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Picture Stories

Witness heroes meeting their doom as spy cameras get all the juicy action.

Superman Vs. Scourge

Crowdsourced Photostory (May 10,2015 - March 10, 2016)

The readers have decided the fate of the Man of Steel! See the results inside!

Reputations Ruined

Luthor and his pal wreaks havoc with their new powers.

Captain Marvel's Corruption

A continuation from Luthor's Transformation where Lex continues his hero domination with the help of a corrupt officer.


Luthor's Transformation

Superman gets lured to Luthor's office only to find himself the victim of identity theft!

Origins 2 - Nightwing

©2015 Rendered with DAZ3D

Andrew Hunter manages to outwit Nightwing and capture him. With the goal of more power in mind, he interrogates Nightwing. Will the inexperienced Andrew Hunter be able to get what he wants from the captured hero?

Origins 1 - Nightwing

©2015 Rendered with DAZ3D

Andrew Hunter's journey to building supervillain a global empire begins from humble beginnings. With the chance encounter of Gotham's Nightwing, Andrew has the chance to turn from a lackey to a king. Will Andrew be able to take on Nightwing?

©2014 Rendered with DAZ3D

Superman encounters a mysterious alien ship and boards it to explore. However, he is met with an unknown being which wants something from the Man of Steel. What is it and how will Superman react?

Spiderman's Clone 3

After having being attacked twice and failing to prevent his seed from being stolen, it seems like Spiderman's DNA is rampant on the black market. Even low level thugs now have infusions giving them Spiderman's powers. Is this the end of the line for Spiderman?

Spiderman's Clone 2

After having his DNA stolen prior, Spiderman encounters an enhanced clone. A struggle ensues and he fights for his life. How can Spiderman stop such a powerful enemy?

Spiderman's Clone 1

Spiderman is assaulted in his apartment by a cloned copy of him. What powers does he have and what does he want with the webcrawler? Will Spiderman defeat his clone?

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