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Superman vs. Tentacles

An inspection of a strange alien craft leads to trouble for the Man of Steel...

Superman treads carefully through the dark corridor of the alien spaceship. The ship had suddenly appeared out of hyperspace and hovered over the earth without and response. As the protector of the world, superman took the task of initiating contact with the foreign species. The ship was unlike anything that was in his vast database of knowledge. Whether it was friendly or not, it was up to him to find out. All attempts at communication ended up in failure; there was simply no response. Superman had no choice but to break through the hull of the ship to investigate inside. The ship was dark. It had a faint smell of organic matter that was pervasive and lingering. However, there were no signs of life. The machinery hummed and whirred. There was also a steady pulse, as if the ship had a heartbeat. Stepping carefully and using his X-ray vision wherever possible, superman scanned the ship. Still nothing. Perhaps the ship was an autopiloted on a recon mission. Regardless, superman had to find out whether its intents were good or not, and if not, destroy it to protect the earth. 

Suddenly, the ground rumbled and cracked. Before him blocking his path was a grotesque mass of tentacles. Definitely alien in nature, it was nothing like he had seen before. It curled and twisted like a mass of writhing snakes. The movement produced a sloshing from the slime dripping down its body. 

The relatively silent ship only amplified the horrifying sounds of the creature. It didn't seem to have a mouth, no head, and nowhere was the brain obvious.

[What is this monstrosity?!] Superman thought.

Though thoroughly seasoned thought countless battles, no enemy came close to the grotesque nature of this beast.

"I am Superman, the guardian of this planet called Earth." There was hesitation in his voice, atypical of the Man of Steel. "I mean you no harm....state your purpose here..."

Unsure whether or not his words were reaching the creature, the hero started stepping back. He didn't want to enrage it. It made no other reaction aside from continuing to uncoil and sway in the middle of the corridor.

But a sudden misstep caused the hero to trip and fall on his back. The sudden mover caused the giant monster to react. The tentacles splayed out and advanced towards the hero on the ground at terrifying speed.

"Stop! I mean you no harm!" yelled the shaken Superman.

In a flash, the creature had wrapped a tentacle around one of Superman's ankles. It lifted him and dangled him in midair. Stunned by the speed of the creature, the hero was slow to react. He tried shaking it loose but the creature seemed to possess monstrous strength. It had a tigh hold onto the hero and was not letting go.

"Argh...let me go now and we can make peace!"

Still no response from the creature. More tentacles were nearing the superhero at rapid speed. They curled around his mighty biceps and held them from struggling free. With only one leg free, the hero could do little to keep the monster from binding him tighter. The cold slime from the creature dripped onto his skin tight costume and started seeping in. They made dark wet stains from where it landed.

" suit....All right, you've done it now!" Now the hero was mad.

But just as he was about to retaliate, the creature produced another tentacle, looking different from the others. Was this a utility tentacle?! At the end of it was what looked like a reservoir with a glowing green substance. As it neared Superman, it took a very strange turn. It headed towards his lower body! It passed the noticeable bulge in the hero's tight briefs and settled just behind.

"What...what is that?! What are you trying to do?! I mean you no harm!"

The pleads of the hero were to no avail as the monster had nothing to respond with. But terror filled the heart of the mighty warrior as the color and glow of the substance seemed familiar...

A large cylindrical object suddenly extended from the tip. It kept extending and extending. It reached the crack of Superman's ass and kept going. It pierced through the spandex briefs and suit and shoved itself into the hero's tight hole. 

"Yaaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhhhhh!!!" Superman cried out.

It was the first time he was penetrated like this. Never before had anyone even come close to defeating the Man of Steel let alone penetrate his virgin ass. Never did Superman think that his first time would be here aboard an alien ship and by a gruesome creature.

His body seared with pain. The large tip crammed itself into his tight hole practically forcing it open. Unfamiliar with the sensation, he tried tightening his hole but that just made it worse. Having his ass forcefully ripped open sent shocks throughout his body.

What was worse was that the reservoir started to empty into the troubled hero. His fears were confirmed as the substance was indeed kryptonite, the element that Superman feared most. It burned as it flowed into him. It started sapping him of his powers and hurt his ability to resist.

As the kryptonite was flowing directly into his ass, another tentacle emerged. This one had a metal backbone and didn't look like it was part of the same creature. Perhaps it was part of the ship? The hero winced as the clawed tentacle drew near. What else is going to happen to the rapidly weakening hero?

"!!!" the hero cried out. 

Unrelenting, the claw closed in on the hero's bulge. The magnificent sight of the tightly packed superhero dick in skintight red spandex briefs was the source of envy by males and desire by females all over the world. To have it in such a perilous situation would cause anyone to be drenched in cold sweat, let alone Superman who is seeing it inches away from his precious manhood.

"No! Not there...!" was all he could muster.

The claw ripped the fabric from his body and tore his briefs apart. Immediately, his sick flopped into view and hung in the air. 

"NOOO!" cried out the helpless hero.

This kind of degradation of his suit was something he simply could not have imagined. The once proud and mighty hero was not hanging upside down with his cock dangling over him.

"What do you want?! Release me now!"

As if prompted by the question, a third arm reached out. This one carried with it a pump in its grips. The hero saw this and immediately knew what it was meant for. For whatever the reason, this monster was going to try and take his seed. For research or for more evil purposes, Superman did not know. 

"I won't let you do this!" he yelled out.

But even he knew that in his slime drenched state with kryptonite flowing into his ass, he could do little about it. Fear captured the heart of the once awe commanding hero. At an impasse, the hero could only look on as the pump closed in on its target...

As feared, it latched onto his cock with extreme precision. His shaft was inside the pump tube while the base was sealed around his balls. Superman looked in horror as he felt the seal lock in place. He struggled and twisted but it was to no avail. He couldn't shake it. His dread showed in his face.

Superman was a virgin. Never before had he ever engaged in physical activity. Both his duties and his character prevented him from doing so. He had seen it before in media but he never took the step himself. His Kryptonian body was also different. No one knew what would happen if he shot his load.

The pump started to be drawn. The suction pressure generated within the tube was enormous. It was at pressures that no mere human could withstand. Even with the kryptonite flowing into him, Superman was no mere human. The pump pulled the blood into his cock and it slowly engorged within. Despite his best efforts, the purely physical reaction due to the pump was beyond his control.

"Ahhhhhh!!! You can't do this....I must resist...."

Superman's cock grew larger as the suction from the pump increased. Anxious and confused, the hero continued to wriggle but another sensation started creeping in. For the first time in his life, he felt a desire, a lust, that he had never felt before. What was going on? What was this feeling?

It felt like all of his senses were focusing on his cock. The pressure, the suction, it feeling. It was better than he had felt in a long time. This machine was drawing out the years of pent up cravings that were never acted upon. It started to whittle down his willpower, the same willpower that was at the core of his philosophy and strength.

"Ughhhh...can't give in to it..." he mumbled.

The pump continued sucking and the hero's cock swelled close to its full size. Superman never felt such force before and couldn't control the blood rushing into his dick.


With every passing second, the hero's cock twitched harder and more frequently as the pump did its job. The end of the tube revealed a small empty vial, presumably to collect samples of his hero seed.


Despite all his efforts, the hero's resolve weakened. He had never felt such pleasure and started getting lost in the ecstasy. His loins swelled and burned for release. He felt his very core running into his balls and was ready to burst from the tip of his cock. He tried desperately to focus elsewhere, but the sheer force of the pump seemed to want to suck his cum right out of him.


"NOOOO! AHH!! I'm going to...cum!!!"

His body convulsed as shot after shot surged through his cock and into the vial. Euphoria surged through the hero's body like a wave of hot lava. His mind was lost to the high and forgot everything that was happening around him. He could feel all of his cum shoot out of his cock at forces that would destroy buildings on Earth.

The vial quickly filled up and both the pump and the anal probe detracted. His cock had been sucked dry and all that was left was a band of white ooze covering the tip. Breathing heavily, Superman was still recovering from the intoxication of cumming. It felt like his whole essence had been drained. All his strength left his body along with his cum and he hung still.

"You've gotten let me go...." he whispered hoarsely.

As if on cue, the anal probe approached again and jammed itself into his ass.

"Yaaaaarrrghhhhhhhh!!!" he screamed.

The probe vibrated and pressed against his prostate. It was trying to cause a second eruption!

"No! No more! I can't take it!" he cried.

The machine did its work. Hitting his prostate caused the hero to involuntarily orgasm again. Streams of cum came flying out of his cock and hit everything within sight. It covered the arms of the tentacles, mixing with its slime, and it landed on the floor with resounding plops.


Superman could feel his balls empty out onto the ship's floor. It was like a vortex had sucked out all of his energy, all of his life force. Everything swirled and started to become hazy. Struggling to keep focus with strength he did not have, Superman lost consciousness. His body went limp and dangled in the air.

Still oozing with cum, his cock dripped down his blue spandex suit, past his signature "S" and onto his face. The machine withdrew its probe from his ass but Superman had no reaction. He was out cold. The once mighty hero had been reduced to a cum soaked rag doll by the unidentified alien. Splayed out with cock dangling in the air and cum covering his face, no one would have identified him as a hero if they saw him. Helpless and drained, Superman awaits his fate aboard the alien ship...


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