stripped off his costume. The metallic cup that had trapped his jewels fell to the ground. He stood before the men in the full naked glory of his toned young body. “Yeaaaaa,” he grunted as he let one hand slowly slip downward from his chest. His splayed fingers ran over his hard abdominals moving down to the prize he sought. As he continued his dancing maneuvers he reached down with that hand to cup his nut-sack. He began rolling them while punishing his nipples. “AAAAAAZHHHH,” he grunted. By now a long line of glistening pearly white pre-cum had oozed from his dick. It stretched from its slit to the floor like a thin web line. As Nightwing played with his balls his dancing grew more frenzied.


“Fuck I’m going pop my nuts!” Bruno yelped as it all overloaded his brain.


“ME TOO!” Al yelled out as he too felt he was climaxing.


Nightwing’s foggy brain heard the word “cum”. Thinking he had at last gotten permission he thrust his hips forward as he tightened the grip on his nuts. “AAAARRRRGGHHHH1” He shouted as his engorged cock blasted its load at the men. His heroic jizz sailed forth hitting two opposing geysers from the two men at the midpoint between them all. As he repeatedly squirted his knees buckled. Once he was totally spent he fell forward onto all fours.


He was panting, pouring sweat with his damp dark locks framing his face.


Al and Bruno just stood there huffing from their own orgasms. Yet, more was to come before they were finished with Nightwing!

Anchor 8

Chapter 8


A still groggy Nightwing woke up to find himself buck-naked lying face down on a dirty mattress. His hands had been securely bound together behind his back. His strong legs were similar tied at his ankles. “What happened,” he moaned as the fog in his head gradually dissipated. Suddenly various hazy pictures of his prior eight hours flashed into is head. “Nooo,” he groaned as his handsome face felt the burning flush of shame. His obscene performance and his overt sexual actions caused him to cringe inside of himself as he lay trussed up on the bedding. Suddenly he remembered how he had given Bruno his real first name. In a panic, he tried to recall what else he had revealed. Though he was naked he could feel his mask was still on his face. This brought him some comfort that all as not lost. Still he was in agony over how he far he had “punked” to Bruno. His fear and degradation soon turned to anger. “They will pay,” he swore out loud even as he wondered why Bruno had not unmasked him.


Meanwhile in a side office, Al and a masked Bruno were engaged in a bitter argument over that very “mask” issue.


“Why all this stringing out getting his true identity,” Al sharply told his co-conspirator. “I mean what the fuck is your problem yesterday when you stopped me from taking off the bastard’s mask?”


“You don’t get it huh,” Bruno yelled back as he took a gulp from the bottle containing the antidote to the drugs they were using on the crime fighter. “I just don’t want to fuck him. I want to totally fuck him over so bad he’s mentally broken got it!” Bruno went to the office door then turned to stare at a fuming Al. “Look you fat slob, right now we know we can drug him up to whore himself but I want more. I was in prison due to this kid. I want to pussy his arse but also PUSSY BOY HIS HEAD GOT IT! When I’m done he will give up his identity as meekly as he gives up his arse. THAT will be my victory. You try to stop it by getting his secret identity before I’m ready and I’ll wipe the floor with ya got it,” he hissed as he left the office.


“Yeah,” Al said to Bruno’s retreating figure before adding in a low whisper, “we’ll see who fucks who you bastard.” Al went to the bottle containing the antidote labeled “Bruno”. He poured water into it slightly diluting the mixture. “I got some pussy making plans of my own!” He snickered knowing the bottle Bruno had just consumed also had been slightly diluted.


Bruno quietly walked into the room where the bound young stud had been left. He took in the sight of Nightwing’s hot body squirming to try and break the bounds holding it. The latter’s perfect pale skinned muscular butt-cheeks begged to be pulled apart and fucked. “Shit,” Bruno thought as he felt his meat twitching.“Hold off Bruno,” he told himself as he stood silently observing the rippling musculature of Nightwing's upper torso gyrating on the bed trying to get free. He took a deep breath to steady himself then spoke. “So my kid is up. Have a good rest?”


Nightwing turned his head and saw the grinning figure of the powerful older man standing by the doorway. “I swear you will pay for whatever you did to me.”


Bruno laughed. “ Excuse me kid but as I recall I did nothing. YOU,” he emphasized before continuing, “on the other hand did quite a lot last night all on your own!”


“Let me free now or suffer later,” Nightwing roared as Bruno’s words struck home. He remembered that Bruno had now laid a hand on him and that his degenerate sexual acting out had been his own. “You did something,” Nightwing yelled to somehow excuse the guilt he now felt. He yanked on his bindings then rolled around so he could face his captor. “I don’t know what but you did something to me,” he bellowed as he giggled in his ties. Bruno simply smiled as he directed his gaze at Nightwing. From the direction of his eyes, the crime fighter realized the other man was eyeballing the former’s flopping cock and balls. Flushed with shame Nightwing quickly rolled back onto his stomach. “I swear I will teach you a lesson you will not forget once I’m free,” he croaked in despair over this shame.


“Lesson,” Bruno chuckled. “Right, you need a new one so let’s get started.” He approached the squirming hero and cut the ankle restrains. “Upsy-daisy” he gruffly said as he yanked the struggling Nightwing up onto his feet. “Now follow me.”


“Like hell I will,” the young hero defiantly spat out as he pulled free of Bruno’s hold.


Bruno’s hand shot down and gripped Nightwing's nuts. “Oh you will or …” he let the threat remain unspoken as he tightened on the hefty pouch. Nightwing gasped in shock and stopped moving. “Well,” Bruno snarled as he squeezed the hero's round balls to emphasize his message.


“Uhhhh,” Nightwing yelped. "Yes…yes...uhhhh…yes I promise,” he gasped as Bruno tightened further upon the nuts of his student. “I…uhh…stop…yes……uhh...YES” he screeched as his powerful torso twitched in pain.


“Good boy,” Bruno said patronizingly patting the cheek of his prize’s face with his other hand. He led Nightwing to another room while still keeping a firm hold on the young man’s nut-sack. The room they entered was bare except for a large pail that was filled with some type of liquid. “Kneel in front of the drum,” Bruno sharply said.


“Why. Tell me whyyyyawww,” Nightwing yelped as Bruno again squeezed the nuts. “Okay...okay,” the crime fighter wheezed as he moved to kneel in front of the pail. “But why did you want me ….mmmppphh” he gurgled as Bruno suddenly pushed the former’s head into the liquid. Nightwing had been unprepared for this action. He trashed about helplessly as Bruno kept his head under the liquid.


“Drink some and I’ll let you up,” Bruno laughed. He knew the pail contained the drug in its purest form. “Go on take gulps or drown in it. It’s your call kid.”


Nightwing tried to move his head upward but failed. His arms yanked on their bindings in an attempt to get free. Suddenly his head was pulled up. He wheezed and coughed as the liquid ran down his face.

“You gonna drink or…” Bruno rasped as once more he dunked Nightwing’s face into the brew. Desperate by now Nightwing nodded his agreement under the liquid. “Then drink,” Bruno shouted as he positioned the youthful hero’s head upward while still making sure the latter’s mouth was touching the liquid. Demoralized over experiencing another defeat from Bruno Nightwing leaned in to lap up the fluid. Bruno listened in triumph as he heard, “ulp…ulp…ulp” emanating from the crime fighter dosing himself with the drug.

As Nightwing drank his body tingled. A pleasant foggy peace expectedly came into his brain. When Bruno pulled the former’s head up once more he saw the dreamy out-of-it-look he wanted in the young hunk. “Happy time huh DICK!” he sneered.


Nightwing wanted to say something defiant but all he could do was isue a loud" burp”. A goofy grin came to his face as his cock rose to greet his trainer.

Anchor 9
Chapter 10

Chapter 9


Bruno got Nightwing off his knees and led him back to a small room. By now the drugs had done their job and the once decisive hero was a mental basket case. The only organ that was in perfect working order was the one between his legs. It stood pointing straight out at Bruno. “Now Dick,” Bruno softly said to the zapped younger man. “Do you mind if I call you Dick, by the way?”


Nightwing gazed wide-eyed at the other man. Something inside of him said he should object but he just grinned. “Nope {hiccup} sir,” he giggled. “Oops {hiccup} sorry for that,” he replied. He hiccupped a few more times. Each one became a cause for his hilarity. Throughout this, his erect cock waved in front of him.

Bruno shook his head in amusement. They entered the room and Bruno positioned the drug-intoxicated hero so he reclined face down upon one of the two couches there.


“This feels nice on my cock,” Nightwing laughed as he wiggled his butt letting the rough couch material rub on the under shaft of his erection.” Feels soooo nice,” he sighed.


Bruno could see his ‘student’ was flying. It was time to begin the next lesson. He sat by Nightwing’s head. Pulling down his sweats, Bruno let his growing hard-on come into view.


Nightwing gazed up at the spouting cock waving inches from his face. His eyes grew wide at the sight. “Gees {hiccup} that is big,” he giggled.


“Lick it dick,” Bruno sharply ordered as he scuffled over so Nightwing’s head was now hovering over Bruno’s lap..


Nightwing blinked. “Lick that?” He lightly asked as he tried to focus on the thick pole in front of him.

“I said lick my fucking dick.” Bruno growled as he grabbed Nightwing’s head to pull his mouth closer to the erection.


“Dick licking dick,” Nightwing laughed seconds before Bruno lost his patience and rammed the open laughing mouth of the crime fighter onto his engorged throbbing cock. For some reason Bruno felt that he needed to pop right now. He was a bit dizzy but in his growing sexual frenzy he didn’t take any real notice of this fact

“Mmmph,” Dick groaned as he got his second taste of a man’s cock. He tried to move off it but Bruno held him tight. His brain was so blasted he couldn’t figure out how to shove the dick out of his mouth. He tried pushing on it with his tongue but his tongue actions only made the cock grow thicker. Soon pre-cum lubed his throat making the invasion easier. He mumbled his protests incoherently even as he soon found slurping it easier to do. As he moved about his erect cock rubbed on the surface of the couch. “Mmmm,” he gasped as he found humping the material was highly pleasurable. As his mind, now so drugged up it was incapable of multitasking, focused on that stimulating task he unconsciously sucked Bruno’s manhood.


While Dick was undergoing all this Bruno was experiencing his own mental sexual explosions. His dick felt alive and he found he too was losing some of his mental clarity. He gazed over at the squirming muscled body of Nightwing. His vision locked on the round hard butt of the crime fighter that flexed and relaxed as Nightwing fucked the couch. “Shit you got a sweet arse Dick,” he rasped as he took in those undulating mounds of arse-cheeks. He decided they were begging for his touch. Bruno maneuvered his free hand to softy massage Nightwing’s butt then slipped his fingers between the stud’s cheeks to massage his anal ring. Seconds later Bruno got his finger past them. Shoving hard he managed to hit Nightwing’s prostate.


The effect on Nightwing’s sexual squirming was explosive. A wave of sexual heat hit the young hunk's groin. “MMMMMM,” he loudly grunted and soon he was happily slobbered on Bruno’s dick while wiggling his rump so the latter’s finger could tickled inside his anal cavity some more. “Mmmmm,” he slurped as his tongue raced along the cock that was now nicely positioned in and out of his throat. The young hero furiously rubbed his erection on the material under it desperate to orgasm.


“Fuck,” Bruno sighed as Nightwing vigorously sucked on the cock inside his mouth. “Yeah kid, you taste it. Yeah, you bastard. Suck me off good,” he moaned as he closed his eyes while still fingering out s Dick’s arse-hole. He was so lost in a sweet sexual haze he didn’t see Al enter. “Aw fuck so good babe,” Bruno moaned. “So fucking…fuckin….AAAAHHHH FUCKKKK MEEEE,” he yelled as he suddenly climaxed at the same time as a twitching Nightwing. He instinctively pushed Nightwing’s head down. In prison all his bitches swallowed his loads and even in his slightly inebriated state that habit held. Al watched as Nightwing body twitched struggling to consume his first experience with jizz. The buff young hero’s muffle cries did him no good. Remnants of Bruno’s sperm seeped from the sides of Nightwing’s mouth and slipped down Bruno’s cock to matt the older man’s pubic hair. “Shit Bruno moaned. He opened his eyes to blearily see Al standing there smirking at them. He pushed Nightwing off his lap sending the young man slipping to the floor.

“Now my couch is ruined,” Al snapped out as he saw the huge wet spot marking where Dick had climaxed. “Such a bad boy needs to be taught a lesson for that.” He went up to the men and grabbed Nightwing’s hair. Yanking him up he brought the still groggy young hero over to the other couch. “Kneel forward on it facing that wall and keep your hands on that wall got it,” he sharply ordered the woozy younger man.

“What the fuck do you…are you,” Bruno wheezed as he tried to formulate his objections to Al’s actions.

Al turned to a slightly high Bruno. “You shut up or you’ll get some of this too. In the meantime just watch and jerk-off you arse-hole.”


Bruno sat in stunned silence. He thought he should get up and beat Al to a pulp but he found he was curiously indecisive. He was also still sexual aroused. He reached down and stroked himself as ordered as he watched Al get a small thin stick.


“Now my turn to play. Don’t move and that is an order Nightwing,” Al hissed as he brought his stick down upon Dick’s bare rump.




“EEEEEEOOOOOWWWWW,” Dick screamed as the first strike hit. He squirmed as a red welt appeared on his once untouched rear-end.


“Hold still,” Al yelled. “Someone needed to spank that smug arse of yours since you were a Boy Wonder. So…” he laughed as he swung down on the exposed butt of Nightwing.




“EEEEOOOOWWW!” Nightwing cried out as another welt appeared on his upturned rear end. He squirmed from the pain.


“Don’t move!” Al yelled as he gave the now sobbing young stud a series of whacks that soon had him screaming for mercy. Al laughed after each stroke taking pleasure in the pain he was causing and delight as Nightwing’s arse grew redder.


Throughout it all Bruno sat masturbating. He was mesmerized by Al brutal actions. He was so turned-on at one point that he again climaxed. “Shitttt,” he groaned as his sexual heat rendered him incapable of saying anything else.


Finally Al stopped. Nightwing leaned his head against the wall and bawled in pain. He was also filled with shame by how he had allowed this act. His eyes were red and puffy from the tears that now flowed down his handsome features. Al pulled out his erect cock and proceeded to stride over to face Bruno. As Bruno watched, Al proceeded to jerk-off onto the former’s face. “Now I’m the fucking top bastard got it. You can keep his identity secret only cause I will permit it got it cunt. I’m only doing that cause I figure following your plan to totally mind-fuck him makes sense,” he angrily said to the dazed Bruno. The latter simply nodded as Al’s spunk dribbled down his face. “Lick up my spunk,” Al snarled to Bruno who immediately complied without protest about tasting his first cum. “Good. Now, go fuck him if you want but get him ready to perform for the guys,” Al sharply said to Bruno. He pulled out a bottle of the drug. “Drink it now,” he ordered. He grinned with evil delight as Bruno meekly dosed himself. The concentrate was so powerful it hit Bruno like a speeding train. His eyes went dull and his cock sprang to life. “A hot body and face like yours should be used so, you get to perform too. A few of your former prison bitches are paying big money to punk your self- proclaimed top-only arse tonight. Now train him to strip dance.” He turned leaving a drugged nodding Bruno and a still sobbing Nightwing, who was now using his hands to rub his fiery butt, to do as he commanded.

Chapter 10


For the next few hours Nightwing was trained in the art of stripping by the similarly drug fucked Bruno. Both wore masks and dressed in shimmering tight briefs. Bruno demonstrated how to utilize a pole in a performance and the best way to flex and erotically stretch his body before the club mirrors. Nightwing’s natural athleticism and prior fighter’s training made him a quick study.


“Al wants us to do a duet,” Bruno muttered as his glazed eyes looked at the equally drugged up Nightwing’s orbs. Slowly Bruno positioned himself behind Nightwing. The former draped himself flush to the crime fighter’s back. “We connect like this,” Bruno rasped as he felt the powerfully defined back muscles of Nightwing caress his chest. His crotch snuggled between the cavity of the younger man’s rump. “I will hold onto you, very tight” he wheezed as he sensually slipped his arms around Nightwing to lay them across the latter’s chest. “Then we move as one,” he gulped as his cock stiffened.


As the moved Nightwing felt the muscled older man clinging to him. His butt, still sore from his spanking, tingled in a pleasurable way from the warm sensation of Bruno’ basket upon it.. “Awww,” he sighed as he let his head lean back to gently rest against Bruno. “Feels nice,” he whispered. Soon he could feel the latter’s hands moving along his chest. “Yeah feel me up,” Nightwing shamelessly groaned as Bruno’s strong arms moved about Nightwing's pectorals.


“Fuck….sooooo…hot,” Bruno sighed as helet his fingers play with Nightwing’s nipples enjoying the groaning “ooooo”’s of pleasure from the younger man. Soon he was running one hand down the heaving ribbed abdominals of the crime fighter. His rough palm massaged their hard bumps.


“Aw shit,” Nightwing yelped as he pressed his arse harder upon Bruno’s now fully erect cock.

Bruno was lost in a drug fueled erotic haze. He slipped his hand down past the abdominal that he had been massaging to get it under Nightwing’s briefs. Reaching his prize he gripped the latter’s equally hard erection and gently stroked it.


“Yessss,” Nightwing mewed as he swayed with Bruno under the hot lights. Their mutual sweat sealed them together. For the first time in his life he experienced what it was like to be masturbated by another person. The buff young hero had jerked-off on a number of occasions but they had been perfunctory in nature designed more to ease some quick sexual urge. Bruno, from his time alone in prison, was an expert in the art of the slow cock pump. He used this skill to good effect. Letting his fingers tips sensually stroke Nightwing’s sack, he used various pressure points he had discovered to stimulate and edge off the now squirming crime fighters manhood. “Fuck,” the young stud moaned as his cock and balls shot bolts of pleasure directly to his drug fried brain. He began to hump against his sexual tormentor. For the first time he began uttering stream of almost incoherent expletives. He had never been one to use pr sexual profanities but now, as he went into a total rutting mode, that rigid moral code vanished.


“Fucking shit,” Bruno yelled as he too rammed himself deeply into the canyon crack between Nightwing’s cheeks. By now, he wanted to fuck Nightwing so badly. Yet, he was mentally hamstrung by Al’s orders. The drugs had crippled his brain’s ability to defy the manager so he settled for this partial action.

“Fuck me,” Nightwing finally blurted out as he let his own sexual imperatives shatter any final resistance to this activity. “Fuck me. Fuck me,” he sobbed as Bruno’s exquisite hand-job brought him close to a climax. His tight still virginal rear-end furiously pounded upon Bruno’s cock bring the latter close to his own eruptions.

From the sidelines a smiling Al watched and videotaped the writhing hunks. He knew they were about to climax and he wanted this on DVD.


“Fucking dry humping you Dick,” Bruno whispered into Nightwing’s ear in a voice so quiet only the two heard it. On some deeper mental level the handsome older ex-con fought to retain some type of control over Al’s drug induced power and hold this treasure for himself.


“Awwwww,” Nightwing grunted as he heard his true name. He surrendered to the press of Bruno’s masculine body, slick with sweat, upon him. The young hero spread his legs apart as they moved so his nuts could feel the vibrations of Bruno’s crotchpoundings. “Fuck me,” he sobbed as together they sensually moved as one. Bruno’s masturbating hand was slick with a combination of Nightwing’s cock sweat and pre-cum. He felt the younger man getting close. Nightwing’s chest expanded in his grip and the former’s butt was ramming back hard. “Uuuuuu,” he said in a cracking voice.


“Going to cum too,” Bruno croaked as he felt Nightwing’s torso beginning to stiffen in his grasp. The moment of climax for them had arrived. “Squirt with me Dick,” he whispered instinctively knowing using that name would send Nightwing into ejaculations.


As Al recorded all this, he saw both men’s well-chiseled body’s violently twitch. Their mutual loud gasps were followed by joint cries of “ AAAAAHHHHH,” indicated they had orgasmed in tandem. He watched transfixed as, exhausted by the power of their ejaculations, the men slumped together towards the floor. They lay there entwined drenched in their perspirations and lightly moaning like two schoolgirls. Suddenly Bruno used a hand to turn Nightwing’s face slightly toward him. To Al’s shock, they kissed. What’s more Nightwing appeared to be totally into it! “Yeah, they are ready for tonight’s performance”, Al laughed. He left them there moaning with pleasure; engaged in furious lip locked deep throated kissing while entangled together in sexual bliss.

Anchor 11

Chapter 11


Al left the club confident he had bested the two strong virile men. Each was a champion in his own realm. He was soon to find out how wrong he was in this fact.


True the drug short circuited controls and rendered their recipients mentally unable to formulate anything but Bruno, unlike Nightwing, was a creature of passion and acted without thinking to get to his goals. That animalistic approached served him well today. He wanted to fuck Nightwing. He wanted victory over the pompous teenager that had him caged him so long ago. That pure emotional directive got up him up off the floor. Leaving Nightwing he went to Al’s office. Acting on pure instinct to win, as he always did, moved solely on his emotional level. He soon found the antidote. He gulped it down then grabbed another bottle of it and gulped more of it into him. Then he sat and waited as the drug’s effects dissipated. “Thought you’d fuck me huh, Al”, he snarled as he sat in the very chair where the fat man had splattered his face with cum. “Well I fuck you now!” He growled as he felt the lingering sexual heat of the drug in his loins. “But first I take care of business!” He smiled as he went to the stage where Nightwing lay peacefully slumbering. With deft movement he yanked off Nightwing’s cum stained briefs.


“Huh,” Nightwing groggily sighed as this action woke him.


“Get on all fours kid right now because I’m cherry popping ya ,” Bruno shouted vehemently as he violently pushed Nightwing over onto his stomach then grabbed the tapered waist of the dopey hero to pull him up onto all fours. He spread Nightwing’s legs to expose the rosy lightly haired hole of the latter. “Sweetly pink and untouched…till now!” Bruno laughed as he spit on it to get it slick. He let his fingers work on the entryway until Nightwing squirmed and whimpered in delight.


“Mmmmm,” feels nice,” Nightwing lightly whined as he wiggled his arse-hole on Bruno’s fingers. “Feels nice,” he giggled.


As Bruno slipped them past the outer muscles the once macho and stoic hero cooed with excitement. Bruno could feel the soft inner lining of Nightwing’s chute. He let his fingers work on Nightwing’s hole feeling the strong outer ring muscles relaxing under the assault. By the way Nightwing was reacting the buff young hero was more than ready. “Okay now we fucking bitch ya to me forever,” Bruno hissed as he placed his throbbing cock at the entry way. “Feels nice huh kid,” he joked as he rubbed his head against the relaxed entryway. “Going feel a bit difficult for a bit but later on you’ll cream for more!” He laughed as he shoved slowly into his ‘student’.


“AWWWWW!” Nightwing cried out as Bruno’s rounded dick-head of plopped inside. He felt as if his arse was on fire. Instinctively he moved forward to escape but Bruno wrapped his arm around Nightwing’s waist and forcefully pulled him backward onto the former’s erection! “OWWWW, that hurts. Get it out please ,” he moaned.


“Nah ya bitch,” Bruno replied happy to hear Nightwing saying please. “You lose it all right now,” he growled as he eased more of his boner into the wailing young hunk’s guts


“I…can’t…its…too…big,” Nightwing pitifully moaned.


“Just take a deep breath and relax boi,” Bruno laughed as he pushed in further.


“Ohhh,” Nightwing sobbed in protest. Yet for all his cries and protests he stayed still. Bruno soon heard Nightwing gulping in air.


Deep breathes and relax your arse hole, Dick,” he chuckled encouragingly. “Come on you can f do it.”

As instructed the young virginal hero willed his butt muscles to relax. “ I…aw…God,” he wailed as Bruno pushed fully into him.. Yet, as he was ordered, he continually took deeper breaths. “You…have…up…my …arse!” Nightwing gasped.


“Now we fuck,” Bruno howled in triumph. “Fuck time bitch,” he yelled as he began his rape. Over Nightwing’s screams he began insanely fucking the no longer virginal young arse. “We know you like it,” Bruno demanded as he thrust deeply into the once undefiled guts of the howling younger man. "Tell me you are my bitch now!"

Nightwing's only reply was a series of moaning, “Uhhhhhh,” and unintelligible groans.


“You like it? Don’t you,” Bruno repeated with insistence as he increased his screwing. "So say to me i own your arse. Say the words that you are my bitch!"


Again, the only sounds in response were just more moaning and groaning. Then a change took over as Nightwing’s repeatedly arched, then relaxed his back muscles. His verbal utterances, while still incomprehensible, grew in volume, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. From his gyrations it was obvious the buff hero was becoming aroused. His strong muscular thighs quivered. He began pushing back upon the invading cock. “fuck,” he mumbled.


Bruno’s strokes continued in strength. He knew Nightwing loved his anal rape but he wanted more than some vaguely mutual unspoken ‘knowledge’ between them that the latter was Bruno’s cum-dump. Bruno wanted the young hunk to verbalize it so both heard this admission. It was critical that the object of his sexual release know this fact down to his very core.


In prison once a young “fish” gurgled that confession out he was broken and controlled. Bruno was , if anything, a man driven and utterly persistent. He decided to go, as they said in prison, "balls deep' to win. He savagely pulled Nightwing's strong thighs farther apart to allow him a deeper fuck. As he rammed inwards his balls slapped against the young crime-fighters.


"Awwwww BAAAATTT," Nightwing bellowed as the vibrations of their ball-strikes only added to his sexual heat.


"Go on say it," Bruno roared back as his erection found Nightwing's prostate. "Got ya now Dick," he laughed as he pounded the object with his cock!


“Oh, fuck,” Nightwing whined once more as his head seemed to explode. His butt hole was now stretched beyond the limit, but Nightwing has never before begged for mercy. He stayed on his hands and knees as Bruno increased his screwing speed.


“You like it,” Bruno as noted Nightwing's whimpers. "Say you like it kid," Bruno yelled as he ravaged the young man's prostate.


Sweat beads appeared on Nightwing’s cheeks. He was going crazy. Finally something cracked in him as he bites the proverbial pillow.


"I do. Fuck my hole," the stud yelped. "I'm your bitch!"


“Damn right,” Bruno replied as he flipped Nightwing unto his back. He kept y up his fucking. Time for the finale he thought. "Take off the mask and tell me yer name boy," he growled as he ground into Nightwing.

The sexually conquered hero gazed at Bruno's grinning image. Tears formed in his eyes as he reached up to pull off his mask. As he touched it a battle raged in his mind. From his early days as the formidable Boy Wonder he had been taught that his secret identity was never to be revealed. To young Dick Grayson it had been an idea so instilled into his psyche that it was intimately bound up in his self-image as a crime fighter and now as a man. He’d grown up proud, in fact over proud, of this secret identity. It made him s feel special from others. He was the defender of all. He thought of himself as the shiny knight above others. To reveal whom I he was betrayed himself on its most fundamental level. He would be scum he told himself. It was the “ last man standing” of his old persona.


Bruno somehow knew all this and thus he demanded this final tribute. As they used to say in prison” fuck his arse is fine but fuck his head and that cunt is yours 24/7 forever. "Take off the mask and tell me yer name boy," he growled sharply as he furiously fucked to victory.


Then it happened. That heroic part of his mind disintegrated under Bruno’s sexual exploitations. No one had ever given Dick Grayson such erotic ravishment. He had no defense against the one foe he was untrained to meet: his own untapped sexual urges. Batman had taught him to ignore sexual needs as a sign of weakness. A lifetime of occasional and perfunctory sexual encounters and rapid masturbations had left him immature in sex. His inner unrealized sexual drives were now in full swing. Perhaps if he’d vented his sexuality often and lustily with the adoring women and girls who threw themselves at him as Robin and then as Nightwing he would have won his mental strife. Bruno would not have prevailed. But, in handling his magnificent body’s sexual stimulations, Nightwing was a mental child. Bruno was now giving him an advanced degree in record time. He lost it! “Fuck me,” he screamed as the once proud unconquerable champion had been crushed in a landslide of erotic plesure. The last remnant of his life as Nightwing was to be surrendered. “," he sputtered as he grasped the sides of his mask and began pulling it from his face. Any final hesitation was gone when Bruno cock’s slammed a highly sensitive spot on Nightwing's prostate. "Oh god," Nightwing babbled as he ripped off his mask to show his face to Bruno. "I am Dick Grayson. I am Dick Grayson," he wailed in a bleary eyed frenzy as he suddenly climaxed. His sperm shot upward then landed down spattering on his chiseled chest area.


"Dicked ya, huh Dick Grayson," Bruno howled in triumph. "Dicked ya, and now I seed ya," he roared as he shot his creamy seed into Dick Grayson. He pulled out and quickly straddled Dick's chest so that his cock was by the moaning former hero's lips. "Clean me. My bitches always do this," he snarled. As he watched Dick meekly lifted his head and tongued off his owner's cum stained manhood. "Good bitch," Bruno laughed as he tousled dick Grayson's hair. He reached over to put Dick's mask back on. "Only I know got this about ya got it!" He sharply said.


Nightwing merely nodded his cock stuffed face in agreement. He slurped and slobbered over his owner meat as his mind solidified into docility. The stallion had been saddle-broken forever. He would always obey his rider from now on twenty-four seven..


“So that means that bat fuck is…” Bruno asked to test his power.


“Bucth Waynth,” Nightwing gurgled though his cock stuffed mouth. He gave it all up, the Bat Cave’s secrets and the other hero’s identities, as he answered every query Bruno put to him. Through it all Dick never stopped slobbering on Buno’s cock. “You did good Dicky,” Bruno laughed as he finally rose up from the cock-sucking crime fighter. You’ve a strip show in an hour. I got a fat fuck to deal with.” Bruno straddled over the prone stud. Al was going down hard tonight. The portly manager had sold exclusive fucking rights to the Joker and he had charged extra so the Joker alone would know dick’s real name. Now that ‘exclusivity’ was gone. The Joker would not like how he paid big bucks so sloppy seconds on Nightwing’s cum filled arse. Bruno grabbed his cell and called the criminal psychopath to break the news that Al had lied and cheated him! After he finished he looked down at the masked face of the hero who had once had him jailed. His cock grew hard once more. “One last thing,” Bruno muttered as he reached down to jerked himself off. “Take this ya dick-sucker,” he grunted as he creampied Dick Grayson. “Now go wash up,” he barked as he left the spunk-faced and fully mind fucked young stud.


That night the masterminds of crime filled the club to capacity. Bruno strode out on stage to greet them. “Welcome all,” he grinned appearing before them in mask and briefs. “I am sorry to announce Al is rather late .” He paused to glance at the Joker who insanely giggled at the true meaning of that line. “But,” Bruno continued. “We’ve a promised star tonight so lets give it up for Nighwing whom, I might add, ‘gave it up’ to me a short time before this show.” Bruno lewdly winked as he said this and grabbed his crotch for emphasis on that revealed fact. The audience cheered at that knowledge.


The Joker looked slightly annoyed until he fondled the notebook in his hand that Bruno had just given to him. It contained all of Nightwing’s knowledge about his fellow super hero and crime fighter’s identities and weaknesses. Even more critical, Dick had given up their hideouts and safety passwords. With this dirt Joker knew he would crush them all. He had lost the chance to deflower the grown up boy blunder but he had been assured of first dibs on a certain bat.


The music started then a spotlight hit the masked Nightwing. He was wearing leather bikinis. He began to sway as the audience hooted their derision and glee. The show was about to begin. Everyone watched with eager anticipation….

Anchor 12

Chapter 12


Nightwing slowly moved with a sensual fluidity towards a mirror on the back wall. He faced it , stood with legs apart, and lewdly rotated his hips in front of it. His powerful body began to shiver causing his legs muscles and rump to literally quiver in front of the audience.


Bruno watched the silent audience members as they gazed upon the sensual display. As the lights played over Nightwing’s quivering arse quite a few groaned in excitement.


“Good boy, start em out slow,” Bruno thought with pride at how he trained his property.


Suddenly, Nightwing turned and faced the crowd. He looked sideways over at Bruno. Smiling at the older man, Nightwing ‘s hands proceeded to erotically massage chest for the criminals. He tweaked his nipples while uttering a series of lewd loud grunting. The abused areas soon grew erect.


“Fuck,” someone among the criminals gasped.


Still smiling at Bruno, Nightwing thrust his hips forward and back. He sensually humped into the air as he still explored his upper chest for the men.


“That’s right boy,” Bruno hissed softly. “Get em hot but don’t rush it.”


As if Nightwing was in mental communication with Bruno, he continued his manual explorations. His splayed right had moved between his pectorals to reach he hard stomach area. Letting his fingers run along the ribbed muscles of the area he moved his hand downward to reach under his briefs.


“A strangled cry of “holy fuck,” came from someone in the audience as Nightwing’s hand cupped his basket.


“Sweet fuck,” another criminal in the crowd hoarsely grunted as Nightwing massaged his manhood under his briefs. As he did this, Nightwing leaned back onto the mirror and gently eased his body downward. Once his rump hit the floor he quickly removed his hands from his body to press them palms down & slightly forward on its surface. He leaned forward slightly putting his weight on the twin supports of his arms then. Raising his legs into a “V’” pattern in front of his chest area while keeping them behind his muscular upper arms he smoothly lifted himself upward. A few in the crowd hooted with glee as he did a series of sensual push-ups.


“Fuck,” Bruno gasped as he felt himself getting aroused by the sight.


But the buff young crime fighter was just getting started. He unexpectedly pushed himself into a standing position and lewdly sauntered to a striper pole in the center of the club. He grabbed it and easily hoisted his chiseled body upwards. He curled his frame around it to display his defined torso under the lights. As he held himself steady with one hand he used his other one to deftly remove his briefs. This powerful display of this strength combined with his naked sexual body quieted everyone. As he slipped back onto his feet he kept a grip on the pole with one hand while massaging his now exposed cock with the other. Soon he was fully erect.

“Muther fuck,” one of the criminals groaned as Nightwing began rubbing his erection on the pole.

By now Nightwing was in full sex mode. He lightly whimpered as he rubbed his hard cock on the harder metal. A series of light, “aaaaaa” escaped from his lips. The lights reflected a thin line of pre-cum on the pole. It glistened as Nightwing rubbed his erection upon it. “Fuccccccc,” he whimpered as he massaged the pole with his hard cock.


“Not yet boy,” Bruno moaned as he unzipped to stroke himself. “Make em sweat for it first!”


Once again it seemed as if Nightwing heard the command. He pushed off the pole as many in the crowd groaned in disappointment. Nightwing simply smiled as he lifted his arms up towards his head. Intertwining his palms behind his head he flexed his biceps. The music grew louder and, as the lights flickered upon his defined body, Nightwing obscenely did a luscious bump and grin for the criminals.


The men cheered the young heroic hunk swayed around the stage. At one point he leaned back unto the bar top with his elbows and fucked the empty space in front of him. His erection obscenely waived at the hooting crowd. He also later moved to lean against the side stage mirror. Lifting his body with only his toes he bent his frame giving everyone a view of his body’s muscled profile.


By now Bruno was so hot he knew he was close to ejaculating. Judging from the crowd reaction they too were close to sexually exploding. Stripped off his clothes Bruno walked onto the stage. “Arse up on the bar top.”


He gruffly said to Nightwing. “I gotta fuck you bad boy.”


Without a protest, which shocked a few criminals, Nightwing grinned. He quickly lay face up on the bar. Hooking his legs upward with his arms he exposed his anus to view for everyone. The criminals brought into raucous cheers and applause at this prospect.


“Shit” Bruno gulped as Nightwing’s rosy pink hued anal entryway winked under the lights. He spit on his palm and lubed up his cock. Moving between the splayed thighs of the now stridently moaning Nightwing, Bruno eased his erection into the younger hero. He gazed into Nightwing’s eyes oblivious to the noisy crowds around them “ I am the very embodiment of your addiction to bitch right boy?” He rasped as he proceeded to screw the now even louder mewing crime-fighter. Let out your every secret twisted fantasy for me.” He leaned forward to place his mouth next to Nightwing’s ear. Speaking so only they heard his words he said,” give into me Dick.” He felt Nightwing’s hips beginning to buck under him. ‘Yeah boy move your hips. Fall into me now. Let me take you over completely and then you know you’ll just crawl back for more right Dick!”


Dick ‘s eyes grew wider. “Yes,” he yelped as he began bucking harder back onto Bruno’s cock. As the room erupted into loud cheers the famed Macho Nightwing totally surrendered his luscious arse and his fried mind to Bruno. He would operate now on one level, sexual servicing his Master.


“Tell them,” Bruno hissed to his fucked stud.


“I need cock in my arse Master,” Nightwing replied in the words the two had rehearsed before in their lessons.


“Tell them” Bruno howled as he ravaged Nightwing before the assembled criminal world.


“I love cock,” Nightwing babbled as he felt his approaching climax. “I was a closet bitch before. I need your cock. I need your coooaaaaaaaaakkkkk.” He screeched as he erupted. His jizz flew out of his cock.


Screams of triumph filled the room as some men chanted, “fag him” over and over!


“Oh fuck…yeah…oh harder. Fuck me harder,” Nightwing begged as if in response to the underworld’s demands


“You like getting fucked” Bruno snarled as he repeatedly ground into the tight anal hole of his bitch.


“Aw yeah,” the out-of-control crime fighter lightly replied as a new need to cream rose inside of his nuts. “Oh fuck me harder. Uh…oh yeah…uh…oh yeah….aw fuck…oh fu… ck…oh yeah…yeah…yeah,” Nightwing yelped as his powerful body quivered in sexual heat with every pounding into his tight round muscular arse.


Bruno continued screwing for all he was worth as the chants grew in intensity for him to “fag him!”

“Oh I’m going to cum. I’m going…to…cum,” Nightwing finally squealed. “Ah yeah…ah yeah fuck…fuck…me…harder,” he wailed as he felt the spunk gurgling up from his nuts into his engorged shaft. “Ah yeah…oh yeah…going to…going tooo…ohhh …ooooo…uh…uh…uh…uhhh,” he pitifully begged as he giggled his arse onto Bruno’s dick..


“Like it boy,” Bruno rasped as he drove his cock deeply into Nightwing. He felt the anal walls of the now loudly whimpering hunk grip his own shaft. “Oh yeah you are getting ready to cream again huh…Dickie needs to cum,” he shouted out knowing that using Nightwing’s real name would catapult his “boy” over the edge. He also correctly assumed that the crowd would think ‘Dickie’ was merely a reference to Nightwing’s cock.


“AW SHII!” Nightwing cried put as he heard his name publically used. His powerful body quaked as he shot his second load of spunk upwards into the air. It plopped down spattering over the young hero’s chest and face. Someone reached to scoop it up then smear it on Nightwing’s lips. The mind fucked formerly smug young hero meekly licked at the contents.


Bruno smiled as he went over the edge and seeded Nightwing with his own creamy mixtures. He pulled out and gazed at the stunned assembled underworld. “Okay boys, just for tonight, everyone can plug his holes.”

“He’s mine first,” Deathstroke yelled as he approached the sexually dazed Nightwing. “Oh my cock is going to rip you up,” the evil foe laughed as he took out his immense blood engorged fourteen-inch piece of manhood. It was as thick as a forearm as well. He placed its head on the cum-lubed anal entry of the heroic crime fighter.


“Going to fuck you bad you shit,” Deathstroke growled as he thrust himself into the hole.


Nightwing barely saw the cock of his number one foe before it was violently rammed up his arse.


“EEEEEOOOOWWWWW!!!!” He screeched as the massive tool ripped into him. “TAKE IT OUT. TAKE IT OUT. PLEAAAAAAAAA,” he sobbed in vain as he was aggressively butt-fucked by Deathstroke.


“Oh yeah finally,” the villain hooted as he ravaged a shrieking Nightwing. “Come on take it like a man,” he sneered as he thrust in and out of the young hero.


“STOP…OH STOPPPPPPP,” Nightwing yelped over and over as the huge tool pumping into him without mercy stretched his guts apart. The crowd hooted in delight as the bawling Nightwing’s rump was savagely plowed.


“Someone shut this bitch up,” Deathstroke yelled as he screwed in a frenzy of revenge upon the man he hated most.


“Allow me,” Riddler giggled as he used his erect dick to fill Nightwing’s open mouth and cut off his blubbering.


“Ummmphh,” Nightwing gurgled as both villains screwed him while others laughed and clapped.” Nooooothhh.”


But soon his powerful body adjusted to the girth and length of his foe. Pleasure replaced pain as Deathstroke hit the “sweet spot” deep inside Nightwing’s guts. One Bruno has expertly brought to life during his but-fucks of the buff younger man. The muscular body of the once feared crime fighter twitched as arousals took hold of his brain. His groans became moans of delight. The bitch in him came out. As the villains clapped, Nightwing began humping his body onto Deathstroke’s cock while eagerly slurping on the Riddler.


Bruno strode away oblivious to the lustful whimpering as Nightwing “gave it up” to the very men he has once defeated. For the next six hours the buff young hunk’s mouth and anus was filled with criminal cream! By the end he was fully enjoying his ravaging at their hands. His u initial moans of protest had long since given way to loud cries for more of their fucking.


The last to leave the thoroughly fucked over Nightwing was Deathstroke. He smiled in contentment as he let his once hated foe give him one last blowjob. He took in the sight of the now thoroughly cum smeared body of his foe and grinned in triumph. “Suck me a bit lighter cunt,” he snarled as Nightwing eagerly continued his tongue bathing of the former’s cock. Once he had blown a last load into Nightwing’s slurping gullet the villain left the cum splattered superhero lying on the bar’s surface. He took one last look at Nightwing, who was using both hands to scoop up the various villains’ spunk off his body so he could suck it off his fingers, then laughed and left.

Anchor 13



Batman gazed around in disgust at the seedy surroundings of the club. He wondered why the commissioner and Nightwing had asked him to meet them here. As he entered the ‘dinning area’ he saw Nightwing sitting at a table with the commissioner. The table had three filled champagne glasses upon it. “What is going on?” Batman asked as he approached the two men.

“Please sit,” the commissioner said as he pushed one glass towards the empty chair. “I want you two to share a drink with me in honor of my retirement.”

Batman sat down. He was surprised to hear this news. “I actually don’t drink,” he said trying to be polite.

“You can’t drink one glass for me?” the commissioner asked in a hurt voice.

“Well…ah…okay,” Batman relented Still confused over why this place had been chosen to meet. He took the glass and, along with the other men, two drank its contents. The liquid tasted funny yet: soon his body was tingling.

“I have one last toast,” Nightwing laughed as he filled up the glasses from a bottle at his side. “I admit that I’ve been a bit of a prick about my Robin replacement, Batman. No don’t object its true. I promise its over. A toast to that promise,” he said as he and the commissioner raised their glasses. Batman grimaced. He couldn’t refuse this offer of a climb-down by Nightwing. His former Boy Wonder had always been proud. This confession must have been hard for him. Refusing another toast would be churlish of him. Batman quickly gulped the contents of his glass. Only then did he notice neither had consumed their glasses. Something was wrong. He tried to get up but a hand on his shoulder pushed him back into the chair. He turned and gasped in shock to see the Joker hovering over him. He was about to rise to fight his foe when a strong lackadaisical attitude suddenly took hold of his brain. He turned to see a laughing commissioner.

“We gave you two pure concentrated doses just now Batman. Your first glass was the only one doped. The second shot of pure drugs came from the bottle. I am afraid it should kick your bat brain right about…now!”

Batman’s vision grew blurry. He also felt sexually turned on to an extent he had never experienced. He looked over at Nightwing. As he did he observed a powerfully built older man standing unzipped next to Nightwing. As he watched in disgust his once trusted sidekick dexterously reached into the pants fly and pulled out the other man’s stiffening cock.

“Bruno,” Nightwing sighed as he tenderly suckled on the man’s erection. “Hmm,” he murmured as his head then slowly bobbed up and down on the man’s rigid pole. Nightwing never stopped his blowjob even as Bruno reached down and deftly eased the buff young hero out of his lower costume

“Yeah that’s right baby,” Bruno grunted as he watched Nightwing slobbering on his aroused manhood. He reached down to tousle Nightwing’s hair. “You love my dick now don’t you, boi.”

“Yeth Sirth,” Nightwing managed to croak through his cock stuff mouth. The young stud’s own cock was totally at full mast. Beads of glistening pre-cum oozed from it head and gently flowed down its shaft.

“What is going on,” Batmen wheezed in disgust as his mind grew increasingly scattered. He gazed at Nightwing ‘s sexual performance and, to his horror; he discovered he was becoming aroused by it.

“Just my boi doing his thing bat-fuck,” Bruno replied. “He’s a natural cocksucker right boi?”

Nightwing merely gurgled an affirmative reply as he suckled on Bruno’s erection.

Batman could feel his own dick rising even more until it strained under his costume. Soon, his cock had shockingly hardened to its full extent. “How…stop,” he moaned as he took in his protégé ‘s oral maneuvers with an ever-increased desire to join in them. “Dick stop,” he blurted out using Nightwing’s real name without realizing it.

“You seem to enjoy seeing your former sidekick giving head don’t you?” the Commissioner hissed in glee. Batman felt his throat go dry. By now he was looped from the drug. He just nodded. It was true; he was feeling a strong sexual energy. His mind began to visualize that was his cock Nightwing was sucking or soon even worse, it was he doing the oral servicing upon his former ward. A lifetime of sexual denial burst out of the wall behind which he had imprisoned it. He had thought he was immune to sex. He was now discovering that his self-denial was the weak link that would break him.

The commissioner took Batman’s right hand off the table and placed it upon Batman’s tent-poling crotch. “Rub it,” the commissioner commanded.

Instinctively the Caped Crusader’s needs told him to obey and to play with himself to get some relief. His palm massaged his costume-enclosed manhood. The soft skin tight satin feel of it on his cock and balls sent erotic bolts of pleasure to his brain.

“Noooo,” Batman sighed in protest even as he as he jerked off in his outfit. “Should…stop,” he grunted as he squeezed and kneaded his manhood. Waves of never before experienced uncontrollable sexual heat filled his strong body. He found himself rubbing his manhood even more now. “Ahhhh,” he softly gasped as he spread his powerful legs apart to grip his bulge and squeeze again. “Oooo,” he babbled as his thumb sensually traced the costumed outline of his nut sack. He was lost as long suppressed sexual urges sprung to life. A dreamy unfocused look came to his eyes. His muscular torso slumped slightly in the chair. “Fuccccc,” he murmured in pleasure as, his thighs now fully spread, and he massaged and pulled on his Batsuit’s crotch to lewdly fondle his Bat-jewels. “Ahhhh…yess…fuc,” he sighed.

“Oh this is all just a bit of fun,” the Joker laughed hysterically as he too unzipped to free his erect dick. “Cursing too. A first for him I bet.” The Caped Crusader looked up in confusion at the smiling villain then at the waving cock of his mortal enemy. “Suck it,” the Joker giggled as he turned Batman’s face to that dick.

“No..not …right,” Batman weakly protested as he continued to masturbate himself. Yet, he found his lips parting even as he insisted he would not suckle his foe’s manhood.

“Oh don’t play the innocent Batfag,” Joker sneered as he guided his erection into the still vaguely objecting superhero’s mouth.

"Umph," Batman mumbled, as he tasted g his first cock. He felt defiled, defeated but erotically overwhelmed by it. Inspired and, increasingly turned on by the sounds of Nightwing's own blowjob activities, he soon slurped on the Joker's manhood while jerking himself off as well.

“Oh by the way Bat-lips,” he jeered as a moaning Batman increasingly found himself inwardly compelled to suck harder. “Your new Boy Wonder has been taken care of as well. Seems the young stud let himself get tricked into a drugged beer-guzzling contest at some frat house whose members he once busted for petty thefts. Your boys are always so self-confidant in defeating or winning over challengers. I’ve many nice pictures of him dressed in his Robin outfit lying lengthwise and face down straddling some workout bench. The frat boys he got arrested have lined up at either of his ends for a fast cock suck or fuck. Your sidekick’s two holes are now happily serving as the final rail stop on a very long sex train ride. I fear though that once they finish with him there is a certain foreign “bird collector” who wants to buy him. Well we can always fake his death to cover that disappearance right Bruce! But don’t worry about there being no heir to the Wayne fortune. I’m going to milk the young stud a lot prior to his sale. There are quite a few female criminals who want his sperm so they can bear his numerous babies,” the Joker hooted. “I brought some transfer papers over for you that will have you signing everything to your son tonight. Then in nine months, those mothers will file so many paternity suits against HIS company and fortune that the support payments will financially ruin the estate. All while you watch it happen. Revenge is so sweet!”

By now however Batman was out-of it, all he could think of was getting off and servicing the object of his archenemy’s last command {SLURP}! His last fully conscious thought was that, if he did a good job right now, perhaps his enemies would let him have sex with his former ward, Nightwing! He glanced over at the now naked Nightwing. Batman's eyes took in his former sidekick’s impressively toned and muscled torso before becoming fixated on the impressive boner Nightwing was showing. "Fucccc," Batman moaned as he closed his eyes and energetically blew the Joker while visualizing Nightwing's manhood abusing him both orally and, even more arousing for him, anally. He was not even aware that the commissioner, after getting Batman’s hand away so he stopped masturbating, had stripped him of his costume. His balls and cock soon felt the cool air. Without instruction he reached back down to fondle himself while slobbering on his enemy’s manhood.

“Yes get our cocks nice and slick boys,” Joker laughed as a now fully naked Nightwing and Batman slobbered on the dicks of their new masters. “My friend Bruno and I intend to fuck you both silly…whhhooo woooo,” he roared in mirth as the former dynamic duo knelt before them both while meekly doing as commanded.


The End.

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