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The Scarlet Avenger vs. Dr Doom


Chapter 1


“It seems once more our young heroic Scarlet Avenger has thwarted another underworld crime,” the TV reporter announced on the local news. The young female reporter turned to look at the tall muscular masked man standing next to her. “On behalf of our city thank you,” she gushed as she ogled the sculpted red Lycra clad six-foot man next to her. “Anything to tell us,” she lightly asked as a flush of lust came over her.


The powerful young hero nodded then turned his handsome face towards the camera. Focusing his steel blue eyes directly at the viewers, the blonde haired super being began to speak. “Let this be a lesson to Dr. Doom,” he said in his now familiar deeply sensual masculine voice. “I will defeat you every time. Now I must be off. Take care citizens and you too Leslie,” he stated as he glanced at the now highly turned-on female.


With that he slightly bent his well-defined legs and pushed off from the ground into the sky leaving the flustered young newswoman gazing up at his departing figure. Unbeknownst to the viewers, Leslie’s eyes were riveted not on Scarlet Avenger in general but on his tight round dimpled rump. “God I’d loved to lick those twin globes,” she inwardly sighed as the image of Scarlet Avenger’s Lycra clad bulging package next took hold of her imagination.


“CURESES AND DOUBLE FUCKING CURSES”, a loud voice yelled at the TV screen that was located in a dark room that formed part of the secret lair of Dr. Doom. “The elderly thinly built criminal genius flicked off the TV. “I cannot believe that this twenty-two year old super arrogant bastard is now stopping me at every turn.” The grey haired genius stopped and rubbed his temples. “ I must be calm,” he mumbled as he tried to ease the stress he felt. He had been so close to success. His methodical and carefully planed crimes were all leading to world domination. Then this teenaged super being had appeared to thwart him. Now in his early twenties, this ruggedly masculine superhero was continually blocking any further successes. “There must be a way to stop him.”


“There is,” another more feminine voice said from the nearby doorway.


Dr. Doom turned to see his best molecular biological expert standing there in the doorway. Elaine Barry, once the world’s best molecular biologist, stood before him with a triumphant smirk on her lovely face. Thanks to Scarlet Avenger she had been exposed as a sociopath who had engaged in experimental experimentation and genetic alterations on some isolated Amazonian tribe.  Now hunted for crimes against humanity she had come to work for Dr. Doom on the condition that she could concentrate on one objective: revenge on Scarlet Avenger. “I’ve studied every document on that smug bastard and I’ve found a weakness,” she purred as she walked into the room. “And I assure you that you will love it!”


Dr. Doom smiled at her and waited.


Elaine grinned and held up a small vial that contained a milky white substance. “This is the key to it,” she softly stated.


“What is it,” Dr. Doom quickly asked as he stared at the translucently opaque substance.


“Human cum,” Elaine laughed.


“WHAT STUPIDITY IT THIS!” the villain yelled as he rose up from his chair.


 “No listen,” Elaine quickly interjected. “It is true. It will stop him!”


Dr. Doom paused in his tirade. He fixed his eyes upon the younger woman. “Make it good or I swear,” he stopped speaking. He let his implied threat towards her hang in the air. “How is male cum the key to stopping that super bastard?” The criminal mastermind asked.


“It is what is in male cum,” she rapidly said in reply. “Remember years ago when he let the government conduct every test and exanimation upon him. Well, I spent months combing though every result and analysis of his makeup. I researched his biological structure down to the subatomic level. He has properties within his genetic configuration that will react to the chemical composition in human male ejaculations. Scarlet Avenger’s own alien chemistry will defeat him.”


“How?” Doom queried with a growing eagerness?


 “If it gets into him,” Elaine responded. “ Well it will make him drunk.”


“DRUNK!” the crafty villain shouted at her. The scientific expert’s body grew stiff with fear. “MAKE HIM DRUNK! WHAT THE FUCK DO I…” suddenly he paused in his tirade as possibilities came into his brain.

Elaine’s body posture eased. She realized he now saw the potentials. “I thought it would interest you. It is especially fascinating if you consider that, unlike humans who grow up hopefully leaning how to handle intoxicating beverages…” she let that idea be left unspoken.


“No prior experience,” Doom chuckled. “Oh sweet evil joy. Getting that Mr. Goody-two-shoes drunk on male spunk!” He began to hoot with glee then paused in his happiness. “But how do we get him…you know…drink it?”

Elaine smirked. “Leave that to me,” she giggled as she turned to go. “I’ve made arrangements to turn myself into him.”


“WHAT!” The stunned villain cried out in confusion.


Elaine’s smirk grew into a triumphant smile. “You’ll see, “ she giggled as she sauntered out of the room.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 2



Scarlet Avenger flew to the place that Elaine’s note directed on where to meet with her. The young good-looking superhero had been quite surprised when he received her letter offering to turn herself in for trial. “She is not the type to give herself up,” he thought as he flew to the rendezvous point she had written in the missive to him. His surprise increased when he landed in front of a well-tended, normal looking bungalow that was located in a non-descript suburb. He gazed about the neighborhood in surprise. It all looked too normal a place for her to be hiding from the law.


He cautiously entered the front yard of the home. Flowers along its winding border edged the pathway to the porch. He recognized them from his youth. His adopted mother had been fond of the primroses and his childhood home had been filled with them. Memories of that place came to him. “Concentrate,” he chided himself. “Don’t let your guard down with distractions,” he told himself. Slowly he walked onto the wooden front porch. He knocked cautiously on the home’s front door as he prepared for any unexpected assault.


“I’m coming,” a very frail voice replied.  A few seconds afterwards the door opened to reveal a very elderly woman.


Scarlet Avenger gazed in shock at the figure. He had expected to see Elaine. Instead there was this stranger in front of him. She looked as if  she was in her nineties. For a moment he couldn’t think of what to say to the aged woman. “I must have the wrong address…”he muttered as he mentally visualized the note telling him where to appear.


“You must be the young man who is taking my granddaughter out. The old woman chuckled. She turned to look over her shoulder down a short hallway inside the house. “Elaine dear, there is a nice young man here to pick you up.” She looked back at Scarlet Avenger. “ I’m didn’t know you were going to a costume party though child.” She said to no one in particular. The woman glanced over at the costumed figure in front of her. “I will say you did find a young man who looks …well I can see the attraction dear. He does …well…fill out the thing,” she chuckled with a wink at the youthful crime fighter. Her eyes focused on the Lycra encased well-endowed crotch area of the young hero. “My you do fill out in it,” she giggled as she girlishly put her fingers in front of her mouth.


Scarlet Avenger flushed with embarrassment at that remark. Her comment indeed her very presence had caught him off guard. “I’m…” he could not figure out what was going on and, critically what to say to this rather harmless person. Suddenly Elaine appeared behind her. Scarlet Avenger ‘s reflexes went on high alert as he took in the sight if this felon.


“Oh yes grandma.” Elaine sputtered, “ I forgot t tell you. My...ah...costume is…well he is taking me to get it.”  She glazed at Scarlet Avenger with a pleading look in her eyes. Her visual signal to him seemed obvious to him: “please don’t let on about things in front of her grandmother.”


Scarlet Avenger glanced at the pair. His instinctive training to be kind to elderly citizens mentally kicked into gear. Clearly the old woman was clueless and unaware of her granddaughter’s fiendish experiments. He smiled at the old woman. “Yes that is right,” he replied as, without realizing it, he had mentally let his guard down. Looking at Elaine he then said, “shall we go?"


A look of sadness came to the elderly granny’s face. “But I made cookies and tea,” she whispered to them. “I baked them myself. Must you all go,” she asked in a trembling voice. “ gets so lonely dear. Elaine you just got here too.”


“No darling I don’t think my…er…date…well he wants me to go now,” she whispered. She tenderly patted the winked cheek of the trembling old woman.


“Oh please just a bit of tea,” her elderly grandmother pathetically asked.  Her eyes grew red as tears began to form. She gazed at the increasing uncomfortable young hero.


Scarlet Avenger frowned. He gazed both women. While Elaine bore his vigilant watching it was obvious her grandmother was harmless. He had been brought up to respect his “elders” and to be as accommodating as possible with them. Clearly staying meant a lot to this woman and her pathetic pleas triggered within him a desire to please her. He told himself that Elaine would not try anything that might endanger her grandmother so agreeing was not dangerous.  “Well if you made cookies,” he gallantly stated.


 A grateful smile came to the granny’s face. “Come in,” she excitedly said as she turned to limp into the house. “Have a seat with Elaine while I get the tea.”


As Scarlet Avenger entered he moved close to Elaine. “We drink the tea and have the cookies and then we go get it!” he firmly told her. Elaine nodded trying not to shout with glee over her trap’s unfolding.


She led him into a cozy little room. They had no sooner entered than the grandmother came in pushing a tray with three cups and a large teapot. Next to the steaming teapot was a dish of cookie. “You pour young man,” the old woman giggled. “I’m too old to hold heavy objects now…more’s the pity. Besides…” she teased as he reached for the pot. “I can see you have the muscles for it.”


 Scarlet Avenger smiled as he poured all three cups of tea. He sat in a chair and drank his cup as the old woman chatted to him about times gone by in her life. “This is very good tea,” he remarked as he consumed his cup. In fact he found it was extremely good. It had a nice tingling jolt to it.


“My own blend,” the elderly woman blushed as she reached over to grab the teapot and poured him another cup. “Drink it up young man. I’ve plenty of it.”


The woman reminded Scarlet Avenger of the old ladies from his childhood home. He was now so off-guard that he never noticed how the supposedly frail woman was able to pour him a second cup.


As he consumed the second cup he felt growing warmth inside of him. He attributed it to the homey atmosphere. This woman reminded him of his own departed mother. He smiled and finished his tea. “Well we must be going,” he murmured as he put his cup down. “It was excellent tea.”


The old woman flashed a smile at the buff young man. “Oh thank you. But I insist that you have more cookies and tea. A big young boy like you needs his nourishment,” she laughed as she quickly poured another cup for him.


 “Ah…well...okay but just one more now,” Scarlet Avenger reluctantly agreed. He was anxious to go but his instinctive childhood training to be respectful to old women came into play. He took the cup,” Thank you,” he politely said as he drank it. He had to admit that the warm beverage did taste quite good. He felt an increasing relaxation that, once more he thought, was due to this pleasant home. As he sipped the beverage she rambled on about her past. When he finished it she was still chatting away. Without missing a beat she refilled his cup. That cup was quickly followed by three more of them. Soon he was totally relaxed. He found himself laughing at the elder woman’s stories while consuming more and more tea. A few times he almost lost his grip on his cup due to his mirth. He sheepishly grinned when, after one such almost mishap, the grandmother chided him on his butter-fingers.  Elaine sat with them. She watched quietly while occasionally

 sipping her tea. “It is a shame I have to take her granddaughter to face prison,” he thought as he drank a eighth cup of the delightful tea. “ I bet she is a nice girl too,” he told himself. He glanced at Elaine and smiled.


 “I think we should go,” Elaine suddenly said as she rose from her chair.


 Scarlet Avenger nodded. He finished his cup and slowly reached out to put it down. For some reason he couldn’t clearly focus on the table in front of him.


 “Let me take that dear,” Elaine’s grandmother softly said as she took the wavering cup from the young man’s grip.


“Thanth,” Scarlet Avenger mumbled as he attempted to get up from his chair. He was no sooner on his feet that everything went woozy for him.  He blinked trying to keep himself steady. The effort failed and he found himself plopping back into his chair. “Whath happennnn…” he slurred as the room and its inhabitants seemed to swirl about him. It was as if he was made of rubber.  He tried to get up again only to fail in the endeavor. As his rump ground into the chair cushion he positioned his powerful legs apart in front of him in an attempt to keep himself from sliding out of it.  His arms felt so heavy that he just let them fall limply down over the sides of the chair. A confused but goofy look came to his handsome features as he looked at the women. His body seemed numb and by now incapable of action.


“Why dearie he’s as drink as a lord, granddaughter,” the old woman laughed as they both gazed at the splayed out figure. Elaine’s grandmother came up to him and gently patted his cheek. “Such a drunk widdle boy aren’t we,” she teased as she patted his face. “No so big and tough now are we, my widdle boy. You are going to be a good widdle boy for granny aren’t you?”


Scarlet Avenger was about to say something then realized he couldn’t concentrate enough to think of what he wanted to say. He simply grinned at the old woman and giggled. He dimly knew she was asking him something and his predisposition to be agreeable to his elders kicked into gear. “Yes granny,” he lightly laughed while nodding his head.


“Well to be honest it should be grandpa but after my operation granny will be correct,” the old woman hooted as she winked at Elaine. She gazed back at the drunk superhero. “Didn’t know that huh young man did you? Elaine’s granny is a trannie,” she sneered.


Scarlet Avenger took in the words but could not fully process what was being said. “Her granny is a trannie,” he sighed as he eased further into his chair.


 “Let’s have one more for the road,” the elderly transsexual matron chuckled. She took hold of the teapot and came up closer to the intoxicated young hero. “Be a good boy for granny and drink up,” she teased as she tilted his head backward. Using her thumb from her other hand she eased open his mouth. Inserting the teapot’s spout into his throat, she slowly poured in the rest of its contents into his throat.


A gurgling series of “MMPFH-H,” were the only sounds he uttered as the tea flowed down his throat. His body uselessly quivered and twitched as his brain, affected by its first experience being intoxicated, seemed unable to get his muscles to respond to this action. Elaine watched in triumph as the once all-powerful young Scarlet Avenger helplessly verbally protested even as he gulped more of the tea down his gullet. “MMPFH-H,” he mumbled as his brain became saturated with the effects of this cum-high.


“Now you be a good widdle boy and drink it all up young man. Don’t sass me now,” the elderly woman laughed.

Her words triggered his childhood training of deference inside of his now addled brain. His muffled objections immediately ceased. Elaine watched as the once smug young stud meekly began sucking on the teapot sprout to take in the final remnants of liquid. The lovely sounds of his contented “ulp…ulp…ulp” filled her ears.


“Sucks good doesn’t her granddaughter,” the old woman sneered as she slipped the spout deeper into the slurping mouth of the superhero. “Make a note of that child for your boss. Look as him licking the thing like a good widdle boy for his granny,” she chuckled as she pulled the teapot back slightly to show Scarlet Avenger’s tongue eagerly licking its hard tubular spout. “Definitely has a hidden oral fixation to be exploited. Maybe I’ll let him demonstrate it on me,” she teased as she reached down to her crotch to press down on the evidence of her own sexual excitement. When she was finished she stepped back. By now Scarlet Avenger’s pupils were completely dilated. The extra tea had him mentally zonked out and he was grinning like an idiot. He was also rapidly undergoing something he had never encountered before; a sensation of being completely out-of-control. Worse every time he moved in the chair his Lycra suit would tighten around his basket area.


The surprisingly erotic rubbing sensation his costume was giving to his cock and balls was not at all unpleasant. In fact he liked it so much he squirmed a bit more shamelessly letting himself become aroused by his actions. All his life he had foregone normal sexual activity in an attempt to be a “good boy” for his strictly religious adoptive parents. Unlike other young boys he had never engaged in sexually pleasuring himself.  He had kept to this rigid personal code. Now all his inhibitions, freed by the cum-high he was experiencing, were set loose. He soon realized that not only was he giving himself a hard-on in front of two women, he didn’t seem to care about doing it in front of them. He blinked as a low moan escaped from his mouth. “Fuck,” he sighed uttering the first expletive of his life.


The two fiendish women laughed knowing both his lewd actions AND his use of THAT word clearly indicated that his rigid moral mental barriers had just come down.


“Young boys get very horny when they drink too much, granddaughter,” the old woman sternly stated as they watched the impressive tubular grow in young Scarlet Avenger’s shaft. She glared in mock annoyance at the superhero. “You are a piggy little boy,” she chided.


 Scarlet Avenger’s face grew red but it felt so good all he could do was mumble his apologies even as he continued to maneuver his crotch to increase the heady sensual friction that the Lycra was giving to his engorged his manhood. “Ah sorrryyy… he wheezed. “Feels so good,” he muttered as he gave into his first act of sexual self-stimulations. “Never…done…this,” he gasped as his cum-high took him into new areas he had never explored. “So…sorry…I wrong…can’t…aw fuck…stop...” he grunted even as he lifted his hips to press his cock upward into his tight red costume.” Feels…soo…good,” he shamelessly admitted. His right hand moved to first coddle then lightly squeeze his bulging crotch area. “Oooooo… nuts,” he grunted as he began gently pressing and rubbing his ball-sack with the palm of his right hand.


“Can’t let him masturbate on us just now,” the old woman chuckled as they secured his arms to the sides of the chair with rope. “I’m not cleaning up his mess even if it’s his first time doing it. Imagine that and at his age a sexual virgin. Oh well if you live long enough right. Go call Dr. Doom dear,” the old woman said as she then took the cups and dishes. “I’ll do the dishes. He won’t be a problem,” she purred as she brought her eyes close to his eyes.


Scarlet Avenger’s eyes grew wide as he took in her face. “No granny,” he suddenly giggled as he continued humping in front of now highly the amused feminine duo. The two women left Scarlet Avenger in his chair as the buff young man happily squirmed to let his tight red superhero costume sexually edge him.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3



“Godamnit you did it,” Dr. Doom shouted with glee as he took in the sight of the once mighty Scarlet Avenger fully intoxicated and helpless bound to a chair. “Gees what the fuck is he doing?” he asked Elaine and her “granny” as he gazed at the muscular youth’s chair gyrations.


By now the drunken young buff hero was wiggling his arse and hips in all directions trying to get the bunched up crotch material of tight Lycra costume to rub his erection to a climax. Unfortunately, while the material was nicely snug, it didn’t give his impressive ten-inch thick shaft enough of the tight all-enclosing pressure that would trigger his cock into an ejaculation. Instead his endeavors in moving his Lycra’s superficial ‘cock-wrapping’ only served to continually edge him. The effects of this, while producing a nicely embarrassing wet spot in his crotch, were to leave him sexually in heat and mentally frustrated by it. “My… balls…need to…oh fuck,” the out-of-it superhero moaned over and over as he wildly sought to satisfy this novel-overpowering craving to achieve his first “conscious” sexual emission. “Let me…touch…” he grunted as his arms jerked at their bindings. His hands clenched and unclenched trying to “feel himself up” inorder to give him the erotic release he needed. By now the sexual arousals churning in his balls and mind driving him crazy. “I need to cum,” he pitifully whined as his cum induced drunken high dissolved all moral barriers inside of him.


“Fuck this should be filmed,” Doom grunted as he watched the lewd display occurring right before his eyes.

“Oh it is,” granny calmly stated as she pointed up to a blinking red-lit camera that was affixed to the ceiling. The lens was clearly positioned to give a full shot of the super stud in all his degrading glory. “But wait because this will be fun,” she said. As the criminal villain stared the “granny” moved to Scarlet Avenger’s side. She leaned in toward the sweaty face of the moaning hunk. Gently letting her right hand push back the blonde wet curly hair that was plastered to his forehead she lightly whispered. “Do you want granny’s help in climaxing widdle boy?”


 The now frantic youthful hunk heard the words “climax” and wildly nodded. “Uhuh…uhuh,” he gasped as he furiously bucked in his chair.


Elaine’s transsexual grandparent slowly reached under her dress and pulled out her erect cock. As Doom gazed at the unfolding scene he could barely speak. He watched as the “granny” placed her erection into Scarlet Avenger’s hand while she simultaneous took hold of the young buff hunk’s red Lycra enclosed erection.

“Okay you are holding it dear,” the granny giggled. “Thank granny as you jerk it off now. Remember it is not nice to be ungrateful.”


“Ah…thank you…granny,” the drunken youth muttered as he stroked what he thought was his own cock. As he did this, the “granny” performed the same actions upon his stiff dick.


The room grew quite still for Dr. Doom. He watched as the city’s masculine macho superhero gave a hand job to a transsexual even while receiving one himself.  “This is too good,” Doom silently told himself. “And it’s freaking on film too!”


“It feels…so good,” Scarlet Avenger sighed as his intoxicated brain surrendered to the arousals of his first masturbation. He began sucking in gulps of air. His jaw slackened open.  Part of his young psyche wondered why he had never masturbated before in his life. He suddenly recalled the admonitions of his “parents” to stay pure until marriage. But the ever-increasing exciting stimulations he was experiencing seemed so right. Had his earth parent lied? He lost all inhibitions now. He wanted this badly and he would have it! “Fuck…fuck pure,” he angrily grunted. “FUCK THEM!” Using what his adopted parents had repeatedly instructed him was a forbidden “nasty” word seemed to increase his arousals. “FUCK!” He shouted at one point only to then dissolve into unintelligible yet giddy giggles.


The trannie soon detected that her “boy” was getting close. His hand action on her engorged shaft had suddenly quickened and by now the young hero’s breathing had also increased its rhythm. “Come on, shoot for your granny,” she hissed as she stared at his sweaty face. Scarlet Avenger closed his eyes. With his wet damp curls framing his handsome face he looked angelic. Yet, he was anything but angelic right now. “Shoot for your granny,”


 “Yes granny,” he lowly grunted. “AWWW GRANNNYYY,” he yelped. His powerfully defined body went immediately rigid and his hips thrust into the air. “Yes granny...yes granny…” he sobbed over and over as he experienced his first manually induced orgasm. “ARRGGHHHH YESSSS GRAAANNNIIIEEEEE,” he screamed as his hot spunk flooded into his costume.  After that, he collapsed in his chair. His mouth lay open, sucking in the air with a blissful look on his face.


Doom moaned and unconsciously climaxed himself as he observed a growing bubbling white cream seeping up though the red Lycra in Scarlett Avenger’s crotch.


 “Yes good boy,” granny hooted as she too shot her load directly onto the strong well-defined costumed chest of Scarlet Avenger. Without missing a beat the wily granny reached out, scoped up her jism and, fed her gloppy fingers directly into the Scarlet Avenger’s mouth.


The now familiar high that this new seminal intake gave him increased in intensity. He suckled on her glob stained fingers with an eagerness that was now beginning to associated being high with erotic ecstasy.

 Fuck” Doom sighed. He looked down to see he too had climaxed in his pants. Quickly he loosened his belt and reached inside his underwear. He scooped out his own cum then shamelessly went up to the intoxicated hero and feed the dripping cum to him. “The drinks are on me you bastard,” he laughed as he watched Scarlet avenger slurping away on this jism. The drunken youthful hero stared up at his enemy with unfocused eyes. The former looked as if he wanted to say something but then he just sighed and gave Doom a goofy smile. “Got plans boy,” Doom said to the muscled hunk. “Big plans now!”  He reached out to remove the young superhero’s mask then stopped. “No I think I’ll let you keep it,” he mused. “Yes, THAT one thing will stay with you throughout all my activities for you. Shall we say one tiny constant reminder to you of what you once were in life.” He insanely laughed in a manner that caused two women to shudder.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4



Scarlet Avenger awoke to discover two things. First, he had a massive headache and worse, he had been tightly secured in a spread eagle position onto wooden polls attached somehow to the wall behind him. “What happened to me,” he muttered as he tried to dispel the fuzziness in his brain. He glanced across the room to see himself in a wall-sized mirror. “What the...” he said as his eyes took in the way he had been bound.


Whoever had tied him to the wall behind him had done so with a set of intricately tied thick ropes. The encircling cords began at his ankles then upward across his powerful thighs. To his disgust the ropes continued further upward to his crotch area. There they were somehow positioned behind his balls before finally emerging to criss-cross just above his manhood and tie behind his narrowly tapered waist. Another set of complex rope bindings snaked up from around his waist to form an X-pattern across his chest. The tight rough rope pattern snuggled right under each of the nipples of his chest giving them greater emphasis in his well-formed pectoral area. The entire complex set of bindings ended with a series of tight looping circles around his shoulders, elbows and wrists. Yet, it was the sight of the criss crossing over his crotch area that stunned him the most. It had been craftily arranged so that it managed to obscenely thrust his impressive red Lycra clad basket forward. “Well that was a waste of their perverted time,” he angry growled as he moved to break his bindings. To his shock however, his struggles to rip apart them failed. He yanked again at the ties.


To his utter shock, he once more failed to break them. “It is not possible!” he grunted as he repeated his efforts. He trashed about in the ropes again and again until he had exhausted himself.  “What is happening?” He yelled. He was confused by this defeat. Even more upsetting was the headache he still had

 and a lingering woozy sensation within his body and brain


“Not to worry,” a disembodied voice stated from a darkened corner of the room. “Your powers are only temporarily offline. As we suspected you suffer a lapse of strength after you wake up from a …say we say…drunken bender. A hangover makes everyone feel weak. You feel it more that’s all thanks to your alien body chemistry. Once you are fully sober you will be back to super normal. Assuming we let that silly event happen.”


Scarlet Avenger stared into the shadowy corner where the voice came. Figures moved outward into the light. The youthful hero was shocked to see Dr. Doom, Elaine and, to his utter amazement, her granny! “What...” the now completely dumbfounded superhero muttered as he gazed at the malicious trio. He couldn’t wrap his still fuzzy brain around this discovery. “Why can’t I recall things clearly,” he silently asked himself as he once more struggled to break his rope bindings.


“Please spare yourself that further trouble.” Doom laughed. “I’ve told you your strength won’t work while you still have our…shall we say… remnants of our cocktail inside you.” Upon hearing the word “cocktail” Elaine and her granny giggled.


“What is going on?” The buff hunk angrily asked.


“Oh please let me tell him,” the old woman said.


Doom nodded. Elaine’s grandmother cheerfully explained everything to the now stunned muscular hero.


“It is a lie,” the Scarlet Avenger yelled at them after she had finished her story.” A foolish and stupid disgusting lie. You three will pay for this,” he shouted as he pulled on his ropes. He would not acknowledge that he had  become drunk and that he had consumed, he shuddered as he contemplated it, male sperm. Yet, he could not get free from these ropes. His failure to break them gave a scary ring of truth to their story. He gazed in a growing panic at his captors. “Tell me you lie,” he softly re-stated with a tone of voice more pleading than confident.


“That’s right,” Doom silently said to himself. “Losing your arrogant smugness huh.”


“Show him the tape,” Elaine sighed with indifference to her boss. Doom pressed a button and a screen came down.


As the superhero watched he saw recent events play out on the screen. He observed himself getting drunk. A pained look came to his handsome face. “No…it…can’t…” he moaned in embarrassment as he saw his woozy actions. Then, as he witnessed his “sexual” activities with granny, he felt sick to his stomach. By the end of the movie he had become so ill and disgusted he began experiencing his first dry heaves. As he did so his headache only grew worse. “Nooo,” he sobbed as he bent his head again and again with dry retching. The villainous trio watched as their captive crime fighter’s body shook with each empty vomiting. Finally he finished. He lifted his head to stare at his captors. Gone was any look of his old defiance. “You are all sick,” he muttered. He let his head drop down in embarrassment over what he had done. “I feel ill,” he whispered. He glanced up at the trio.


“We humans have a cure for that sensation,” Doom snickered. “We call it taking more of the hair of the dog that bit you!” With that he pulled out a large pinkish object that consisted of a reddish ball to which a long tubular object was attached.


 The youthful hero blinked as he focused upon the object. To his horror he saw it resembled some obscene plastic image of a man's cock and balls. “You sick…” he railed as Doom steadily approached him.


“Drink?” Doom snickered.


 “If you think I will take that into my...” the crime fighter bellowed in righteous rage as the crafty villain brought the end of this “dildo” close to the Scarlet Avenger’s lips. Immediately the super hunk closed them. Try as Doom might he could not get the object into the stud’s mouth. A look of triumph flashed upon the Scarlet Avenger’s face.


“Oh please,” Elaine’s granny muttered. She quickly walked up to the bound hero and grabbed his crotch.


“Open for your granny,” she hissed as she gave the young hunk’s family jewels a hard squeeze.


 “AWWWWW,” the Scarlet avenger yelped through his gritted teeth as pain shot up from his balls. 


“AAAWWWW,” he repeated as the granny increased the pressure.


“NOW!” the old lady said with a laugh. She violently clenched her hand on the young hunk nuts.


“AAARRGHHHH,” the hero roared as his mouth flew fully open.


 Doom had taken the hint and was ready. During this scream he shoved the object into the Scarlet Avenger’s throat.


“AWWWWW..MMMMPPPHH!!!!!” The buff hero gurgled as the object plunged into his gaping mouth. He immediately tried to use his tongue to push the dildo out but failed.


“Drinky , drinky,” Doom sneered as he squeezed the pinkish ball in his hand.


The crime fighter’s throat felt a liquid emanating  from the dildo. To his surprise the taste was not unpleasant. A burst of heat filled his mouth. As the beverage traveled down into him the heat continued. He soon realized that his headache was fading. Soon after that he lost any fear or concerns about his predicament. The liquid tasted so good. In fact he really liked it. Soon his tongue was eagerly lapping at the object. He wanted more of its juices. “Mmmmmm,” he dimly heard himself murmur as the room faded from view.


 “That’s right suck the cock,” a kindly voice whispered to him. “You’ll get more if you suck harder on it.”


 “Ohta,” he mumbled as he began sucking. The voice was right. The harder he sucked the more liquid he consumed. He happily slobbered  on it. “Gooth…gooth,” he giggled as he puckered his lips around the tubular object.  By now so much juice was flowing into him that he couldn’t consume it all. He felt some dripping out from the sides of his mouth and then drip from his chin. He wished he could reach up to catch that substance and shove it into his gulping throat.


“Suck it. Yeah suck that cock you pansy assed jerk off,” a harsher voice whispered to him. “Gees look at him slobber on the fucking thing. He’s nature cock sucker if ever I saw one!”


Part of the young hero’s brain tried to process those words but the rest was fully f focused on the high he was getting. He suddenly sensed that he was also getting sexually aroused.


“It seems his body  becomes sexually stimulated by drinking,” he heard a female voice say.


“I love it,” another voice chimed.


By now the room had lost all focus for the Scarlet Avenger. He was having a great time floating on a cloud. Slurping away at the thing in his mouth was no problem. The press of his tight red Lycra costume on his cock as well as the ropes under his nuts was amazingly sensual. “MMMMMM,” he mumbled as he wiggled his hips to let the suit and the rope stimulate him further.


“Our boy needs some help from his granny,” a third voice stated.


The young stud felt something rubbing his crotch. It unexpectedly gripped his Lycra enclosed cock and began pumping it .“Yyethhh…” he  snickered as he let that new sensation get him fully erect.


“Oh this one is flying and hot to trot too,” this third voice said.


 “Mmmmph-hhh,” the bound hunk groaned as he contently suckled on the fake cock while letting his heroic manhood get “felt up”.  The pressure on his cock felt so good. Still, he mentally told himself he would not cum in his costume. He had disgraced it and what it stood for once but this time he would not give them THAT satisfaction. Even as he was promising himself he would not degrade himself in that way, he was pushing his crotch forward a bit more into it. Suddenly  his body violently twitched. “OOOOOOO…” he yelped as he ejaculated. His boozed up brain intensified the climax. Everything spun in his mind and he passed out to the sounds of their laughing voices. His last conscious thought was the horrific realization he had shot his load in his outfit.


“Gees look at that mess in his costume,” Doom snickered as he gazed at the creamy bubbles that once more formed a large wet spot in the Scarlet Avenger’s crotch. The villainous trio left their captive out cold and slumped in his ropes as they formulated their new plans!


When he awoke he was now naked. In place of ropes he was secured by a series of leather bands. He gazed around the room and saw a hooded figure staring at him. “Who are you?” He asked trying not to show fear.

“Your new teacher, bitch,” the man grimly said as he moved towards the bound hero. He grinned at the captive. “How do you feel?” he asked.


 “Sick and my head hurts,” the alien replied.


“Got just what you need,” the man replied as he took another larger dildo from his back pocket.


 “No,” the young super hero yelled as he struggled in his bindings. But it was useless. The man grabbed the back of the young man’s head to hold it steady.


“Drink up. You know the drill,” he rasped as he thrust the pinkish colored object past the crime fighter’s lips.

The Scarlet Avenger stared wild-eyed at the man as the first squirts of cum oozed down his throat. “Nooo…aaaa,” he babbled his body exploded into a sensual heat. His prior physical discomforts faded. He soon he found he wanted more of the healing brew. “Mmmmm,” he contentedly gurgled.


 The man simply laughed. “I gotta admit this will be so much fun,” he exclaimed as he feed his “student.”


As his mind drifted into a comfortable zone the heroic alien felt his cock het stiff. “Nooommmmm,” he grunted as he sucked on the dildo. Dimly he was aware of something cold and metallic being attached to his cock and balls.


“Don’t want you to pop a load till later,” the man laughed.


 “Uhuhhhhh,” the bound muscular stud murmured as he slobbered on the dildo. His eyes completely dilated and he mentally drifted away from the cell.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5



“It seems further study has revealed some interesting facts about our buff young man,” Elaine said as she sat in a conference room with her boss. “Further tests on the blood we took and tissue samples show that his alien race were highly charged sexually.”


 “English okay,” Doom grumbled. “Give it to me plain and simple.”


Elaine sighed. “Okay. Simple terms, our youthful crime fighter’s race  is easily sexually stimulated and eager to ejaculate whenever possible. His adopted family must have somehow discovered this fact. Unknown to them however, our youthful hero’s race expected their young to engage in numerous sexual activities. They also took pains to later help their young control and channel that energy into more productive ways.


Unfortunately for our boy, his earth parents were true religious bigots with rigid morality. They countered his aggressively dominant sexual traits by relentlessly indoctrinating him during his early childhood to practicing total erotic restraint. Getting him drunk lowered his strictly programmed childhood inhibitions and freed his natural alien inclination to aggressively act out sexually. Basically he loves getting his rocks off.


"Got it.” She smiled then continued. “Even more fascinating is my theory that he seems to have now

 unconsciously associated getting drunk with sex pleasure. Since, by his alien nature, he strongly craves sexual release he will soon find himself compelled to consume what he thinks enables that pleasure. Never having been properly training on how to channel his sex drive he will be soon be a slave to it”


“Fucking acts like a sex slut and becomes a cum-aholic huh,” Doom laughed.


“Yes indeed,” Elaine laughed. “Here is the best part. His childhood earthly guilt will never fade. Thanks to his upbringing he will always feel intense remorse over his actions. But his alien sexuality has been released. He will experience a compelling need to repeatedly express it and thus, he will drink to do so. Afterwards he will feel greater and greater remorse. To cover this guilt he will probably drink to anesthetize that mental pain. This increased consumption of cum will trigger more overpowering sexual arousals within his body. A vicious cycle will emerge inside his brain. Soon his guilt, his erotic needs and his drinking “to get high and off” will be fully merged. Each will inspire the other sensation.”


“I get the picture…he’s fucked. We totally fucked his head up,” Doom sneered. He stood up. “Thank you and your…er… granny. I will take it from here. Your money is in a Swiss account.” He left a smiling Elaine and went out to enjoy the next step in his degrading plans for the twenty-something super-stud!


As he entered the room that held his prisoner Doom took in a delightful sight. There, suspended by a rope shoulder harness from a metal bar in the center of the room, hung his once feared adversary. A large leather collar encircled the handsome stud’s neck while another set of ropes was snugly wrapped just under his well-defined pectorals. Nipple clamps had been attached to him. A thin chain ran between them. Finishing the job was another set of rope bindings behind his balls and others around the ankles of his bare feet. The top half of the red costume had been ripped from him. Except for his thighs, which were still enclosed with remnants of his red Lycra costume, the mighty Scarlet Avenger was buck-naked. Doom had to admit that the crime fighter was a most impressively built young man. Cut and defined, he swung in the air like piece of “Grade A” beef. Next to him stood a massively muscled hooded figure. He was naked except for a pair of high

 black boots. Doom had hired him to help in his next set of activities.


“How’s our boy?” Doom snickered.


 “Young, hung and full of cum sir,” the bodybuilder joked as he took hold of the Scarlet Avenger’s erect cock to pump it. A long glistening drop hung like a pearly rope from the slit on the crime fighter’s cock. “He just woke up awhile ago. The boys helped me dress him up for class but things got a bit messy so I had to strip off part of his outfit,” the man snickered. Right now I’m teaching him how much fun his nipples can be,” the man chuckled as he used his other free hand to pull on the small chain between the clamps.


 “Fuck,” the young hero sighed as this pulling extended his nipples outward. His cock lurched faster inside the big man’s hand. “Fuck,” he lightly gasped as he received a series of ever more violent pulls on his nipples. From his increasing bodily thrusts in and out of the bodybuilder’s grip the young alien was obviously turned on by nipple abuse.


“My, he is developing quite nicely,” Doom joked as he watched while his foe masturbated himself.


More precum oozed from the super stud’s cock. “Fuck…fuck,” he giggled as he hammered away in the man’s hand. His eyes had an unfocused look. His mouth relaxed and opened. Remnants of saliva and cum deposits dripped from his lower lips to splash on the indentation that divided his pectoral muscles. To any observer, this once defender of strict morality, was completely drunk and in sexual heat.


“Ah yes he seems to be having a nice time,” Doom sarcastically said trying to be heard over the ever louder grunts of the rutting young hunk. “Has he been nicely milked yet,” he shouted. “I mean I would hate to have him hurting because of any internal fluid buildup.”


The body builder nodded. He knew what was being asked. He released his grip on both objects.


A low frustrated groan escaped from the Scarlet Avenger. “Nooooo,” he whined like some teenager.


The body builder reached out to press a button. The body of the crime fighter slowly lowered. “Relax you cunt.” He snarled. “Get ready for milking day bitch,” he hissed as Doom nodded.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6



The bodybuilder stopped when his captive’s feet touched the ground. He went over to a small table in a dark corner. As a surprised Doom watched the man brought over a large dog bowl filled with cum. “I like my dogs to get broken in right,” the massive muscled hulk snickered as he brought the bowl up close to the young alien’s face. To Doom’s utter delight the superhero sniffed at the contents then quickly lowered his head into it inorder to lap up its contents. “I’ve gotten him used to cum scents. He now knows consuming it will make his life sweeter,” the burly jailor said to his employer. Doom grinned. At one time the man had run the best sadistic bondage club in the city. Thanks to the Scarlet Avenger’s interferences the club had been closed. This guy was an excellent choice to hire. He wanted payback on the young man as bad as Doom. “Good pup,” the man cooed as he watched. “Lick that bowl clean.”


The cum-high Scarlet Avenger lifted his now cum smeared face to the man. “Arf. Arf. Arf,” he giggled.

“I taught him that trick too. When he’s drunk he gets pretty agreeable to trainings,” the bodybuilder replied with a sneer as he gently tousled his prey’s hair. “Finish it up pup,” he stated. The superhero immediately complied and lowered his good-looking face deeper into the bowl. His audible slurping noises were music Doom’s ears!


 Doom was in heaven but he now he craved more. “Milk him he hissed.


The body builder nodded. Quickly he cut off the rest of the bound captive’s Lycra costume. He undid the shoulder harness and used the ropes to bind the s crime fighter’s hands behind his back. He left the ankle restraints on but added another set of ropes to keep the Scarlet Avenger’s knees locked together. As I final touch he took out a red ball that had straps affixed on each side of it. “Open boy,” he laughed as he dipped it with the last cum left in the doggie bowl. He jerked himself off and added his own cum on the ball too. He brought this lathered object to the young man’s lips. Sniffing cum the heroic alien opened his mouth to get at it. Once he had done it the muscular jailer shoved the ball into the captive’s mouth then tied the straps around the latter’s head. “Gagging him will muffle his sobs as we drain his nuts,” the man told Doom as he put on a pair of rubber gloves. He made sure to leave the dog collar and chain in place.


 Doom grinned. He took pride in his choice of employing him. The guy was an expert all right.


 The bodybuilder greased his hands then positioned himself behind his prey.  He reached around the buff young captive’s narrow waist with one hand while pressing his other on the Scarlet Avenger’s impressive eight pac. “Party time bitch,” he growled as he grabbed the alien’s cock and started to masturbate it.


 “MMMM,’ the Scarlet Avenger groaned in heat as he was brought to his first climax.


Instead of pausing, the other man began pumping again.


The once proud crime fighter did not resist. In fact he joined in thrusting his hips back and forward helping to pump his own cock.  Another set of contented “MMMM,” escaped from his gagged throat. Again he quickly shot but also again, the bodybuilder v continued his masturbation of the captive.  By now however the muffled grunting from the scarlet avenger was less contented. It also took him a slightly longer time to reach a climax.

“Here we go,” the body builder chuckled as he continued jerking off his prey. 


Doom watched as the man brought the increasing noisy superhero to eight more rapid climaxes. By now the buff young alien’s chiseled form was streaked with sweat. His eyes were wildly moving while his hands frantically clenched and unclenched. His face was a study in pain and he was biting hard on his ball gag. “MMMMMMMMMMM!” he wailed over and over fighting to break away.


His tormentor had no mercy. He simply laughed and, at one point, he lewdly licked the salty sweat on the young alien’s shoulders. The masturbations continued.


Doom gleefully watched his once mighty foe struggling and yelping in agony. He was pleased to notice that the amounts of alien cum were also growing less after each forced ejaculation. By the youth’s eleventh ejaculation he was spurting mere bubbling dribbles.


“He’s got one more in him the sadistic former club owner said. “And I know how to force it out of him.” He grabbed a small thin rope and used it to separate and bind up the moaning alien’s balls. “He will be done after this one,” he hissed. “The ties encircling his nuts force whatever is left in them to pop out. When he finished he grabbed the whimpering alien and went to work on taking the crime fighter’s balls cross the finish line

During all this his captive’s muffled screams were loud. Suddenly he threw back his head. He clenched his jaws onto the ball gag. As his knees buckled his body went into a wild spasm. With one last high squeal the Scarlet Avenger’s cock shot its last load into the air in front of him. The body builder released his grip on his captive letting the exhausted and utterly drained crime fighter fall to his knees. His handsome face was streaked with tears. He sighed then, simply passed out falling face forward into the huge puddles of his own spunk.


 “Clean him up, let him rest too but, keep him tipsy for the next few days.” Doom grunted as he turned to exit the room. “I promised my gang a sweet performance the day after tomorrow.”

Chapter 7

Chapter 7


Doom and his associates watched as a hooded body builder carried the squirming Scarlet Avenger to a wooden platform.  “MMMPH…mmmph,” the still slightly intoxicated youthful hero mumbled as he bit down on the hard red ball gag that was still firmly secured to his mouth. Doom had waited to do this next activity until his enemy was close to full awareness. “Hung over and weak okay,” he had instructed the hooded muscle man. “I want him merely tipsy then you may proceed.”


He had assembled his gang to observe this next event. “How are you going slip him more cum booze if da jerk is gagged boss,” one rather dull looking henchman asked.


Doom grinned. “Wait.” A huge grin came to his evil face.


The muscled body builder laid weakened Scarlet Avenger on his back then quickly secured the young buff hero’s wrists and ankles to a set of chains that were affixed to the wall.  Reaching over to press a button the room soon filled with the whirl of machinery.  The chains moved until they had pulled the wrists and ankles of the prone drunk stud. Soon the Scarlet Avenger was positioned so that his arms were over his head even as his powerful legs rose upward and apart.


“Gees he’s got a nice arsehole boss,” another henchman said as he took in the sight of the virginal anal opening.

“Did you know your guts can absorb fluids too,” Doom chuckled to the man.


The body builder then reached up to pull down a long flexible metal tube. The end of the tube was shaped to look like a cock.


“Fuck,” the dull witted henchman whispered as he watched the bodybuilder grease it up.


“Nnnnnnoooommmmmmpph,” Scarlet avenger mumbled in panic as he saw the metallic dildo and quickly realized what was about to happen to him.


The body builder simply smiled. He lewdly rubbed the end of the dildo shaped pipe on the Scarlet avenger’s cherry entryway.


 “MMMMMPPPHHH,” a highly agitated Scarlet Avenger bellowed through his gag. Unfortunately his gag made the protests barely audible. He tried to trash about but the chains held him.


Slowly the other man eased the buff hero’s lower body upward until the latter was positioned downward onto his own shoulders. The body builder set he knee at the back of the scarlet avenger to brace him into that position. Without any other sound than the still protesting superhero, the other man pushed the pipe’s end into the hero’s entryway.


A loud gag muffled “AAAAAAA,” escaped from the now violated young stud. He squeezed his eyes shut as if not looking at his rape might stop it from happening.  The young stud was continually still yelping when a louder gurgling sound filled the room. The pipe shook slightly.


“That is his cum drink coming down that pipe,” Doom hissed with delight. “Like pumping gas into a car boys,” He chortled. “Yeah just filling him up.”


“Bet he flies pretty good after that,” another gang member chimed in to say to his fellow criminals.


As the men watched the superhero’s gyrations slowed. He opened his eyes to reveal that now familiar out-of-it look. His breathing grew peaceful and his well-defined body relaxed.  In place of his prior violent verbal protests a series of contented happy grunts escaped from his gagged mouth.  As the cum-high took hold of him, his addled brain took it as a signal to become sexually aroused. His impressive cock rose up to its full height. The body builder laughed and grabbed it. The criminal ganged clapped and hooted as their once feared foe moaned in a sexually pleasurable drunken bliss. “Mmmmmm,” the bound hero moaned as he thrust his cock in and out of the bodybuilder’s grip.


The bodybuilder smiled and began maneuvering the metallic dildo in and out of the young hero’s butt. At some point the hard metal rammed into the superhero’s prostate.


A loud muffled grunt emanated from the Scarlet Avenger. His eyes grew wide as this new erogenous zone was tapped. Shamelessly he ground his waist upward to get more of the dildo into him.


“That boy loves his fucking,” the dull witted hoodlum shouted. “Look at him bitch on that fake cock.”


The Scarlet Avenger dimly heard noises of laughter around him but by now he no longer cared. His focus was increasing upon the erotic sensations shooting up from his arse. Each deliriously enjoyable pounding on that organ made him crave for more of it. He groaned in sexual heat. He slobbered on his gag biting harder upon it. “MMMM….eeee….mmmppphhh--hhh,” he pathetically sobbed.


The muscled man laughed and shoved the prong in deeper. The effect was electric on the bound hero. With a muted roar the youthful stud lurched his cock upward and shot a gushing geyser of his own cum up into the air. It landed with a splash on his face seeping into his eyes and nose.  He merely sighed as the human cum took him into new realms of notification and corresponding sexual arousal. As more human cum was pumped into his now defiled anus, the body builder jerked his captive to another series of explosive ejaculations while Doom and his gang cheered on every spurt they witnessed.


 After that things became a blur for the Scarlet Avenger. He hazily recalled being masturbated and fondled by various hands. He knew at some point someone had dressed him back into his red outfit then, being forced to endure another jerk off session while wearing it. Multiple sounds of laughter and catcalls echoed in his head but he could not properly visualize what went on with him after that last event. He only knew that after that point he passed out. He awoke on the floor of the room still partially wearing his hero’s outfit. As he looked down at himself, he saw that the front section of his Lycra Scarlet Avenger’s uniform had been ripped off leaving his chest abdominals and, more humiliating, his cock and balls fully exposed. Some metallic cock and ball ring had been secured on his manhood. He tried to get up but realized that his hands had been secured behind his back. A hooded man stood nearby holding a set of leg chains.


“Took you long enough,” he grunted. “I’ve been here waiting for sleeping beauty to wake up. Come on time to take you to your new home,” he laughed as he pulled the crime fighter to his feet.

Chapter 8

Chapter 8



As he shuffled towards his new “home” he felt degraded and humiliated. The mental sensation incased as he approached his new “bedroom”. By its entryway he saw his face on an old poster. Years before, he had participated in an advertisement encouraging others to drink healthier. Someone had obscenely altered the words upon it. It now appeared as if he was asking for cum. He shuddered as he looked at the thin white mustache upon his upper lip. “Why,” he dejectedly mumbled as he forced himself to look away.


“You are not such a poster boy now, are we? “ The hooded man laughed, He winked at a nearby guard. The other man was naked, wearing only boots and sunglasses He also was carrying a machinegun in his hand. “You won’t need it,” his hooded compatriot said as he pushed the young alien towards the cell door. He glanced at the room they ere headed too. A huge grin came to his face. “I see you set up a welcome banner too,” he laughed. “Check it out pussy,” he snorted as he shoved the bound captive.


The demoralized superhero gazed up at the banner over the cell door. It said “Welcome Hone Scarlet Prick”. The bound hero stiffened and halted in his steps.


“Get your arse in the cell bitch,” the hooded man said as he roughly shoved his prey.


The superhero silently did as he was told. Once inside he was unbound and left to himself. As he lay naked on the dirty cot in his room he quietly sobbed. Hours later a small bowl of cum was given to him. Too demoralized to fight he simply lapped it up under the watchful gaze of his hooded jailor. A comforting high came over him.


“Get up,” the man barked.


Woozily the Scarlet Avenger did as he as told. The other man bound the hero’s wrists with rope and then affixed leather straps on his ankles and neck. “Wait here,” he said.


Naked and alone the buff hunk simply let his cum-high take control of his brain. Seconds Later the man returned with a copy of the familiar red Lycra uniform. He hung it up nearby and threw a red mask on the bed. “Turn around, bend down, hands on bed, legs apart,” he snarled.


“Why,” the now highly dizzy hero weakly asked.


 “NEVER QUESTION JUST OBEY!” the hooded jailer yelled. He violently turned the swaying alien around so that his back facing his jailor. The man then pushed the weakened hero forward so that he was forced to bend slightly to assume the position required.


After all the cum he had ingested, the weakened super hunk had no real fight left in him. He felt a hard stiff object being placed upon his anus. He instantly knew what was going on. “No more,” he moaned helplessly as he felt the pressure to anally enter him. “Don’t fuck me. Please don’t fuck me anymore,” he whimpered. The after-effects of his prior drunkenness were still strong inside his system rendering him useless to fight off this new anal invasion. He again begged as the push into his anus continued. “Don’t fuck me pleaseeeeeeee,” he shrieked as the man’s erection rammed its way deeply into him. Take it out….ITTTT…HUUURRRTTSSS!” He yelped.


“Fuck Yeeah, Take it! Avenger Bitch,” the hooded jailor laughed as he fucked the hole of the once powerful hero. “Take it like a man,” he mockingly said. “Or like the cunt you are now,” he finished saying.


“Aww my arse! Oh please stop. Stop. Don’t fuck me,” the captive alien shrieked.  But it was useless. The hooded muscled figure was deaf to his please. He humped and fucked into the quivering crime fighter.


“Take it. Take it you pussy boy,” he bellowed as he violently butt-fucked the screaming younger man.


 “Awww fuck. You’re fucking me,” a now out-of-it Scarlet Avenger yelled. Then, he felt a comforting liquid warmth flood into him. “You starting to cum in my arse,” he moaned as the any discomfort he was experiencing faded. He unconsciously wiggled backward on to the man’s cock. “I’m getting soooo drunk again,” he snickered.


“Yeah,” the man moaned as he erupted. “Yeah drink up boy!” He screamed as he flooded into his captive stud.

“Shit you’re fucking doing it. Cumming up my fuck-hole,” the young hero laughed with pleasure as the man continued to squirt more spunk into him. By now the Scarlet Avenger was staggeringly intoxicated. He could barely stand now. The only thing holding him in position was the man’s cock that was still plugged into the former’s butthole.


“Such a cum whore,’ the hooded figure chuckled as he pulled out of the superhero’s anus.


He watched as the young hero's upper body flopped face forward the bed. “My hole is full of cum,” the intoxicated alien sighed as a goofy smile came to his face.


 The jailor   got the rest of the thoroughly limp muscled body of the Scarlet Avenger up onto the bed. “Best piece of arse in this place,” he said as he slapped the upturned butt of the studly hero.  “That’s good boy just take a nice nap. You’ll need it for what is coming next,” he sneered as he left the cell.


“Otay,’ the quickly slumbering hunk sighed in reply seconds before he fully feel asleep.


Some time later the captive alien woke up. He lay for hours on his bed gazing at the crisp clean red uniform hanging on the wall. Tears welled up in his eyes as he recalled how he had let himself be anally defied in front of it. “What would people say,” he moaned as he gingerly let his hand reach down to massage his swollen anal chute. “God my arse-hole hurts so much,” he silently said as he let his thumb massage the painful area in an attempt to get some relief. He heard a noise and glanced up at the cell door. The guard was standing there looking concerned. “What do you want,” he said with disgust as he rapidly removed his finger from between his butt-cheeks.


 “Hey its fine I’ve got something to…” he paused then continued. “Ya know…something to...ease the pain,” he  whispered as he handed a bottle to the alien. “Plus it is nutritious and I know they don’t feed you…food and all.” He stopped and lightly smiled at the captive hero.


“What us it?” The captive hero asked as he took the offering. He was so hungry by now he welcomed anything to eat or drink. Still, he was suspicious.


“It’s okay,” the guard replied. “It is a health drink. Look you once did a good turn for my mom so...” he paused again then, as if embarrassed, he gazed down at his feet.


“Thank you,” the crime fighter quickly said. “It is good to know someone in here is decent.” He gratefully gulped down the contents. It had a strange taste yet also a slightly familiar one too. “Thanks again I…” he suddenly stopped speaking as a bolt of burning warmth flooded into him. He experienced the first signs of  disorientation. He gazed in horror at the empty bottle. “What was in this?” He gulped as the cell room increasingly lost its focus.


“Some juice, health powder and oh yeah,” the guard chuckled. “Some healthy shots of my own cum too," he added as he opened the cell door. Swiftly he helped the  unsteady young hero to his feet.


“Why?” The hero gasped as he swayed into the arms of his guard.


“Come on boy,” he snickered. “I want a taste of that butt you got too.” He quietly led the dizzy young hunk to another room. This one was nicely furnished with chairs, a table, and even pictures on the walls. There was a bed too. Above it was the easily recognized picture of St. Sebastian. The guard saw the young hero stare at it. “Yeah just like him somebody else is going to get something hard shoved into him,” the man mockingly said. “Okay lay down,” the guard softly whispered as he placed the drunken hero face down on a bed that was in the room. “Legs apart now,” he sneered as he climbed on top of the prone and increasingly intoxicated muscled hunk. He savagely pushed his cock between the butt cheeks of the Scarlet Avenger.


“No. No,” the progressively more woozy young  alien whined as he felt the guard’s dick push into his recently ravaged butt-hole.


“Shut up bitch," the man huffed as he thrust in and out of the anus of his captive. He brutally rammed the alien’s face into the pillow under it. “I hate noise when I seed guys,” he joked as he pistoned in and out of his squirming victim.


The room filled with the muffled groaning protests of the Scarlet Avenger. “Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh,”  he sobbed as his own cock suddenly stiffened under him. Soon his cum-high was in full control. He experienced a bolt of sexual heat when the man’s cock finally  began hitting on the former’s prostate. “Fuccc,” he silently yelped as this sent him into a sexual frenzy. To the guard’s delight the muscled form under him unexpectedly began humping back.


“Such a bitch,” the guard gasped as he erupted into the crime fighter’s guts. He felt the hero’s body suddenly grow rigid under him. “Fuck your creaming too,” he yelled in joy while taking pleasure in hearing a low muffled groan of “ahhhh,” come from his prisoner. The guard felt himself climax again in response to what he was hearing. “Take my spunk you cunt,” he gasped as he shot more up of his seed into the anal guts of the young alien. As the man’s cum flooded into him and was absorbed in to his system the Scarlet Avenger drifted off into another cum-high dream!

Chapter 9

Chapter 9



When the nude Scarlet Avenger woke up he was back in his own cell. He also found that, once more, he had a pounding headache. Worse, for the first time in his life he actually felt physical discomfort. His naked body shivered in the darken room.  He had never experienced pain or discomfort before but that was the least of his mental anxieties. Suddenly the memories of what he had done and what had been done to him exploded inside his brain. His still slightly tipsy mind endlessly played out pictures of the sexual activities he had engaged and, more also disheartening, before whom he had done them. “I will get better. I will not let this crush me,” he quietly promised himself as he lay shivering in a fetal position. As his eyes grew clearer he suddenly saw his uniform in a corner. He crawled over to it. He knew that this must be another copy since his last one had been ripped off him. Gazing at it and recalling how he had disgraced all it symbolized

 filled him with shame. “I don’t deserve to wear this or any other hero’s costume,” he sniffled in the dank cell. Still, his craving for warmth finally overcame any hesitations. He quickly dressed. Wearing his signature costume, even if only a copy, restored some of his old bravado. “I will fight these men. I will once more be victorious,” he loudly yelled out to the bare stonewalls.” My new conduct will wipe away the shameful things I did!”


“I would not count on that,” a harsh voice said behind him.


The young hero turned to come face to face with the gloved bodybuilder.


“You,” the superhero yelled as he mindlessly charged the man. “You will pay for what you did too me. You had me eating out of a dog bowl. I’ll return the favor by feeding you your teeth,” he roared. As the superhero charged at him, the muscular jailor deftly moved to one side. When the young alien passed by the latter gave the crime fighter a rabbit punch.


 “Argh,’ the young stud yelped. Used to his superpowers in any combat he had never had to rely upon superior fighting skills. He was also so enraged over what had been done to him that he failed to concentrate on what he was doing. As he bent from the blow, the other man quickly grabbed him and spun the alien hero around so they were face to face. The other man landed a hard gut punch.


“OOOOOMPP,” the muscled young hero grunted as the air was driven from his body. He had barely recovered when his abs received another even harder gut punch, “Oooooph,” he once more grunted as his lungs emptied of any remaining oxygen. He was still doubled over trying to recover when he felt a hand under his jaw lifting up his head. He gazed at the bodybuilder with woozy eyes as he tried to get air back into his lungs. He saw the man grinning at him. Hi own brain tried to warp itself around being hurt AND actually losing in this fight.


“Nite boy,” the man laughed as he launched a hard uppercut to the hero’s chiseled square jaw that literally lifted the younger man from the floor and snapped his head backward.


“Ooooo,” the buff alien sighed as his blue eyes rolled up in their sockets. A sudden blackness took hold of his brain. He fell forward into the waiting arms of the other man.


“Too sweet,” the man snorted as he felt a tingling of arousal in his own cock. “Not such the big hero when the strength field is level huh boy,” he continued saying as he lowered his unconscious prize to the ground. “I really cold-conked your superhero arse bitch,” he sneered as he took some leather bands from his pocket and attached them to the slumbering hero’s wrists and ankles. “Wakey,wakey,” he teased as he straddled the alien then patted the Scarlet Avenger’s cheek.


 Slowly the unconscious alien awoke. “Huh?” He groaned as he tried to shake the cobwebs from his head. “What happened?” He discovered he was no longer in his cell but lying on the floor in some different dank room. He felt weak and disoriented. He gazed about trying to focus his head.


The other man quickly took out a flask and put it to the alien’s lips. “Drinky time,” he snickered moving to act before the younger man had time to fully regain consciousness.


As the now familiar taste of cum hit his lips. Realizing his danger, the youthful crime fighter tried to fight the man off. “No,” he yelped as he squirmed under the man.


 The body builder simply snarled. Giving another hard punch to the chiseled eight pac of his captive he once more drove out the air in the youth’s lungs.


“Ooommph,” the alien grunted. His mouth opened to let out and then suck in air. As he did so, the other man rammed the flask into the prone man’s throat forcing him to drink. The sounds of “ulp, ulp, ulp,” escaped from the buff young hunk as he involuntarily took in the intoxicating beverage. His flaying arms suddenly quieted down as a blurry look came to his eyes. Soon he was sucking on the flash.


“Good boy,” the other man teased. “Just like a baby sucking on his mommy’s teat huh.”


 The captive merely sighed as he finished the liquid. “Fucccc,” he burped once he was done. “You fucked me up again,” he mumbled as the cum-high and its corresponding sexual arousals took hold of him. “Bastardddd,” he wheezed. He was just drunk enough to be incapable of effectively fighting but not as drunk as he was before in his encounters with this man. Little did he realize that this mental situtation was precisely part of the other man’s plan. He wanted his prey woozy with booze but understanding what was happening.


Soundlessly the body builder flipped the weakly protesting hunk onto his stomach. He attached chains to the alien’s ankle bands and the familiar ball gag as well. He looped those chains to one hanging from a ceiling.  Everything was ready. “Now we continue,” he laughed as he positioned the hero up onto all fours.  Savagely he ripped the rump area of the red Lycra costume to expose the youthful warrior’s rump. Reaching under his prey’s waist he grabbed the semi-erect cock of the Scarlet Avenger. “I wanted you in costume when we start. Call it a kink but when I break you today it will be with you having a memory of wearing this when we started. You will burn inside even more then over how low you have dropped,” he sneered as he began to masturbate his captive.


 “Noooo,” the Scarlet Avenger gasped as he stiffened in the warm leather hand of his tormentor. The room soon filled with the sensual smell of warm leather. To his shock, it added to his arousal. “Nooooo,” he softly protested.


As he pumped, the body builder let his other gloved hand sensual massage the firm upturned rear-end of the increasingly aroused young hero. “Come on cream for me  then howl for me doggie,” he snickered as he expertly worked the ever-thickening ten inches of his captive. He rubbed at the alien’s bubbled rump pondering how good taking it would feel today. Firm and pale, it glistened in the overhead lights. The masturbation continued.


“Noooo,” yelped the Scarlet Avenger as he tried to will his ever-hardening erection to soften. It was no use. The cum-high had triggered his sex drive once more. Minutes of agony passed until his resistance to this degradation collapsed. “Nooo…ooooo,” he suddenly gasped as his need to shoot overcame his shame at how it was being accomplished. He bucked forward into the man’s cock-grip. He did it again. Then again!

The other man could sense that his captive was close. “Cream for me and you better howl now doggie,” he laughed. He knew the youth would soon comply but he wanted more in this encounter. He wanted to humiliate his foe. “Howl like a doggie who is a bitch in heat or I’ll stop.”


 By now the alien hunk desperately wanted to squirt. He closed his eyes and lifted his head in defeat. Yet, he swore he wouldn’t comply with that verbal requirement. He was still swearing to defy it when he heard a low bellowing moan of “AAAAWWWHHHOOOO” fill the room. To his horror he realized it was his voice.  A flush of total embarrassment took hold of him. Instantly his muscular body quaked as he shot his spunk to the floor below him. After he was done he flopped forward onto the floor heedless that he was lying in his own jism. He quietly cried as the other man prepared for their next lesson.

Chapter 10

Chapter 10



Even after all he had thus far endured; the young hero still had believed that, somehow, he would prevail. His old smug persona still flickered in parts of his mind. The SM expert knew that was probably the situtation. He was determined to destroy it. As a master in the art of training men into SM and submission, the muscled ex-club owner knew all the tricks of the trade. True the buff young hero had been sexually defiled. Still, from past experiences in breaking others, the older man instinctively understood the one last thing blocked full victory. He was completely aware that deep in the superhero’s brain there would be a part that was convinced everything that he had done was all the result of being of drunk. The older man intended to chip away at that final barrier. Cum would play a part but, and this was critical, only used in sufficient dosages to manipulate the youth’s sex drive.


 The next day the older man came into the cell where the masked naked Scarlet Avenger slept. As usual now the former wore only  his black leather mask, jockstrap and gloves. “Up now,” he barked to the slumbering stud.


 The young hero  slowly awoke. Still hung over from yesterdays cum consumption he staggered to his feet. He blinked through blood-shot eyes at his surroundings. “It was no nightmare,” he mumbled to himself. He gazed at the other man “This must …stop,” he sputtered in a manner that showed a segment of his old arrogant demeanor still flickered within him. He tried to stand full erect but felt so weak he could barely stop swaying.


“When I say it stops,” the man harshly replied as he grabbed the younger man and roughly  pushed him onto the stone floor.. “I run your cute arse boy from now on get it boy,” he sneered as he quickly applied a set of chains to the hero’s wrist and ankle straps that were the only adornment left on the hapless alien.

The  blow had been expected. His still half intoxicated brain had failed to react in time to this latest assault. Yet, a part of the old scarlet avenger burst forth. “NO,” the youthful hunk unexpectedly yelled back as some of his old confidence flared up. He again staggered to his feet. “I say no more!” he shouted as if the higher volume in his voice might give pause to the jailor.


The older ex-club owner had expected this resistance might come into play. He was ready to move fast to short-circuit this potentially dangerous situtation. In fact it would be the next steps in the young man’s re-education even hotter for him. He yanked on the chains sending the alien crime fighter sprawling face down to the floor. “Lesson time in obedience,” he yelled back even louder. Reaching to a nearby table he grabbed a large wooden paddle. “Looks like you need some corrective instructions on proper behavior,” he snickered as he brought the weapon downward onto the upturned exposed rear-end of his student.


“AAAAEEEEOOOO,” the superhero yelled as the sharp crack of the wood on his rump sent a bolt of pain upward into his head. He had always been impervious to pain. Early in his youth his earth parents had realized that spanking their outer-world son had no effect. This time it was different. With his super powers temporarily off-line due to the prior cum ingestions, he now capable of experiencing actual pain. “Arrrgggg,” he cried out as another whack hit him. As he squirmed to get away, his teacher yanked him back.


 “Oh no this is only the beginning,” the SM expert laughed as he now vigorously began to paddle the arse of the now yelping superhero.


 “Awwwwww. Nooo…my buttttt….sssstttstopppp,” the dumbstruck muscled youth wailed as his arse warmed under this physical abuse. His brain went numb as it was overcome by agonies it had never experienced before in all his life. Every time he tried to crawl away the man pulled him back for even more beatings. The beatings grew in density.


“Not so arrogant now huh,” the other man chuckled as he swung again and again upon the bubbled butt of the alien.


 “AAAAAAA…..SSSSTTTTOOOPPPP,” the sobbing Scarlet Avenger whined hoping for a mercy that did not seem to come. At one point the paddle broke upon his butt. Yet, the man did not stop. He merely picked up another and continued his anal punishment.


“Will you obey,” the man growled as he hit another series of blows on the fiery red buttocks of the younger man. “Will you do as I say and when I say boy,” he stated.


“Yessss…oh yes…,” the alien hunk sobbed. His eyes were now as red as his butt. Tears streamed down his handsome face. “I will obey. I will obey!” He shrieked as more whacks hit his arse.


Suddenly they stopped. “Good,’” the older man chuckled. “Now prove it. Crawl to me and bow your head in submission. Tell me you give up.”


Tearfully the  crime fighter did as he was commanded. He shuffled towards the man on his knees. Bowing deeply he lowered his head to the floor before his tormentor. “I submit,” he heard himself say in a quivering tone of voice. The man inserted a gag into his captive. After this was done the young hero glanced briefly back at his upturned butt. The skin there was as red as his former costume. In fact, the entire area was alive with burning agonizing pain. “I submit to you. No more please,” he said through the gag as inwardly he cursed himself for his weakness. He let his head touch the floor once more to signify his submission.


“Good doggie,” the man teased. He tightened the pull on the chains as he placed his bare foot upon the neck of his prey. The first lesson had gone well. he knew there would be probably be a few flare-ups of defiance. For now, however, the alien hero had taken his first steps into  a future of absolute mental obedience. “Over in the corner is a doggie bowl of cum. Drink it,” he forcefully told the prone youth. “Through your gag,” he stated.


Silently telling himself how pathetic he had become the former confident alien crawled like a beaten dog towards the bowl. As his trainer watched, the young man lapped up the cum. A deliriously peaceful yet sensual sensation came over him. His butt even hurt less. He slobbered up every bit in his bowl. It was hard at first but he soon got the hang of slurping up cum while gagged. Turning to face his trainer, he sighed with a cum-induced contentment. His  pupils dilated as his cock grew to a semi-soft state.


 “Good now we are ready for another session,” the SM expert said as he gazed over at a small mirror on one cell wall.


From a hidden room behind the two-way mirror a gleeful Dr. Doom nodded his pleasure. “Things are going well,” he sneered. He turned to a man. “Tell the boys its party time,” he hooted.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11



 “Okay boy,” the evil trainer said as he gazed at his mind-fucked toy. “Crawl into the next room.” He watched as the partially intoxicated and fully compliant young stud slowly did as he was instructed.  He noticed that the redness on the youth’s rump was rapidly fading. “Good his powers of recovery are still intact. That bears keeping in mind,” he thought. He waited with increasing impatience as the young alien crept his way into the next cell. “Faster bitch,” the man snarled at the moving figure in front of him. He kicked his foot into the soft area behind the younger man’s nut sack. The alien’s body jumped and a low moan of “aaaa,” escaped from his gagged lips.


Another fast nut-blow caused the hunk to quicken his crawling into the next room. The other man kept up the pressure with a few better-placed foot jabs at the low hanging nuts of his student.


 Entering the room the superhero observed two other naked hooded men.  He inwardly shuddered when he saw them stroking their cocks. In the center of the room was a leather paneled stand. Nearby were his red boots.

“Get up onto it on all fours,” the trainer sharply ordered.


Meekly complying the once proud super-stud did as instructed. His head was spinning from the injected cum he had just consumed. His cock had become fully erect. A wave of humiliation swept over him knowing these new strangers were seeing his erection. Gingerly he climbed upon the raised leather padded device. The other men in the room quickly secured his wrists and ankles to the ends of the pommel horse-like device. A cool breeze wafted around his dangling nuts. He suddenly felt a finger massaging his anal opening. Even in his half-drunken state, he was able to quickly know what this meant for him. “No. Don’t. Please,” he gasped. A murmur of laughter greeted his pleas for mercy. “Not again,” he repeated as he began pulling at the bindings.


“Think he’ll go for it,” an unfamiliar voice said as the finger rubbed at the squirming young stud’s anal entryway.


"Ah hell he took that fucking dildo remember,” a second unfamiliar voice said. This speaker moved to face the Scarlet Avenger. His erection was eye-level with the still struggling alien. “You love cum or so I hear,” the man said as he stroked himself. A early white drop appeared upon the slit of his cock.


“Cum,” the bound hunk whispered as the scent if jism hit his nostrils. He gazed at the waving cock in front of him. The growing bubble of pre-cum had him mesmerized. Unconsciously he began licking his lips as a surge of excitement came over him. He wanted to have more of that cum.  He extended his tongue to flick it from the man’s cock. “Yes,” he sighed with contentment as the peaceful sensation cum gave him warmed his throat.


 “Oh fuck yeah he wants it really bad,” the man laughed. “Take him hard,” he said to someone down by the buff captive’s rump. “I got him covered at this end.”


The bound youth was still savoring his cum when he felt pressure on his anal ring. Suddenly a sharp pain hit his anus. “AWWWAARRGGHHHHH!!!!” The superhero cried out. It felt as if his butt-hole was about to tear open! “Whhhhaaaaaaa,” he yelled as he moved to get away from whatever was entering into him.


“Yeah shove that black dildo in hard to get him loose,” the man in front yelled. “I’ll plug butt-boy up front and give him what he wants.” He grabbed the howling youth’s ears and thrust his cock into the hero’s open wailing throat.


 “Ooooooomph,” gurgled the captive as the man’s cock drove deeply into his gullet. He began to buck even harder as the agony produced by whatever was in his anus seared into his mind. Then suddenly the man face fucking him grunted. A splash of warm pre-cum followed by a rush of cum itself flooded into the mouth of the alien.  “Ooomphh...hhmmm,” the bound stud sighed as his previously light cum-high increased in intensity. The pain he had been experiencing in his anal cavity diminished. As the dildo pushed in deeper it hit the youth’s prostate. “Fucccc,’ he murmured though his cock-stuffed mouth. A series of erotic blasts caused him to bodily shiver in sexual bliss. His sucking quickened. His own cock began to leak.


 “Oh yeah he is into it now. Service his nuts and cock man,” the man in front voice said.


 Unexpectedly the Scarlet Avenger experienced a novel and quite delightfully moist warmth surrounding his own nuts and erection. The sexual drive in his system kicked into full gear under this assault. He aggressively slobbered on the cock inside his mouth while humping backward on the object that was thrusting back him. As the third man licked the soft skinned under-shaft of the alien’s cock, the boy lost all control. “Hmmmm…hmmmm…hmmmm,” he growled as he went into a full sex mode. The sounds of slurping, moaning and, happily contented snorting caused the three men to slyly wink at each other.


“Turn the cunt over so he can see what we are doing with him,” the SM expert barked. Within seconds the crime fighter was on lying on his back. His hands flopped down to his sides and were quickly chained under him. A metal cup was secured around his nuts. Their squeezing pressure added to his sexual heat. “Cum. Cum. cum,” he chanted craving the high that its consumption gave him and the sexual ecstasy that came with its ingestion.


“Easy boy it’s coming,” the expert laughed as he grabbed the moaning hero’s ankles and lifted his powerful legs upward and far apart. A second hooded man took his position by the head of the captive.


Bleary eyed and fully drunk, the buff stud stared up at the man’s balls. “Cum,” he moaned as he extended his tongue to lap at the man’s nuts.


“Shit he is looped and crazy for my sperm,” the man laughed.


“Let’s feed both ends,” the expert roughly said as he shoved his erection up the already loose butt-hole of his “student”. “Tea bag him another time  Jake”


“Awww fuck,” the out-of-it hero gasped as he felt the hard cock ram into him. Then man’s shaft struck his prostate. “Awww…fucccc,” he giggled as he continued lapping on the man’s pouch. “Cum. Cum. Cum,’ he babbled between slurps on the nut-sack.


“You got it bitch,” the man at the front roared. “I’ll feed you gallons of my cum!” He moved to position his cock into the prone captive’s throat. Seconds later all three were grunting as they coupled in the cell.

“MMMMMM,” the Scarlet Avenger mumbled. He was so high everything was a blur. He heard the men shout then felt wet moisture filling both his mouth and anus. An explosion of bliss filled his head. “Cum,” he contently sighed as darkness took his brain.


From a hidden room Dr. Doom clapped and hooted. “Did it,” he yelled to his men. “A complete victory.” He gazed one last time t his once feared foe. The young muscled body of the alien lay face up on the leather device. His powerful legs and arms hung limply downward. A look of peaceful happiness was on his face. The only thing that marred his classically handsome features was the cum dripping from the corners of his mouth.

Chapter 12

Chapter 12



After that last sexual debauchery Doom lost interest in his captive foe. He realized that the once mighty Scarlet Avenger was rapidly becoming addicted to getting high. He would soon be nothing better than a cum slut to other men. He handed over his prize to the eager bodybuilder with instructions to “train the bitch” in any manner that would fully turn the latter into a degenerate. “I’ve a city to conquer,” he told his muscular employee. “Do whatever with that cunt.”


This was all the SM teacher had wanted to hear.  He went into the room where the hung-over naked young stud was being held. “Now we truly go to school, “ he laughed as he grabbed the youthful hunk by his curly blond de locks. Roughly he pulled the formerly fearsome crime fighter to his feet. He gazed into the dull blue eyes of his prey. “Still a bit high huh,” he snarled as he took in the dissipated face of the buff younger man.


“Huh,” the tipsy Scarlet Avenger mumbled in confusion. He blinked but things still looked so fuzzy. “Hiccup,” he unexpectedly burped. A silly smile came over his face as suddenly he took in the grim image of the man who had taught him pain but pleasure as well. “Hullo sir,” he snickered. “Bit drunk,” he laughed.


The muscled jailor snickered. “Yeah but that’s okay. Time to play!”


Holding tight to the youth’s signature blonde curls he yanked his new toy’s head to move him towards the exit door.


“Ewwwwoooww,” the Scarlet Avenger pathetically cried out at each rough yanking.


 “Just a foretaste,” the other man said as he continued to hair-pull the yelping former hero from the room to bring him to his new personal “playpen.”


Once he was in the new place the bodybuilder lost no time in acting out his own fantasy of revenge. He took a pair of sheers and quickly cut off the curls from his “gift”.


“My hair,” sobbed the buff young alien as he watched his long locks fall to the floor before his very eyes. He had always worn his hair long and curly. His earthly mother had liked him in that look. As he gazed at the blondish tuffs on the floor he knew his old life was over. With tears falling he quietly submitted to this new humiliation. But, the other man was not finished. He grabbed a bowl of cum from a table. Instinctively the alien hero went for it. A now familiar peaceful high came to him as he lapped up in his trained ‘doggie style’.


When he had finished he watched as the other man then proceeded to “trim my boy’s bush”.  Without any protest the drunken alien former hero observed the other man shave off the blonde under arm and pubic hairs that surrounded the former’s manhood. “I looth litth a widdle boy noth,” he stupidly laughed. The other man then applied a “special cream” that Elaine had managed to create to the shaved areas. “It tingeth,” the Scarlet Avenger snickered as the cream destroyed the hair follicles.


 His new “owner” smiled and nodded with amusement. “Yeah wait till you realize you will permanently hairless around your crotch and under your arms.  Physically removed your manhood boy now, it is time to mentally do some permanent damage.” He quickly washed away the cream and inspected his efforts. The buff young man was clean of any “hairy” symbol of his adulthood. “ Now we are ready,” he snorted as he led his woozy prey to a wooden post. Quickly he strapped his prize to it using leather thongs to grip the young man around his ankles and upper shoulders.  The man then looped thick belt around the Scarlet avengers waist and neck. The center of the waist belt held a large translucent ball. When he had finished this activity he strapped a ball gag into his captive’s mouth and placed a metal crown around the latter’s forehead.  He next secured the crime fighter’s arms away from his body using a pair of overhead chains.


“Almost done,” he sneered as he placed a suction cup on each of the young man’s nipples. For a final touch the jailor attached a metal cock ring on the now squirming young hunk. “Settle down,” the man told his prize.


Instantly the young alien complied with the order. His captor smiled. “Good bitch,” I must really have you broken into obedience. “Now though we’ve a whole set of tricks to teach you using another set of metal straps. The best is coming bitch,” he laughed as he brought out a smaller ring that had two metal bars on it. Quickly securing the metallic circle around the alien’s impressive nut-sack he yanked the ring downward and attached the bars to the cock ring.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAA,” the bound youth roared through his gag as his nuts were stretched outward any away from his body. “AAARRGGHHHH,” he continued to yell as pain shot from them into his body. By now his muscled body was twitching and pulling at the bindings. His eyes glared in fear at the other man.  Shaking his head he made more muffled sounds indicating his throbbing agony.


 “Now we play.’ The bodybuilder indifferently joked as he placed a set of cuffs on each of his own wrists. He pressed a button on one of the cuffs. A dull buzzing soon emanated from them. Seconds later they glowed. Soundlessly he taped them together. When he did a bolt of blue electricity shot from them to the metal ring that was stretching the young man’s balls. As it hit the ring a blue electrical current flared from them to the cock-ring, then ball on the buckle and from there to each of the nipple cups. For good measure the cups sent this current onward to the metal band around the Scarlet Avenger’s head. The effect on the young man was immediate.


 “IIIIIEEEEEEOOOOO,” he screamed as his powerful body shook in pain. Throughout his life he had been impervious to any type of pain or discomfort. Now, in a short span of time, his mind was being overwhelmed by a host of new sensations. The centers in his brain tried to process all these things. Another blast of horrific pain shot throughout his body. “EEEEEEEEE,” he shrieked as this electrical agony seared into his mind. He was on the verge of a destructive mental overload. In desperation his subconscious sprang into action trying to simply this cascade of new feelings into something he could adapt too.  That part of his brain recalled past torments received from this man and how, from those agonies, he ultimately derived sexual pleasure. Instantly that section of his psyche began the process of transforming the pain sensations into pleasurable ones. In short order, unbeknownst to him, his cock sprung into a full erection.


“Yeah you love it,” the body builder cried out in glee as he saw this occurrence. He intensified the current while repeatedly sending more frequent bolts of blue electricity into his captive,


 “EEEEEEWWWWW,” the trussed up crime fighter bellowed. Still his cock remained rigid. By now every muscle on his body was quivering. Yet, more and more parts of his mind were joining his subconscious into converting these additional pains to full blown sexual arousal. Soon, deep in his physiological makeup, the balance shifted as pain became stimulating sexual gratification. As more shots of this current hit him, his cries of agony shifted in tone. Instead of hating it he was turned on by it. “MMMMMMM” he moaned as his cock began leaking copious amounts of precum.  A look of bliss came into his eyes. “MMMOOOORRREEE,” he managed to mutter through the gag. Abuse and sexual ecstasy had become one for him.


 “Yeah that’s right,” the other man hissed in triumph as he saw the changes. “Get to love it.Get to want it.” He yelled as he shot more currents into the alien. “You want it bad now boy huh,” he asked.


 “Uhuh…uhuh,” the young hero sobbed over and over after a every bolt hit him.  He was soon nodding his head heading it would continue for him. He was so close to a climax. He prayed the pain wouldn’t end till he had achieved his orgasm. Then it happened.  A powerful surge of current hit him.  He mentally went over the edge into a  delirious world of total sexual ecstasy. “EEEEEOOOWWWWWW…yyyyeeesssss,” he railed as he blew his wad outward in a series of respectable bursts of his own cum. He passed out from the efforts. His well-defined body sagged in the bindings.


 The body builder laughed. The SM and sex lessons had begun.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13


For the next few months the former hero’s sexual instructions would be both varied continually repeated until he was finally “properly” broken. Many gang members came to watch and, in some instances, to fully participate, in the teaching sessions. In the end, they accomplished the goals that were needed. The youthful upright foe of evil and moral decay rapidly dissolved into an addicted sexual degenerate. Dr Doom was overjoyed. He even had the entire process photographed to create a visual album for his nightly pleasure.  The SM trainer was highly satisfied too but he understood his task was not yet finished.


The young former hero’s jailor had grown to enjoy devising methods of crushing his former foe. As a master of SM, he knew that one critical object in any proper training was to absolutely crush the youthful hero in a way that forever mocked his former crime fighting role. His “student” needed just one final touch to be fully “domesticated”. That final “graduation day” he took his student into a room where another hooded man waited for them.


 “What are you doing?” The now intimidated former superhero lightly asked as this other man attached a complex set of metal riggings to black leather bands that had been placed around the former’s wrists and ankles.


The self-appointed trainer merely smiled in a way that sent shivers into the younger man. When the alien was secured this silent third man went up to a side button on a nearby wall. “Let’s reenact that Peter Pan act you love doing for the camera,” the SM expert rasped as he nodded to this other hooded figure. This man, still silent, pressed the button.


“What...Peter…Pan,” the confused youth said as the chains began to pull at him. The eerie quiet of this other hooded figure now unnerved him the most. “Why doesn’t he speak?” he excitedly asked the smiling jailor.

The expert gave no rely. He had ordered his friend to keep quiet knowing that very lack of sound would cause the young hero to feel a greater fear during this last critical session.


A whirling hum from some mechanical machinery came into the room after the button had been pushed. The Scarlet Avenger felt a pull on his ankles and wrists. His chains had been secured to an overhead metal square that carried him upward into a spread eagle position. “What is happening?” He fearfully asked. This somberly silent third man then went to a corner of the room. Soon he came back with a type of World War One gas mask. “What is that for?” the increasingly nervous alien croaked. Again this unknown soundless man said nothing in reply. He placed the black mask over the squirming superhero’s face. “No. Why …what are you doing...take this off,” he shouted through the mask at both men. As he moved in his bindings his body helplessly swung back and forth,


“You can fly. You can fly. You can fly,” the trainer derisively sang to his now airborne captive.

Quickly the Scarlet Avenger recognized the song. The lyrics were from a certain Hollywood children’s movie. Soon the muscled alien was hovering above them like the leader of the famed “lost boys”.  He also realized this was the all too familiar soaring position that he always used when leaving places after his victories. This time however he was not in his heroic red costume but rather pitifully naked with his manhood dangling downward. Unlike in those prior times his current aerial position was far from triumphant! “No please,” he moaned as a wave of humiliation swept over him. Flying had always thrilled him. He had secretly taken a hidden delight in showing off for the crowds. Now that satisfaction was being taunted by this unfolding obscenity. As the buff youth contemplated this fact, the trainer quiet assistant went under him and placed nipple clamps upon their prey. “Ouch,” the hero whimpered. He wiggled in his bindings but it had no

 effect on his captors’ actions. By now the pain in those abused areas had intensified yet, he also felt the mild stirrings of sexual heat that came with his experiencing any such discomfort. “No. No. No,’ he mumbled even as he slightly stiffened. He didn’t want this to happen especially in his current position. “Please don’t. Please, not like this. Oh please,’ he whined through his mask like a broken teenager as his mind processed this last and most devastating polluting of the last remnant of his super heroic persona.


“Oh yes,” the SM jailer laughed as he injected the rounded bottom part of the gas mask with a high concentration of a newly developed gaseous cum extract.


The Scarlet Avenger instantly detected the scent. He frantically tried to hold his breath but ultimately failed. The only thing he accomplished was to take in a larger amount of the concentrated cum-fumes when he finally took his first breath. Its effects hit the flying crime fighter like a bomb blast.  His eyes popped open as he gazed in terror at the two men. Then a peaceful dreamy appearance came over him. “Fuccc,” he sighed as his cock went fully erect. He giggled in his bindings causing his chiseled frame to lightly sway back and forth in the air. His heavy balls swung like a pendulum slapping against his muscled thighs. “Fucking…” he gasped as his cock quivered in its erection. A bead of pre-cum glistened on its slit. The intoxicated hero writhed in his areal position. As he nuts repeatedly slapped against his thighs he groaned. “Ahhhhh….mannnnn.” From the low tone of his voice it was obvious he was getting off on the jolts to his pouch.


“That’s good,” the trainer sneered as he reached up to squeeze the hefty hanging nut-sack of his “student”. His companion tightened the clamping devices that had been secured to the bound hero’s sensitive nipples. The twin pains drove the young hero crazy with sexual heat.


“Argh nooooo…mmooorrreeee,” the bound soaring hero yelped as his balls andd nipples were squeezed and tortured. Still, thanks to his growing cum-high, a part of him found this new physical abuse highly stimulating. In particular he was finding he loved having his balls played with and fondled. “My nuts. You’re doing my nuts,” he grunted as he swayed above the men. The pains were bad but his cock responded by leaking more pre-fluids.


 “”Why don’t we just see if you can fly and shoot at the same time,” the SM fiend hooted as he squeezed the nuts of the younger man. He nodded to his friend who engaged in the same activity upon the youth’s nipples.

“EEEEEEooowwww,” the Scarlet Avenger yelled as the men’s rough hands further manipulated their prizes. The pain was mind intensifying yet, to his horror, the superhero discovered the relentless pressure on his balls and nipples made him desperate to pop a wad! His balls rose up in their sack and his chiseled torso stiffened.


“Yeah, “ flying above us all,” his jailor sneered. He knew the signs of an approaching orgasm. Just one last push would do it. “Mr. Big fucking hero acting so smug before huh. Looking down on us all. Well what do you think now pussy. Butt-naked in the air and ready to cream huh.” He laughed then added one last final blow. “You’re not such a hero up in the air now are you. More like a strung up piece of meat. Go on you bitch. Pop a wad for the people. From now on, if you ever fly, you will only remember this time with me. You squirming and throbbing while ready to cream like a bitch in heat. GO ON CUNT. DO IT!” he yelled.


“No. Not like this,” the younger man shrieked as the SM expert repeatedly gave a series of hard crushes to his alien’s jewels.  The quivering flying hunk broke out into a sweat. He could sense the contents in his pouch flowing upward into his cock. It was as if his balls were balloons that were about to pop! He thought about how he had once flown so triumphant in the air. Now he was truly what this man had said about him. He was a bitch fighting his craving to ejaculate. He would never feel the same way in flight. Then it just happened. He felt himself completely let go mentally of his old self-image. His powerful body jerked upward in his bindings. He was ready to seed. He wanted to do it for his master! “I’m cummmmmmminnnnggg,” he howled.


“Let’s fire the guns boy,” his jailer snickered as he clamped harder onto his possession. “Fire in the balls,” he shouted as he gave the nuts one final squeeze. The third man tightened the nipple clips on the alien as he moved to one side.


“ARRGGHH YEEEESSSSSS,” the captive alien bellowed as his juices blew up from his sack to fire out of his cock. “FUCCCCCCC,” he screamed louder as his muscled form trashed about in the air. The expert kept squeezing the pouch. With each clamping action, the young hero kept erupting. Finally he couldn’t cum anymore for this “teacher”. He went limp in his bindings. His chiseled sweaty body moved in the rigging like some pendulum whose mechanism was winding down to its end. Soft moans of “oooooo” emanated from his masked face.


“This was a good day’s work,” the trainer said to his compatriot as they left the nipple clamped young hero dangling in air. “See you tomorrow bitch.” He shut the lights leaving the mentally shattered young hero quietly sobbing in the chilly dark cell. He sucked in the remnants of the gas from his mask then zoned out into a nice relaxing high.


The expert now knew that the young man had been finally broken. His next lessons would be devoted to instilling a new persona within him to replace the old one he had completely lost.




 The news reporter stood somberly in front of the TV camera. “Another daring daylight robbery took place in our city center today. So far a series of crime waves have left our city’s economic structure in a shambles. The police seem unable to stop these events. Some reports have indicated that entire parts of the outlying areas of the city have been surrendered to a vast criminal enterprise. Meanwhile our citizens search in vain for our hero, the Scarlet Avenger who disappeared six months ago.” The grave looking reporter paused then, in a husky voice filled with despair she said, “ If you are out there Scarlet Avenger…we need you.”


Yet, in one of the “lost” outlying sections of the city, it was another riotous night in the new SM sex club that Dr. Doom had established for his criminal cronies who had a taste for violent or degrading kink. The same bodybuilder who, so rumor said, had broken the spirit of a famed crime fighter ran it. That night, as the men gathered, they knew that the club manager was introducing his heretofore hidden boy, “Slave Jacob”.


Speculation was rampant that it was the very crime fighter whom he had “allegedly” sexually broken. They had all received the doctor’s “advertisement” about the auction. It had included a picture of the item to be sold. The atmosphere was electric.  For months, everyone had secretly argued among their fellow criminal brethren about tonight’s slave’s true identity. While it did appear to be this invincible young hero, quite a few thought that it was a simple photo-shopped image. Yet, they all came anyway on the mere hope of its veracity. If it was this crime fighter, many had a strong desire to acquire him. As the men took their seats an excited buzz took hold. Then the room went dark.



Suddenly a light hit an open space revealing the hooded and booted club manager. His muscled upper body glistened in the spotlight.  His powerful legs were covered in black tights that accentuated their defined power. The assembled men would have normally been fascinated with him. Yet it was the other person next to him who, quivering under the gloved grip of the club manager, transfixed the crowd. His body glistened under the light. His only adornments were his chained metal slave collar, two metallic loops each of which pierced a nipple on his powerful chest and, a decorated metal jockstrap. His sculpted muscular legs wore a set of chains that lightly clinked as he swayed before the men. His blonde curls had been shorn to a nice buzz cut and parts of his face were covered by an intricate series of black leather straps that held a ball gag securely in his moth. Still, he was recognized if only because he wore the shredded top half of his costume and his

 red mask. Around the duo were a group of men some naked, some in leather gear and, some merely hooded.


One man was busy using a camera to provide a worldwide feed to other interested international villains.


“It is true,” a voice in the crowd laughed. “Doom turned the Scarlet Avenger into a fucking faggot.


“Hey check out that jockstrap,” another sneered. All eyes now took in the top of the jockstrap. At its top was a blinking scarlet jewel. Many recognized the joke it was meant to imply.


Applause broke out among the evildoers. The once righteous and morally smug young former hero heard their derision. He had been nicely “cum-dosed” just before his unveiling and was even now sensing that intoxicating relaxation coursing throughout his body. Yet, for now, he was still able to realize what was happening. Visions of his conduct in these last months fired inside his brain. He had let himself be degraded. His childhood guilt kicked in as he thought about how ashamed his earth parents would be of him. With that shame came a growing sexual heat. “Mmmmmmm,” he moaned in defeat. He bit on his gag not realizing it had been rigged for just such a contingency. The ball was hollow and had a tiny hole in it that had been positioned to face inside his throat.


As the alien stud bit down on it the ball shot out a special high cum concentrate. It was as if he had taken four shot glasses of pure grain alcohol. “”MMmffccuuuc,” his mumbled as he slurped it down his throat. His cock stiffened in the cool metal jockstrap. The body builder reached down and pressed the flickering red jewel in the jockstrap. To everyone’s delighted surprise the metal device started to hum and vibrate. “”UUUUUGGGHHH,” the once macho superhero grunted as his cock was electronically rubbed. His powerful chiseled body swayed a bit. As the crowd watched the young buff stud ‘s eyes rolled upward in his sockets.


Soon he was thrusting his hips slightly forward trying to ram his erection onto the surface of the vibrating metal. All he wanted now was more of these overpowering erotic sensations. He would now do anything to get it. His old moralistic macho spirit dissolved. To the very core of his youthful alien brain he knew that from now on he would be just a cum-whore. His role as the super heroic Scarlet Avenger was a thing of the past.

Cum-slut slave Jacob was his new persona! “I need to be fuccccc,” he gurgled through his gag. “I need cummmmmmmm,” he sobbed as he vigorously humped into his metal strap.


Yelling among the assembled men broke out almost drowning out the youth’s muffled sobs of all-consuming sexual heat. The club manager knew this lewd display would excite the crowd into frenzy. The bidders were almost ready! The former’s continuous muffled sounds of arousal only increased the hoots and catcalls around him.


“He is a total cum slut ready for sexual use and…abuse,” the club manager chuckled. “You love cum huh cunt,” the manager sneered to his property as slave Jacob frantically nodded in agreement.  The man turned to the crowd. “We always keep him lightly cum filled so be sure you dose him at regular intervals now.” He paused to let the crowd laugh.  He roughly turned his slave around so the assembled men could see the buff young hunk’s rounded tight rump. The latter’s cheeks still had a light pinkish hue from his last spanking.


“Fuck look at those fucking dimpled cheeks,” a voice in the assembled group croaked.


“I gotta fucking get me some of that arse,” still another man whispered to his friend.


“Bend over bitch,” the manager said to his quivering slave. Instantly, Jacob did as he was told. Without prompting he also moved his long muscular legs slightly apart. “As you will see his hole is still tight,’ the other man stated. He reached down to move Jacob’s butt cheeks apart. The overhead lights gave everyone a clear view of the rosy pink circle that marked the anal entryway of the powerful young man.


“Shit that is sweet,” a scrawny older man croaked as they watched the manager run his hand over the dimpled buttocks of the former superhero. The manager slowly let his thumb drift between the butt cheeks to then gently massage the alien’s moist puckered anal hole. Jacob’s powerful sculpted body quaked. He wiggled his hole on the rotating thumb and let and a low prolonged contented groan of “ooooooooo”!


“God you really pussied that bastard,” someone yelled out causing more laughter in the criminal crowd.

 The sight of the hard chiseled former crime fighter’s body mesmerized the crowd. More arousing for them was observing his meek compliance to being subjected to sexual inspection and use. It was also noticed that slave Jacob had his hands cuffed behind his back as well.


“What’s with the cuffs buddy,” a corpulent man in the group asked with a touch of concern in his voice.

 Re-positioning the bitched youth to reface the crowd the manager told them that, “He loves being cuffed behind his back. As you can see, we have him wearing his favorite pair. You can keep them later as a souvenir. So bids to fuck him over tonight will begin!”


 As the increasingly intoxicated alien stood by his “master” he heard the sums being given for the right to sexual trash him. He saw his “image” on a TV screen. Tears welled up in his eyes as he took in the sight of his shredded costume. He realized deep in his cum soaked brain that he was no longer a superhero. “I’m a just a cum-addict,” he mumbled to himself. Visions of consuming more cum flickered into his now fully cum-aholic brain. He closed his eyes and rested his head back on the club manager. He was deliriously drunk and hungrily desperate to have more abusive sex!


Days later a villainous quartet met in a secret lair.


“Well Elaine that worked out well,” Dr. Doom said as her granny and the SM expert nodded. “Our buff young alien is nicely servicing the clientele of his new owner’s brothel. I hear he cannot get enough men stuffing their spunk into him. Such a pity when the young go bad and lose all self control like that,” he snorted with glee. “By the way, I hear you’ve made another discovery too.”


Elaine smiled. “I’ve analyzed superhero specimens submitted by other crime lords. It seems male cum has the same intoxicating effect on quite a number of superheroes.”


A wide evil grin came to Dr. doom’s face. “You mean we can take out more of them.”


“We can indeed, plus make a nice profit too,” Elaine replied. “Every crime lord has a superhero foe thwarting his plans. They will pay well for our services.”


“Dr. Doom’s School for Wayward Superheroes,” the evil villain cackled. “Sounds good doesn’t it. Well I have a staff already right,” he smiled as he looked at the other three. “Let’s begin!”


“I’ll get the tea ready,” granny chimed in as the rest joined their boss in peals of laughter.



 The End.

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