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Spiderman's Clone 3

After the last battle with clones, Spiderman is confronted with a street thug dressed in his costume. Surprisingly, the crook has powers rivaling the superhero's. Apparently, samples of Spiderman's DNA has been leaked into the criminal world and through genetic modification people are gaining his powers.

While exploring the scene of a recent disappearance, our hero is assaulted and pinned.

"Ackkkkk....what....what do you want?" cries out the stunned hero.


The street thug asks, "Are you Spiderman?"


Unsure what is going on, the hero hesitantly replies, "Yea, who are you?"


"None of your business!" yells the thug as he grips the neck of our hero with uncanny strength.

The hero tries to struggle and break free from the thug's grip but he seemed equally matched and unable to get out. With swiftness rivaling his own, the thug reached down and cupped Spiderman's crotch. The sudden move shocked and stunned the hero just long enough for the thug to start binding him with handcuffs.


"What?! No!" cried out the hero. The distraction gave the thug just enough time to cuff one hand. Spiderman struggled with the free hand to no avail. One of his arms were already cuffed, and the strength of his remaining arm was no match for the crook. With short work, the impostor cuffed the other hand behind Spidey's head, immobilizing him.

"Let me go!" the hero stammered.


The thug started breathing heavy began flicking Spidey's nipples.

"AHHHhhhhh...ahhhhhh....AHHHH...." the hero yelled out.


"That's right, Spiderman. All powerful. You're the only one that can play like this."The thug started slapping Spiderman's cock and grabbing it. "But now look who's got you. Look who's got you. Look who's got you, Spiderman."




The thug repeatedly assaults the hero's cock and nipples, sending waves of pain throughout the hero's body. Again and again, he flicks the hero's sensitive nipples and pounds his cock. Feeling all over the hero's body, the crook seemed to be deriving satisfaction from torturing the hero.

Struggling to break free, Spiderman cannot help but bear the torture. Screaming out in pain, our hero wriggles around trying helplessly to evade the blows. But being cuffed tight, he is clearly the prey for the criminal.



The thug covers the hero's mouth. "Mmmmphhhhh...mmmmmmphhhhhhhhh..."

"That's right..." whispers the crook as our hero slowly runs out of air. "That's right..."


At the last moment, the crook lets go and our hero slumps down from being out of air. Gasping and choking, our hero falls towards the floor only to be hoisted up again by the crook.


"Look at you!" says the crook as he repeatedly slaps Spidey's crotch again and again. A combination of fatigue and pain makes our hero pant and moan with no stop in sight.

"I want your superpowers. I'll be just as powerful as you, if not more."


"No, get off of me!"


"I've already taken enough of your DNA to give myself this power. But it's not the same. I need to become more powerful than even you. By controlling this..." The crook reaches down and firmly grips Spiderman's cock.

"No, you can't do that!" cried the hero. "AHHHHH!" he immediately cried after as the crook slapped his balls over and over.


"That's right, Spiderman. I've got you now. Muahahahahahaaaaa!"


Choking him again, the crook seemingly chokes the life out of our hero. Only at the last second does he let go and sweet air rushes back into the hero's lungs.

"Stop....let go...." gasped the hero.


After torturing our hero, the villain leaves the beat up hero cuffed in the room. Unwilling to submit, but unable to escape, Spiderman tries to resist further torture by the villain.

"Still here, Spiderman. Your superpowers can't save you now. I locked you here overnight and no one has come to save you."


"Let me go!"


"Not until you tell me the secret of your power."


"No, never!"


"I want to become even more powerful"


"No, you can't!"


"I'll torture it out of you. You're going to tell me the secret."


"No, I have to break free."


"You'll never break free! Not until you've given me your secrets. I'll torture you." says the thug as he slaps our hero's chest and twists his nipple. "That's right, Spiderman...I'll torture you..."

"No, don't touch me. Let me go you bastard!"


The response was met with more punches to the crotch, more twisting of the nipples, more assaults on Spiderman's body.


"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" the hero cries out.

"There's nothing you can do to stop it!"


The crook then starts to slowly jerk the hero's cock. "Mmmm...yeaaaa.....I control you now."


The sudden relief from pain causes the hero's body to react unexpectedly. The smooth sensation of the crook's hand on his spandex covered cock made his dick harder and harder.



"I'm going to keep you here until you tell me," said the criminal as he slapped the hero's ass. He continued playing with Spidey's cock, making it rock hard in his tight spandex.

" bastard...." Spiderman moaned.


The crook keeps stroking the hero's hard cock slowly and sliding his hands up and down the hero's body. Suddenly, he chokes the hero again, making Spidey gag and cough. The slaps to the balls and twists of the nipples started up again.


"Ughhh...stop it..." Spidey weakly protested.


"Tell me your secret," he whispered.


"I'll never tell you."


"What's your secret?"


"You can't get it out of," Spiderman started. But he was cut off as the thug slapped his crotch repeatedly, harder and harder each time.

"Tsssahhhhh! Ahhhhh!! Arrraaaghhhhh!!!"


"That's right, Spiderman. Who controls you now, boy? Who controls you now? I'll be back in the morning."

After the second day of torture, our hero is weakened and unable to defend against the evil thug. Unsure of how to escape, time is running out for our hero. He must figure out an escape before it is too late...

"Did you miss me?" asked the thug as he switched on the lights.

"No....." the hero weakly gasped.


"You have all this power but you can't break free?


"So weak...."


"The longer you stay in my grasp, the more drained you become."


"Ughhh...stop it..."


"More and you become my prisoner. You can't hide it from me forever, Spiderman. I'm a scientist; I'll soon discover your secrets. And it might be very, very, painful. Or you can just tell me and just save yourself."

"I'll never tell you," our hero whispered.


"I highly doubt it. I may not be as powerful as you are but I'll get there. These cuffs will keep you from escaping. There's nowhere to run."


The thug chokes our hero again and begins his ball torture once more.

So, Spiderman, are you going to tell me?


"Ahhhhhh....ahhhhhhhhhh....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" was all our hero could respond with as his balls were being pulverized. He tried dodging them but to no avail. Each hit send waves of pain up to his head until he could only gasp for air.

The thug then got on his knees and started rubbing and jerking Spidey's cock. "What's your secret, Spiderman? What is it?"

He made the hero start leaking precum and staining his suit. The dark blue wet stains showed clearly against his bright blue spandex covered thighs. He jerked faster and faster. "Tell me Spiderman!"

"Oh, no!" gasped our hero, "Stop it!"

The thug repeatedly barrages the nipples and chest, "Tell me!"


"You can't get it out of me."


"I highly doubt that."


The villain continued to decimate Spidey's balls with hit after hit. The hero started moaning and whimpering as each hit landed. Over and over the crook hit his balls and he felt that they were about to explode.

"Ohhhhh......." our hero moaned, almost motionless.


"You'll tell me in the morning..."

After a brutal 3 day torture session, our hero is weak and unable to resist any more attacks. In this state, Spidermand can only struggle and look on while the thug does as he pleases with our helpless hero...


Lying on the floor, our hero wakes up to his hands cuffed and the thug next to him.

"You're so weak you can't even stand up."


"I've been here for days...."


"No one is coming to rescue you.

"Let me go..."


The thug forcefully chokes Spiderman and covers his mouth with his hand. Our hero tries grabbing his hands away but he's too weak.

The thug tortures him some more with flicks to the overly sensitive nipples and slaps to his cock.

"I've injected your with some nanobots and they will scan you. Soon, I'll have what I need to clone you. Now I have to decide whether to kill you or should I toss you out. Part of the reason why I think I'll let you go is to see how well you recover so that I'll be able to increase my powers. Another is so that I'll be able to capture you and drain you again whenever I need more power. You'll be too helpless to stop me once I have what I need. You'll be my prisoner no matter where you go."

"You'll never get away with this."


"I'll always be behind you, ready to pounce."


"I'll get you..."

"Never. You can't do anything to me. I'll follow you wherever you go. I'll brand you. That way you'll always be mine."




The thug picks up an electric branding device and sticks it onto Spiderman's neck.





Our hero lies defeated and branded, gasping for air with every breath. The thug turns out the lights and leaves the broken hero to his fate...

Dark and alone. Cuffed and abandoned. Defeated and helpless.


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