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New gifs, pics, stories, and games! Oh my!

Uploaded new gifs of Captain Planet getting slimed, drained, and defeated! One of my favorite superheroes as a kid (and to this day) because he always seemed so easy to take down. He's always getting blasted with a toxin or another. His facial expressions and yelps of pain were the best! You can find them on the new page dedicated to him here.

I also reuploaded all the previous gifs I did with the Injustice video game.

There are also a couple of new pages for my 3D renders and photomanipulations!

I'm also starting to work on a game idea that I've had for a while but never got a chance to do. It's going to be a mix between a point and click puzzle game and a torture simulator! While I have the general layout of it down, I'm certainly open to suggestions and requests. If you have an idea or specific scenario that you want to see in the game, then be sure to let me know! They might make it into the game! In the meantime, check out some flash games I found on the web!

Lastly, but certainly not least, I've started on the story section! I've started with some stories by Kyle Cicero. I've read his stories before and loved them and he just so happened to offer his stories to the site. I've chosen my favorite to post here! If you have any other hot stories that you've seen around, send them my way!

Well, that should be plenty for you guys to peruse through! Thanks to all the responses so far to the survey I have on the front page! It helps a lot with how I plan and post things to the site. If you haven't filled it out yet, head on over and let me know! It's great to hear from people, so spread the word! Until next time guys. Heroes beware and villains share!

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