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Taking the leap into Patreon!

Long time no see! Happy new years!

I haven't updated in a long while and I'm sorry about that. Life takes ups and downs. But I'm going to get real for a bit.

Every year I come back to this project and see that I started at the beginning of the year but fell silent about halfway through. A lot of you have asked when I would be updating and I've kept saying soon. Sorry to the loyal followers who keep checking in to only see the same things.

I've given this a lot of thought. Why do I start so eager and then just get unmotivated partway through? While I love producing content, I just feel that it's a lot of work wasted. By that I mean, while I love the process of making, I also get a fair amount of joy from people who enjoy and appreciate what I do. While I wholeheartedly agree that my stuff is pretty amateurish, nonetheless I put a lot of time and heart into it. It does seem I get a fair amount of traffic to the site, but there is absolutely no interaction with visitors. It's not that I crave the likes, but I would like more feedback and suggestions just to improve. Perhaps the medium of a website that puts people off from interacting. Either way, after a lot of soul searching, I think the reason I stop producing is that I feel like I'm posting to an empty void.

Which leads me to my decision. I've thought about it for over a year but I think I'm going to start a Patreon. It's not really for the money (but it would help advance my work) but rather for the validation. On there, people have to actively subscribe an maintain their subscription. They're an active part of the creation process rather than just viewing from the shadows. Not that the shadows it's bad! I often operate from the shadows as well. But in terms of motivation, just seeing empty void doesn't help.

But the obvious question is how a Patreon would affect this site. I'm probably going to have this site promote the superhero fetish in general. Have reviews of the available content out there. Also to help people get into it if possible. Things such as advice, resources, or direction. I know when I first started, and even now, I had a hard time finding like-minded people. I would like for this place to serve as a hub for people to gather. I'm also considering releasing the Patreon stuff after a long time has passed (like a year or something). That way, Patreon is more like an advanced viewing for those who can support it and those who can't can wait. But I'll have to go with the patrons on this.

Whew! This has been a long post and thank you for making it this far. I'm excited to start creating again and telling stories. I've missed the process and outlet! I'd you want to support my work, then find me on Patreon! Otherwise, keep looking here for updates and surprises! As always, feedback is appreciated! Like it? Don't like it? Let me know!

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