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Spiderman's Clone

Spiderman is resting after a long night of fighting crime. But unbeknownst to him, an evil clone has broken into his home and has nefarious intentions...

With stealthy movements, the Clone circled the sleeping hero and sized up his prey. He wanted to drain the hero for a sample of his DNA so that he could gain more powers. The hero failed to sense the approaching danger, possibly because of the similarity between the Clone and himself. The hero stirred as he was felt up and was just about to jump up to meet the intruder when.....with one fell swoop, the Clone planted a venomous kiss on the hero!

Unable to respond quickly enough, the hero is starting to get paralyzed by the toxic venom. the fast acting venom courses through Spiderman's body and renders him helpless.


Stunned by the speed and potency of the toxin, our hero cries out, "Aaargghhhh....what are you doing....?"


Without a word, the Clone mounts our hero and repeatedly injects our hero with more venom. With each bite, more and more venom courses through our hero's veins.




Dose after dose of venom rushes in and our hero is helpless to react.


"Get off of me!" he screams out with futility.


The clone responds with more bites and more injections of venom.


"Ahhhhhhhh...I can't move...."


"Mmmmmm..." replied the Clone. He dismounted and started securing the hero to the bed. "Just to make sure..."


"No, what are you doing?! Let go! No! Stop!"


"You can try and break free if you want."


"What do you want? No...let go of me!"


"Just to make sure you don't move when you give it all up."


With the hero securely fastened and thoroughly weakened, the Clone proceeds to slowly work on draining the hero for his DNA. Doing a sadistic dance around the hero, the Clone starts eyeing his target. Spiderman struggles in vain as he tries to stay out of the clone's path. But with nowhere to go and little power left, all he can do is struggle and yell.


Seeing this, the Clone begins his work. Slowly running his hands up and down the hero's body, he arrives at his prize. Without warning, he goes down on the hero's cock and starts injecting a different venom.



This dose was different. It didn't hurt. But it started making Spiderman's body react. In ways he didn't want it to react. It was clear that the venom was working, his bulge started growing larger and larger. Unable to control himself and trying to fight it, our hero yells out, "Stop! What is this?!"


The Clone produced another sinister device, one that alarmed the webbed hero very much.


"What is that?!"


"Just a tool..."


The Clone pressed it onto the hero's crotch and suddenly it began vibrating.



After long torture, the Clone finally stopped his attack. But he continued to rub and torment our hero, seemingly enjoying Spiderman moan and struggle. Soon after, he broke through our hero's suit and whipped out his swollen dick. Shocked and horrified, the hero struggled and resisted. But in the end, he was at the mercy of the Clone.


Playing, rubbing, and toying with our hero's now enlarged cock, the Clone takes his sweet time in draining our hero. Our hero is getting ever closer to spilling his DNA and tries desperately to stop himself from doing so. The Clone doesn't relent and repeatedly strokes and massages the superhero's cock.

After a long struggle, the weakening venom has finally taken full effect. The Clone unbound the Spider.


Sensing it was his chance to escape, Spiderman tried to hide his shame. He carefully tucked his member back in his suit and then turned around to flee. But it didn't occur to him that the Clone let him go for a reason. That was because with the full effect of the venom, Spiderman was helpless to do anything.


His head started getting dizzy and the world around him getting dark. He collapsed over without having made  it a foot from where he was released. What is next for the helpless hero?

***Knocked out from the clone's bite and torture, Spiderman lays on the bed unconscious. He is helpless to resist as the poison runs through his body. The evil clone returns to claim his spoils.***


The Clone pulls the weakened hero spread eagle to the edge of the bed. Our hero weakly resists, still drugged from the bites suffered before. He is semi-paralyzed and cannot fight back but the second injection made his cock susceptible to stimulation. The horrified hero could only look on and yell in resistance...

With our hero in position, the Clone has a field day feeling him up. Spread out on the bed and helpless to resist, the Clone once again applies the supersonic vibrator to our hero's dick. The waves penetrate deep into his cock and brings him closer and closer to erupting. Our hero summons his last ounce of strength and tries to push it off...

But being far too weak, our hero is easily rejected and the assault continues. Flailing and struggling, Spiderman can only look on as his cock was being worked into a frenzy. Taking his time, the Clone continues to spread our hero out and forcing him into even more vulnerable positions.

Finally, the Clone pulls out Spidey's dick and starts applying the vibrations directly. Our hero's cock pulses and throbs as it is close to exploding. Moaning and pleading, Spiderman watches in agony as his cock throbs up and down. With every ounce of strength, he tries to divert his attention away to other things but the Clone is relentless in his assault.


The Clone swoops around and shoves his cock in Spiderman's face. Our hero tries desperately to push him off but he is no match. The Clone drives his cock deep into our hero's face, further humiliating him. Clearly enjoying it, the Clone repeatedly thrusts his cock and even bends over to inject another dose of venom into Spiderman's cock.

With another dose delivered, Spiderman's dick is sent into an uncontrollable bout of twitching and throbbing. The Clone intensifies his attack and jerks Spidey's cock furiously. The hero's dick twitches uncontrollably despite his thoughts of trying to resist. The Clone continues with the vibrator and sends our hero to an ecstatic state. With the venom pulsing through his dick and the vibrator at full blast, our hero instinctively thrusts his hips in the air and screams out.


"You're going to make me cum!!!"


Load after load shoots out from his cock, streaming down his dick and covering his suit.

***Our hero lies drained and spent while the clone prepares to take his prized sample to the lab. There, he will use it to unlock and gain Spiderman's powers.***


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