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Spiderman's Clone 2

Last time, our hero Spiderman was attacked in his own home by an evil clone. After succeeding in retrieving the essence, the clone went into the lab to gain Spiderman's power. However, now he seeks even more by drugging our hero with an aphrodisiac, making him unable to resist while being able to get even more powerful essences...

Dazed and confused, our hero fumbles around as the clone runs his hands up and down his body. Reaching his nipples, Spiderman feels a wave of sensation, enhanced by the drug. Unsure of what is happening, our hero responds by feeling the skintight suit of the clone. Both the feel and the look are almost identical to his. He was unsure if he was dreaming or not.


Well it was made clear after the clone started pummeling Spiderman into the bed. Blow after blow to the abs  made Spiderman recoil in pain. After the clone stopped, he went right back to our hero's pecs and started rubbing them again. The quick switch from pain to pleasure confused our hero and he was only able to moan out incoherent sounds.


The clone then roped up our hero, binding him tightly. Spiderman struggled but the clone put him in a headlock and choked the strength out of our hero. Struggling to breathe, our hero was pummeled again and again in the abs until he finally fell out of pain and lack of air.

Taking the opportunity, the clone straddled over the hero lifted him up. He dropped him over his knee and followed up with an elbow to the ribs. Dazed and in pain, Spiderman couldn't resist as he was meticulously bound.

After having tied up the hero in sturdy rope, the clone proceeded to have some fun. While he felt power surging within him from the previous extraction, he wanted more. He wanted to become stronger than Spiderman and completely dominate him. Currently, the clone only had the upper hand because of the drug and he knew it. He covered his hands over Spiderman's mouth and whispered, "Soon, you will give me the power to take over the city."

Before extracting the fluids from the hero, the clone wanted to make sure the hero was well and ready. He wanted to make sure all the foreplay led to a massive eruption in juices. The clone went on to further molest and insult our powerless hero.

Transferring the hero to a chair, the clone prepares to perform a dastardly deed. He first securely ties up the hero, making sure he's unable to break free. While keeping Spidey's cock hard by massaging it over and over, the clone slowly opens up the hero's suit. Spiderman's dick pops out throbbing and leaking with precum.

Hard as a rock and pulsing with aphrodisiac, Spidey's meat stick throbs up and down. Without even having to do anything, it bounces up and down and wetting itself. The clone pulls his mask down and slowly encircles Spidey's cock. Slowly stroking it up and down while Spiderman slowly moans, the clone pulls his head closer. He lightly massages the balls and then works the head.


As Spidey struggles at his binding, his cock throbs over and over. Sensitive to the touch, each pass brings him closer and closer to cumming. The clone brings his head closer and starts to tongue the head. Immediately Spidey's cock stiffens and stands straight up.




The sensation was almost unbearable. Playing with the nipples, the clone plants deep kiss on Spiderman's mouth. The feeling drives straight down to his cock and it throbs uncontrollably. Moving lower, the clone bites our hero's nipples. Then, he starts massaging the hero's dick with his feet, spreading the precum all over.


After planting another kiss, the clone moves down the hero's neck and all the way down to his cock. He rubs the cock all over his mask and the smooth lycra makes the cock even harder. Finally, he unmasks and begins sucking hard. He goes up and down on it and tries to suck out the cum right then and there. Moaning and groaning, Spiderman barely holds on. He struggles against the ropes but they're bound too tight. The merciless sucking begins to take it's toll as Spidey throws his head back in ecstasy. He tries to hold on as the clone continues to work his cock, focusing on the tip of the head. The hero uses all his willpower to hold his cum inside. The clone picks up the pace and works furiously at the cock. A struggle of wills ensues as the clone tries his hardest to make our hero cum. Hanging on by a sliver, the hero manages to repel the clone's attacks. Frustrated, the clone stops and sets up another stage to bring the hero to his demise.

With the final setup, the clone ties Spiderman down spread eagle to the bed. He mounts on to of him and starts grinding on his cock. The pressure and rubbing of smooth lycra on his dick brings the hero ever closer to blowing his load. The clone then grabs Spidey's dick and sucks it again and again.


"You're going to give it up."


"You're not going to get it out of me..." Spidey says weakly.


With this defiance, the clone slaps the hero's cock hard. Spiderman recoils in pain only to be slapped again and again.



The clone then starts jerking faster and faster, pumping our hero's cock. But Spidey continues to resist. Frustratingly, the clone injects the hero with more aphrodisiac and commands him to jerk himself off. Having his hands untied, the hero starts to slowly grip his cock. While he was able to fight off the clone's attacks, he is unable to resist with the new dose of drugs. Jerking faster and faster, with his mind unable to resist, the hero shoots and cums all over himself.

***Spent and powerless, our hero lies helpless while the evil clone slowly savors the victory...***


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